Preparing For The Offseason

Amoruso & Perinetti

After a lengthy absence, it’s time to get back to business. Palermo head into the offseason in preparation for a fight in Serie B. While making the jump back to Serie A immediately is the priority, it’s hardly a certainty.

Let’s talk about a few certainties currently surrounding the Rosanero. For starters, Giuseppe Sannino will not be back as Palermo coach. After meeting with club officials, he opted to part ways and his destination seems to be the Flying Donkeys of Chievo Verona. The “what if” scenario will always present itself had he not been sacked after only three weeks into the season, but there is no sense in dwelling in the past at this point.

Another certainty comes in the form of Nicola Amoruso, the new sporting director for the Sicilians. Amoruso is known for his long career as a striker, most notably for Reggina. In 2011, he took over as the head of the youth sector for Reggina and began taking the necessary courses to become a sporting director in September 2012. Zamparini has chosen him to help fill the DS role while working alongside Perinetti. He’s young and ambitious and the hope is that he can set forth a clear strategy in what will be a key offseason in unloading the overwhelming number of useless contracts and numerous players with no future at the club.

Practically a certainty but not official yet is the new coach to lead this team in Serie B. In a very surprising move, Zamparini has opted for Gennaro “Rino” Gattuso as the man for the job. Gattuso has spent the past year playing in Switzerland for Sion. Just over midway through the past season, Gattuso was appointed coach after Sion’s equally-or-even-more-crazy owner sacked his predecessor. Gattuso, acting as player-coach, led Sion for a month, garnering a record of one win, one draw and two losses. He further served as vice-coach alongside Arno Rossini for another couple of months. In total, Gattuso’s coaching record with Sion was two wins, four draws and four losses. As the season came to a close, it was announced that Gattuso would go back to just a player role. As Zamparini came up with the idea of Gattuso as coach of Palermo, Rino enthusiastically accepted but is still working on his release from his current club (he still has a year left on his contract).

More can be expounded upon Gattuso’s appointment when it becomes official, but it needs to be said that this seems like quite a risk for a club that wants to immediately return to the top flight. Let it be known that there are really only two ways the Gattuso appointment can go: it’ll either be a mad stroke of genius from Zamparini or a fiery train-wreck that could derail the entire season. Knowing the explosive personalities of both Zamparini and Gattuso, this has all the makings of a pay-per-view title fight.

Beyond these certainties lies a vast expanse of uncertainties. Miccoli’s future with Palermo appears to be over. The extra-curricular developments surrounding Miccoli has been the catalyst in the decision not to renew his contract. The two sides will be meeting later this week, but unless something miraculous happens, Palermo’s greatest player of all time has played his last game in Rosanero.

The futures of many other Palermo players are up in the air as well. Perinetti and Amoruso have stated that the club intends to count on the likes of Sorrentino, Garcia, Munoz, Abel Hernandez and Dybala. While that is a great nucleus of players that could make a significant difference in Serie B, only time will tell if any of these players are sold when a good offer comes through.

The offseason has barely begun but there will be plenty to talk about as the weeks go by. Once Gattuso is officially confirmed, Palermo can begin to work on the 30-odd players that need to find new homes while settling on players who can make the difference in Serie B and achieve promotion. We’ve only just begun…

Forza Palermo!!!!!!!!!!!

56 thoughts on “Preparing For The Offseason

  1. saw via twitter that Chicago Fire have supposedly offered for Rios. Not sure why, as we already have an overabundance of d-mids, thought Rios would likely be an upgrade, its hardly what the Fire need most.

    Hopefully though, while, scouting Rios, they noticed Miccoli as well. As long as he’s likely not returning to Palermo, I’d love to see him pull on Fire red for a little while. He’d probably destroy the MLS for goals…

  2. It’s no secret that Zamp has been infatuated with Gattuso for years. I recall an interview a few years ago where he said he’d love nothing more than to have Gattuso play for Palermo (of course he would never put up the money) As a manager it’s a different thing altogether. His record at Sion is irrelevant, as is the record of anyone taking over a club like that at the end of a season. What is relevant is the kind of player he might attract. IF he gets the job it’s going to be a much different looking Palermo. Love the ‘pay-per-view’ line.

  3. Im personally quite excited about gattuso as coach, if he can transmit half of his desire, drive and passion into his playing squad we will at least have a team with a competitve edge which we lacked so badly last year (minus a few, garcia comes to mind)

    Lets hope we take this opportunity to clear out the books and get rid of all them loaned out players who will never play, promote a few players from the youth squad like sanseverino, add a touch of serie b experience (absolutely vital) and keep hold of a core of players.

    Who will realistially leave? Miccoli obviously is 🙁 who else? Donati hopefully, Von Bergen? Ilicic obviously.

