A Squad in Serie C – Part II

It’s time to look at the Palermo defense and understand who Silvio Bandini has at his disposal. In Part I, we examined the organizational structure, the coach and the goalkeepers on the squad. As a unit, the Rosanero back line has allowed 27 goals on the season, 6th best in group C of the Serie […]

Frankly Frustrating

Palermo striker Matteo Brunori laments his miss against Virtus Francavilla

As has been the story all season long, Palermo failed to take any points from their match on the road against Virtus Francavilla. The Sicilians fell to Virtus Francavilla 2-1 and slid from fifth place to seventh place in the Serie C, group C table. With 10 matches remaining, Palermo are still sitting somewhat comfortably […]

A Squad in Serie C – Part I

So who is on this team anyway? Obviously, it has been a while since we discussed a Palermo squad in depth. For those who have been watching and those who haven’t, now is as good a time as any to run through the list of staff and players currently battling in Serie C. Let’s start […]

We’re Still Here

2,073 days. Or 296 weeks. Or 49, 752 hours. Or more simply, five years, 8 months and 2 days since the last time Ultra Palermo had a site with a proper post. So, what happened?! Turns out, a lot. The sheer amount of things that have gone on with Palermo are more than a single […]

Palermo’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Franco Vazquez in a Palermo Shirt

The transfer market officially kicks off in a week and a half and Palermo are already working on their go-to-market strategy. In the midst of a potential sale of the club and with no sporting director officially named (Rino Foschi should be announced on June 30th when his contract expires at Cesena), Palermo have a lot of moving […]

The Chinese Connection

Zamparini speaks to reporters

Has a Chinese connection stepped forward to purchase Palermo? After initial rumors regarding the Italian-American Viola family and the acquisition of Palermo were quelled, reports continued to emerge claiming an interest from another American consortium as well as one in China. While there has been nothing more than a claim by Zamparini of this other American group, […]

Sometimes They Return: Carlos Embalo

Carlos Embalo running at Palermo practice

Quite often, Palermo purchase young players who make their way onto the squad only to be loaned out and never to return. This doesn’t appear to be one of those times. Carlos Apna Embalo arrived in Sicily back in July 2013 as a 19 year old kid heralding from Guinea-Bissau, a small country on the […]

A Viola in Rosanero?

Italian American John Viola poses in front of the US & Italian flags

Has the time come for Palermo to turn to a Viola to lead the club as its new owner? For years, Maurizio Zamparini has talked about his desire to leave the football world and find new investors and new ownership for Palermo. Many times in the past, much of his talk was scoffed at and […]

Zamparini 360

Maurizio Zamparini speaks to reporters at a press conference

As he is sometimes wont to do, Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini spoke to the press on a variety of topics on Tuesday, giving some insight into the club’s plans for this offseason. Here is what Zamparini had to say on a variety of topics that give a 360-degree look at Palermo’s past, present and future. […]

Offseason Upheaval

Vazquez celebrates his goal surrounded by Rosanero coaching staff

It’s not that one expects things to change overnight, but there was hope that staying up in Serie A would create an opportunity to bring some stability back to Palermo. Of course, with Maurizio Zamparini at the helm, hope turns into a plea for at least an ounce of realization that a club can only be successful […]