Playoff Prep

One match left in the regular season for Palermo, one more opportunity to secure a better seed for the Serie C playoffs. Palermo currently sit in fourth place, on 63 points. At worst, they will finish in fourth place seeing as Virtus Francavilla and Monopoli sit joint-fifth on 56 points. Palermo are one point behind […]

Monopoli Money and Loose Change

Nicola Valente celebrates his goal scored against Monopoli with Matteo Brunori and Maxime Giron

After a couple of disappointing draws, Palermo have shot back up the table thanks to a series of excellent performances capped off by a decisive win against direct rivals Monopoli away from home. It has been too long since the last post on the site, but the Rosanero have looked like an entirely different squad […]

Up and Down

Why are the rosanero colors so perfect for this team? Because they match the cyclical two-steps-forward, one-step-back nature of the results this season. Coming off an easy win against Vibonese, Palermo had a crucial road match against promotion rivals Avellino. When the home side scored 14 minutes into the match via Antonio Matera’s right-footed shot, […]

A Squad in Serie C – Part III

Time to look at the area of the team that is least in number but arguably the most instrumental to Palermo’s success. As a reminder, in Part I, we covered the organizational structure, the coach and the goalkeepers. In Part II, we focused on the Rosanero defense. Now, let’s see who makes up the Palermo […]

Vibonese Vibes

Is there a better recipe for success than playing the last placed team in the group in the friendly confines of the Renzo Barbera? It appears that answer is a definitive no. Palermo looked to bounce back from their deflating loss to Virtus Francavilla the previous week by taking on relegation fodder Vibonese. Mister Baldini […]

A Squad in Serie C – Part II

It’s time to look at the Palermo defense and understand who Silvio Bandini has at his disposal. In Part I, we examined the organizational structure, the coach and the goalkeepers on the squad. As a unit, the Rosanero back line has allowed 27 goals on the season, 6th best in group C of the Serie […]

Frankly Frustrating

Palermo striker Matteo Brunori laments his miss against Virtus Francavilla

As has been the story all season long, Palermo failed to take any points from their match on the road against Virtus Francavilla. The Sicilians fell to Virtus Francavilla 2-1 and slid from fifth place to seventh place in the Serie C, group C table. With 10 matches remaining, Palermo are still sitting somewhat comfortably […]

A Squad in Serie C – Part I

So who is on this team anyway? Obviously, it has been a while since we discussed a Palermo squad in depth. For those who have been watching and those who haven’t, now is as good a time as any to run through the list of staff and players currently battling in Serie C. Let’s start […]

We’re Still Here

2,073 days. Or 296 weeks. Or 49, 752 hours. Or more simply, five years, 8 months and 2 days since the last time Ultra Palermo had a site with a proper post. So, what happened?! Turns out, a lot. The sheer amount of things that have gone on with Palermo are more than a single […]