    • Hopefuly everyone except Sorrentino, Garcia, Von Bergen, Viola, Kurtic & Dybala. I dont want Miccoli to go but lets face it he has gone. We need to sell the other 7 thousand players that return from loan.

  4. In England apparently Sunderland are looking at Abel aswell, I know Zamp has said he wont be leaving but you never know with this mad man but I couldnt see why any player would want to play for Di Canio, the bloke is absolutely bat shit crazy

    • I dont see anything that amazing in ABEL … He has been hyped for years but all he ever does is be injured or selfish and miss easy chances. If we could get an EPL team to waste 7 or 8 million on him I would sell him in a heartbeat. His only plus is super pace, Is that really needed in serie b.. nope.

      • Thats not fair to Abel. He was doing great a couple seasons back and has been struggling with injuries ever since. Once he gets into form again, he will start scoring…with the right support, that is.

        Really hope we get Prestia for that back line. The squad is missing that passion that comes with homegrown players, or players who have been with the squad for a while.

        Any chance we can get Darmian back? What a good right back he turned out to be.

  5. Anybody know if any of our sponsors are going to be dropping us in lieu of our relegation I.E Puma or Eurobet?

    • don’t know about eurobet, but ‘zo tweeted that Palermo are reportedly going to use the same puma kits next year.

  6. Congrats to Devis Mangia for guiding the Under-21 side to the final of the World under 21 championship game… nice win over Holland today. Can he find a way to beat Spain in the final ?

  7. Oh dear god we have signed Kyle Lafferty, If this is a sign of things to come then expect major dissapointment. Couldnt score in Scotland and Hardly scored in Switzerland… Floppety flop. We could have just used Budan to not score and be tall.

      • Budan could score for us? I must have missed that season..

        Jeff, All I see is people slaughtering him for being lazy and uninterested. The SPL is an awful AWFUL league.. His goal return was when Rangers were bossing it and it still wasnt impressive. Last year on Switzerland he was woeful. Whether it is down to injury or not who knows but the record he leaves with fans of his former clubs are they all cant stand him. Twitter lafferty or search forums they all have an extremely low opinion of him.

        Like I said If we needed a target man as an option we may as well have used Budan, His goal scoring form is poor but atleast he has played Serie A/B games before.

        2.3 million for him 1 year after Sion got him on a free transfer and he had such a poor season just seems to be us getting ripped off yet again.

        Its the sign that we seem to have not learned our lesson and are going to piss money away on players we will end up loaning out 1 month into the season.

    • Not sure I’d be so quick to judge that signing. One of my best friends is a life-long Rangers fan and liked Lafferty a lot when he was with Rangers… tough kid who often bloodied himself sticking his lanky frame and head into dangerous places (he is nearly 6’4″) He said it was especially comforting to watch him DEFEND corners when he would neutralize the opponant’s most dangerous man in the box. At this point who can say whether this is the right signing for us ? However, he is a much better goal scorer than you suggest. For Rangers he scored 31 times in 104 games and he only started about two-thirds of those games. That’s about a goal every three games ! Other than Miccoli who’s done that for Palermo recently ? Still, this has to be a Gattuso influenced thing. He wants a grittier team and there’s probably more to come.

  8. You may be too quock to judge this signing … one of my best friends is a lifelong Glascow Rangers supporter and liked Lafferty. He called the kid tough and said he’s often bloody himself sticking his head into dangerous places (he is nealrly 6’4″ ) He was a much better scorer than you suggest – 31 goals in 104 games .. but he only started about two-thirds of those games. That’s a goal every three games ! Other than Miccoli who’s done that for Palermo recently ? He certainly no Luca Toni as Zamp tried to suggest … tSurely this is Gattuso’s call as he wants to form a team with some grit… who knows whether it’ll work.

  9. I’d still like to get Ardemagni, too. Lafferty, we’ll see. if he’s got grinta and he can defend on corners (none of the defense can, right now), I’ll give him a chance. If he doesn’t score goals, he can go talk to Abel about not being to able to score goals and decide matches. Yes, dude had his share of bad luck. But we need someone we can count on. I’d give him one more chance, but if he hasn’t scored at least ten when the winter break comes, I’d go for the money.

    • Are you kidding me? that hurts. it physically hurts to see that. Give the armband to Sorrentino or Barreto (Baretto? can never remember which letter is doubled..)

      • What a ridiculous decision, He has no self control, Awful discipline and can’t read the game. Man thats 2 depressing stories to start the season with already. Gimme some good news zamparini.

  10. Hard to imagine someone who’s been with us for less than a year could be captain – let alone Aronica ! As for Abel I’d take the money NOW… sure he’ll be injured by Christmas.

