Time To Say Goodbye: Palermo – Parma


All good things come to an end. For Palermo, it means saying goodbye to Serie A, a place the Rosanero have called home since 2004. Here’s to hoping it’ll be a short vacation rather than a permanent stay away.

Sannino has given starting spots to a lot of underused players this season. On top of that, the bench is filled with many Primavera youngsters. Also, it seems increasingly likely that this will be Miccoli’s last match in Rosanero. Here’s to everything.

Grazie Palermo.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Von Bergen – Aronica
Sanseverino – Donati – Viola – Morganella
Hernandez – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Brichetto; Fulignati, Kosnic, Mantovani, Nelson; Anselmo, Aquino, Faurlin, Petermann; Dybala, Sperduti


54 thoughts on “Time To Say Goodbye: Palermo – Parma

  1. The stadium looks completely empty.. at least down 1 side, I wonder what the final attendance will show.
    Thought more would turn up to wave off Miccoli.

  2. Not sure why we didn’t give Miccoli one final round of appreciation by subbing for him late in the match – esp after his goal and with the game out of reach. All in all, it’s been such a disappointing season it’s hard to find much logic in anything.

  3. Sanseverino looked very good for someone his age. Viola looked great.

    Anyway, i hear Napoli want Sannino, and Mangia might be leaving his post at the U-21 for club football. Anyone else get the feeling he may return to Palermo? id rather not change coaches again, but i thought Mangia was very good.

  4. Zampa said there’s still hope of Miccoli staying. I hope so. A player like that deserves better than just being kicked to the curb. He should get to leave on his terms, or preferably, not leave at all and just take up a coaching/office job whenever he retires.

    But he surely could help this team in Serie B. And he definitely looks like he wants to.

    Plus, I still want to buy a Miccoli jersey, and I’m debating whether or not I would really want to own a jersey from the year Palermo got relegated and he got let go. But the white kit is the best jersey Palermo have had in years….

      • Both sides have made comments to the effect of wanting to stay, I think the main problem right now is the mafia-related thing that happened last week. If that turns out to be anything, Zamparini won’t want him around.

        To be honest, I’m not sure he would still have it in him to compete in Serie A, he’s definitely starting to show his age, so going down to B might be the best way for him to gracefully go into retirement

          • ^this. He will be able to make millions in the UAE, For Palermo 250,000 max. Zamparini thought made it clear he thinks it is time for Miccoli to leave. I think we need to start fresh in Serie B. Less individual stars and more a hungry young TEAM.

  5. Ilicic is the last “Individual Star” player we have. Not Miccoli. He seems hungrier then any young player we have.

  6. A quick word on the salary cap info in Serie B:

    The wage structure only effects new contracts signed after June 30, 2013. What that means is that a lot of Palermo’s current players would not have to restructure their wages as long as they’re still under contract. Sign them before June 30 and you’re still ok. The salary cap was implemented to protect clubs (mainly the ones who spend most of their time in Serie B) from going bankrupt through frivolous contracts.

    If Palermo holds onto a few key players, they do not need to worry about taking a significant cut in wages. Miccoli’s situation is still very iffy. It seems that in all likelihood, he will leave. It’s a shame, though, because Miccoli was ready to renew at 600k after meeting with the club at the end of May, according to very reliable sources familiar with the situation. The whole issue with these SIM cards and recorded conversations where he uses the term “pigs” to refer to police while talking with a friend of his with mafia ties has obviously put everything on hold and may ultimately effect his status at Palermo.

  7. Thanks for the clarification. Fabrizio has been a jewel in so may ways and it would be sad if he were to ever to be tainted by the stain of the black hand. I sometimes fear for what he will become after soccer … however what he did for our team as a player and captain cannot be quantified. His future is problematic but the team is bigger than any one player.

    • Without Miccoli, we have a bunch of inexperienced kids leading our lines. Youth is good, but you need a mix of youth and experience.

  8. That’s why experienced players like Barreto, Sorrentino, Von Bergen and to a lesser extend Donati will be key in that first season in Purgatorio.

  9. God not Donati, This is the downside .. him and Aronica will get us relegated a second time. I read we are chasing Rinaudo, Horrible story if its true.

    • Tuttomercato and radio kiss.. Man I dont think he has even played a game in like a year and a half has he?

      Zamparini seems to want to shift everyone out, I have no quarrels with that .. This team got us relegated it is full of overpaid trash. No point in replacing them with underpaid trash though.

  10. Great job on the ‘Serie A Live Radio’ podcast Lorenzo!
    Highly recommend a listen to the 22-May-2013 episode guys.

  11. Hey guys been trying to do some research on the best way to watch Palermo next season in Serie B. i was look at livesport.tv anybody know anything about that website? I know i have to pay for it but i dont want to deal with any bad streaming bullshit next season. and will it work in the united states.
    any info would be appreciated.

    Forza Palermo!!!!!

    • vipboxtv.eu

      They show serie b games when they are on and on a weekend they have multicast which bounces between every game being played. Its great.

  12. Ciao a tutti!

    Does anyone know where i can buy official PUMA palermo replica jersey’s for a decent price. I am in the USA, and soccer,com has some… for 80 bucks…. just wondering if there were other options, as i would like to get the black away jersey, and also see if i can find something for my kids as well. Any help would be appreciated.


