An Unforgettable Year

In recent Palermo history, the year 2022 will go down as one of the best ever for the Rosanero. As the Rosanero are well accustomed to, it is expected that the “bitter” often times outpaces the “sweet” in terms of the Palermo experience. And yet, this year went about as good as anyone could have possibly […]

The Ballardini Ballad

Davide Ballardini stands on the top of the steps of the Palermo bench looking out onto the pitch

The saga from last season continues to spill into the offseason but one of the biggest questions seems to be answered. After Davide Ballardini engineered a miracle on his second stint on the Palermo bench last season, it appeared only logical that he stay on for next season. Of course, in the world of Maurizio Zamparini, logic has a place […]


Records were meant to be broken and Zamparini’s actions over the past month did just that.  Writing for Football Italia, the situation regarding the tumultuous past few weeks is all explained: You’ll never understand the world of Maurizio Zamparini. It all started with the sacking of Zamparini’s longest contiguously tenured coach after 776 days on the […]

Of Decency and Decorum

“Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words.” William Faulkner’s quote would do well to serve as a banner above Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini every time he concedes an interview. The latest saga in the never-ending soundbite that is the tempestuous owner regards his commentary on Simon Makienok and his future at Palermo. […]

Safety First

Somewhere lost in between the euphoria of last season’s record breaking campaign and the anticipation of playing in Serie A this term is a question on everyone’s minds. Does Palermo have a roster worthy of Serie A and survival? With just under a month left until the transfer window closes, there will still be several […]

Moving Mantovani

Editor’s note: This post was written by Ryan Scalzo, guest contributor to Ultra Palermo Andrea Mantovani’s days in Palermo seemed to be numbered. The former prize possession of Stefano Pioli is on the outside looking in. After Palermo stumbled and dropped to Serie B, Mantovani bolted to Bologna in hopes of reviving his career and […]

Drawing Conclusions

Over 48 hours have passed since Palermo’s debut match in Serie B against Modena. After leading the at halftime thanks to a goal from Sinisa Andelkovic, old habits carried over lfrom last season with Modena finding an equalizer in the 86th minute. The disappointing tie to start the season has led to many people drawing conclusions. […]


It finally happened. After nine seasons and 341 (soon-to-be 342) Serie A matches later, Palermo will head back to Serie B for the first time since the 2003-04 championship. Even when the writing was on the wall and reality sets in, the significance of returning to a lower league can never quite be felt until the […]