    • 7 is optimistic if we have signed lafferty and are making Aronica captain. Also released Miccoli and we seem to want to sell Von Bergen Bizarely, Zero good news so far. Can only get better.

      • If you expected Von Bergen to stay, youre insane. The world cup is next year and hes an incredible defender. He was always leaving.

        • Is young boys bern (who finished 7th in the swiss league) really that much of a step up from serie B & Palermo? Not a chance. If he had a contract he has no choice but to stay. But yeah its official he is gone.. miserable news.

          Gimme something good to hear!! Aronica retires out of the blue perhaps?

  11. Can’t blame him. Don’t think YB is a step up, but as Sal said: playing in the Swiss top division is always a better option to get call-ups then playing in Serie B without a guarantee of getting back to the top flight after one season.

    And YB finished 7th, yes. But the previous seasons, they’ll almost always played European football.

  12. I just cant believe we have gone from pastore and cavani to lafferty in a matter of a couple of years. Lafferty is terrible I dont care what anyone says, I really dont know what our plan is for next season, I thought dybala and abel were meant to be our strikers? If ilicic goes we need some creativity. And yes Baretto should be captain, absolutely no doubt about that but I wouldnt be surprised to see him return to serie a. Cant believe we will be playing in the division below catania.

    • I agree with you about Lafferty, People will learn fast what a lazy lump he is. Here is another transfer I do not understand.. we seem to be selling Prestia to Parma. So we sell Our best defender to switzerland, We sell our home grown young star to Parma and we hold onto a 35 year old who is one of the worst cb to have ever graced palermo and make him captain. Unexplainable.. Kind of making me livid to sell him.. Palermo born!

  13. We sold Donati, Arzamendia and Verdun to Hellas. Latter two, meh, but Donati could’ve been key this season. Still feel like he wasn’t put to use during his time with us. Shame.

    • I think Bacinovic is coming back right? Perhaps we are counting on him to be good again? If he can be like his first season, rather than his second, I’m ok with Donati leaving.

      Mediagol has this from Perinetti about a week ago:
      “Bacinovic ha fatto bene a Verona – ha detto Perinetti – e potrebbe darci un contributo importante, così come Andelkovic che ha fatto bene a Modena e potrebbe essere un’alternativa per il reparto difensivo”

      Google translated for us those of us who are not graced with the Italian language…
      “Bacinovic has done well in Verona – said Perinetti – and could give us an important contribution, as well as Andelkovic who did well in Modena and could be an alternative for the defense department”

  14. Looks like we’ve signed Modena striker Matteo Ardemagni. He scored some impressive goals for them but the price seemed a bit steep … looks like it’s about 4 mil euro ? If this is true it would seem the writing is on the wall for Abel.

    • It’s the only good news so far. Ardemagni is a beast at this level. I also thought that has to be the end of Abel, For me it is no great loss. Yes he has pace but wow, he is selfish and he can not finish to save his life. Being linked with 8 or 9 million bids from turkey and sunderland I would snap their hands off for that.

      We are also being linked with Calaio.. Personally I would have signed Calaio and avoided wasting so much money on Lafferty. Kurtic has pretty much gone to Sassuolo.. Ilicic must be close to a move.

      Btw Silvestre sale alone has paid for Ardemagni and Lafferty so we cant complain to much about the fees i guess.

      • Abel with 4 goals against Tahiti. I’ve never seen a player so prolific against lesser teams, and yet so impotent against full strength opposition.

        If he scored 1 goal against pro teams as he does hattricks against amateurs, he’d probably be close to the century mark already

        • Yeah thats the problem though, His only consistancy is to score against crap lol. Also zampa made it clear he is a party boy. More interested in clubs then training. I think he should move on personally. If we kept him it would probably be to the detriment of Dybala who would get less games.

          • I still wish we’d keep abel, how long has he been picking up a pay cheque and not playing? He has the potential to be a very good striker I think everyone is forgetting the season when he was pretty much keeping cavani from being first choice every week and was coming off the bench to score against the big boys on a weekly basis. He has something special about him Im sure of it.

  15. Ah, Abel…scoring goals when it doesn’t matter. Ardemagni would be fantastic, Calaio as well as a back-up striker. Guy can still make war in a division where muscles matter. Bacinovic, always liked him, but why wouldn’t Hellas want to retain him?

  16. Seems like we’ve gotten Eros Pisano back. Anyone knows what the plans are with him? Never got why we let him go to Genoa, fantastic player.

    • No idea but he was cheap this time wasnt he.. I think 400k. Morganella, Nelson & Pisano somebodys gotta go. I am guessing it will be Morganella.