  13. Anyone waiting for the imminent announcement of Corini as our new manager. The legend might return. πŸ˜€

    • β€œCorini is too nice to be a Coach here,” insisted Zamparini. β€œHe’d need to growl like Iachini and Gattuso.”

      Or perhaps an iron fist like Rossi…

      • haha yeah, How often has zamparini stuck to his words though. He changes his mind hourly..

        Gattuso would be ridiculous.. he got something like 10 points from 11 games managing in switzerland.. I think its to early for him to be in charge of what palermo need to achieve next season.

        • Haha that’s true. Maybe Gattuso as an assistant coach. His playing experience and tenacity would be great for Palermo, but he does lack coaching experience.

    • My thoughts exactly…

      This is a horrible coaching appointment for a team looking to make an immediate rebound. Its an unbelievably stupid move, even by Zampa standards.

      But, as you point out, we can all take solace in the fact that he will almost certainly not be manager very long….

      The average tenure of the first manager the last 5 seasons is 8.8 games, helped greatly by Rossi’s 27 game tenure. Three coaches failed to make it past the first round.

      • I dont know what to think really, On one hand I think it is crazy and a ridiculous move. On the other I see a lot of decent players who have recently gone into management and done well. Montella, Corini etc

        Never in my life did I have gattuso down as being a manager..

        Maybe it is the best set up at Palermo to have a passionate firey trainer .. because lets face it whoever is our manager never actually signs the players.. we wouldnt have to worry about how good rino is in the transfter market because it wont be down to him.

        Still I dream of Corini.. legend forever.

        • I had Gattuso as a manager. definitely. He was a defensive midfielder who had a great reading of the game, hes got a ton of experience, and was one of the best defensive mids in the world on his day. a little reckless, and definitely hot headed, but i think he COULD be good. lack of experience as a manager is what worries me, but you never know. His tactics might be better suited for italian football.

  14. Seems like Barreto has confirmed that he wants to stay another season. Good thing. Ardemagni could be a great acquisition too, but it’d be strange for the Serie B capocannoniere to remain another season in B…

  15. I hope Leverkusen succeed with their 15 million bid.. its a little more then Ilicic is worth and he wont stay in serie A. I really dont want fiorentina to get him they are such *****. They whine about not accepting 29 million for 30 million rated jovetic yet wont pay what they agreed for Viviano.. Scummers.

  16. Gattuso? A LEGEND of a player yes, a barbarian and a maniac but not a coach, he has no experience at all and Palermo is NOT the place for inexperienced managers (just ask “the suit”) This is a strange move. Has Miccoli officially been released now? That’s the saddest news of any news, worse than being relegated. If we sell Ilicic for Β£4million over 3 seasons or something bizarrely stupid im going to punch myself.

    • This:

      You feel Gattuso is going to need it. Sion are not an easy club to manage, not with Christian Constantin presiding over their affairs. Swiss football’s own version of Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini, Constantin has sacked 29 coaches in the last 10 years. But Gattuso is aware of what he’s getting into.

      “I have a great relationship with Constantin,” he told La Repubblica. “But I can’t honestly think that it’ll be forever.”

      …is why we don’t need Gattuso. We need someone with some proven Serie B-experience (like Sannino had, like Alegri had) that can get us back to A and might stick around there to create a cycle. Not someone who will fight with the owner and gets sacked or gives up after a rough patch. I’m curious to see what will happen, both on players and on the coach. Heard the first rumours of players wanting to come to Palermo, but not being able to agree with the new salary cap. Keeping a big part of the team together the coming year will be key in getting out of purgatorio, methinks.

      • Winning will solve any personal disputes… but can we find the right players to be successfull in this division. If Baretto stays it’ll be a great help esp for Gattuso’s preferred 4-2-3-1 formation. Even with the salary cap I’m hoping Gattuso’s profile might attract some promising young Italian players to consider the rosanero. Of course, as a Palermo supporter I always live in hope.

  17. has there been any more news on Miccoli either simply for whatever legal issues he had or for whether he is staying or going?

  18. I’ve already decided not to care about anything that’s said in the press πŸ™‚ I’ll believe signings when I see them in the picture with a shirt and Zampa, and I’ll believe players leaving when they’re presented at their new club.

    On a side note, for any non-Italians wanting to buy Palermo-gear: I just ordered last season’s black shirt with official Miccoli-lettering at Palermo Football Store. They’re in via Dante in Palermo (nice people), but they also take orders via Facebook if you contact them via their page. Paid about 60€ for shirt + lettering + shipping, got a tracking code and all. Very happy fan here. Nice addition to the Caracciolo (yeah, I know…) – Bresciano – Amauri – blanco 2009 collection.

  19. why do we do everything so slowly, Sannino should have been out and Gatusso in preparing for the season.. get on with it zampa!

  20. Miccoli looking for a new club. Wants to play on for 2 more years. If Lecce get promoted, and he goes there….he will be playing against us next season. ouch.

    • No chance, He wont take 250k a year.. I say he will be in the middle east or one of the retirement leagues like Australia/MLS to get away from the current Mafia crap.

      • I’d take him in a heart beat in Chicago. We desperately need somebody who can score, and if there’s one thing Miccoli knows, its how to put the ball in the back of the net.

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