Club Icon: Daniele Di Donato

Daniele Di Donato celebrates with his Palermo shirt pulled over the back of his head against Fiorentina

September 12th, 2004, an historical day for Palermo and its supporters. After 31 years, Palermo was back in Serie A. The once called La Favorita, now Renzo Barbera, was going to be sold out all season long, and the city was literally paralyzed because of the opening match against Siena. On the pitch were all the […]

Club Icon: Eugenio “Il Genio” Corini

“I don’t want to embarrass anybody anymore, my decision is to end my experience here in Palermo”. I used to divide Palermo’s recent history into two parts: the Corini Era and the Miccoli & Migliaccio Era. The quote above definitively closed the first era, the era of the great Palermo: a team that conquered Serie […]

Club Icon: Roberto Biffi

Love for the team, grit, passion and leadership – those qualities would be the perfect identikit for the captain of any team. Here in Palermo all of those aforementioned qualities were concentrated in one man – a man who played 11 years with the Rosanero jersey, a man who stayed here despite playing in Serie C1, […]

Club Icon: Gaetano Vasari

The summer of 1995 was really hot, and not just because of the weather. That summer, eight years after the failure of 1987, Palermo saw the ghosts of bankruptcy once again. The president, Liborio Polizzi, couldn’t afford to keep US Palermo alive anymore, and his request for help fell through the air. It seemed there […]