  17. I agree with Fozz about Hernandez. He was incredible and that sorta ability doesnt just disappear. Maybe with a tougher coach like Gattuso, he will be able to get his head in the game. Ardemangi is a great move, but that puts us at what? 4 strikers + the possibility of Calaio? im guessing that means we wont be seeing much of Zerbo, Bollino or Malele this season.

    • I disagree about Abel, Surely he has had enough years with us to show he is worthy of a starting striker position. Yet he never has, Its either injuries, Selfishness or lack of interest which sees him give us an awful goal return. What potential has he really shown.. Yeah he is fast.. Thats all.. He has nothing else. If some other team wants to bid 8 million for a 100m runner who is always partying we should rip their hands off.

  18. I don’t think Hellas had an option to retain Bacinovic, I think his loan ended and he returned. If they want him now, they’d havet o come like any other team. And I for one wouldn’t give him away unless he forces it.

    As for Abel, he claimed back in march that he hadn’t been to a club in over a year and a half. Partying hasn’t been his problem, its constant injuries

    • Agree I always liked Bacinovic, He seemed to have 2nd season syndrome when the managers changed so often he couldnt get a start. Still wont agree on Abel lol, I have seen nothing special in all these years he has been with us.

      btw with us signing Ardemagni.. that means we paid 4 million euros but he accepted less then 250k a year? Same with Lafferty who I figured would be on big wages.. we must be getting around this with bonuses or am I totally miss understanding the new rules.

  19. Gennaro Troianiello any good? Seems his value was 400k plus 2.2 million for Sassuolo to sign Kurtic. Know nothing about him really..

  20. Via this blogs twitter, Zamparini and Abel both want Abel to stay, Abel’s agent wants him to go. He must feel his commission dollars slowly vanishing…

    The thing about Abel is, even when he hasn’t played well, I think he has always tried, and he clearly cares for the club. He was among the players in tears at relegation on the last day. I think Serie B opposition could be the perfect way to find his shooting boots.

    Just keep in mind what happened last time we sold a Uruguayan for cheap…

  21. Uruguayan Edison Cavani went to Napoli initally on a loan, but eventual fees paid to Palermo totaled 17 million euros. I guess that’s not exactly cheap, except that he’s scored about 90 goals for them in all competitions since he left Palermo… ouch ! I too am totally confused by the new spending rules and not sure about the wage arrangements for all these singings. If they allow a team to offer a bonus what is the point of a cap ? One thing is certain – Perinetti may look like he’s half asleep but he’s clearly not. I don’t know much about the latest signing – the young Ginea Bissau midfielder Carlos Embalo – at least it’s not another striker.

    • looking around the web it looks like teams are allowed to €150k in base salary, plus up to €150k in variable salary, of which 50% can be individual based, and 50% team based. In other words its really only €75k that can depend on a player’s individual performance.

      As for signing bonuses and things, I’m not sure, nothing I see seems to mention them

  22. Very sad indeed. I watched the entire 30 minute news conference and he brought me to tears at the end when he talked about how he will never forget his playing days at Palermo… the game v. Sampdoria where a win would have put us in Champions League and so on… non dimentichero mai Fabrizio !

  23. Whats the opinion on Miccoli now?

    Prior to all this breaking out, I was considering buying a Miccoli jersey if I could find it for the right price. He’s one of the first real club legends I’ve had the opportunity to see play for a team I root for, and I have a lot of fond memories of him.

    On the other hand, I’d hate to get the jersey of a man who goes down in history as a not so great guy, to put it nicely…

  24. I have a similar issue having some terrific photos of Miccoli blown up and framed and displayed prominently including one I use as a screen saver (it’s the one of him scoring his third goal v. Inter in 2012) Nothing can totally destroy those memories – BUT…
    As well, I’m not sure of the judicial process facing him … I thought I read somewhere that he has to testify at some point. In addition could he face a ban from FIFA ?

  25. Happy with the signing of Di Gennaro, This is what we need.. Italians who have experience at this level and are hungry. 9 goals from Midfield for Spezia last season. 10 goals the season before for Modena. No more signing 7 bazillion south americans we are never going to play. It was a team of 11 Italians that got us promoted no? I think our only foreigner in the squad at the time was Conteh.

    If we land Ardemagni now also that will be bliss.

    As for Miccoli, He will always be a Palermo legend.. but he will never have done anything close to what Falcone did for Palermo/Sicily. Sad way to go out Fabrizio.

  26. Di Gennaro OK but Claudio Terzi ? He had some decent years as a CB but I thought he was suspeded for match fixing ? I’ll admit we need depth at CB and am wondering if this is the same guy ?

      • I’m looking at a report from – not the most reliable source. They have this guy at age 25 but the Terzi I know is older.. maybe it’s not the same guy ?

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