Palermo Past & Present: Weeks 4 – 7

Palermo 2003-04

The only thing constant in Palermo is change. Any beginning is always going to have an ending – under Zamparini, Continue reading

Palermo Past & Present: Comparing History

Luca Toni Palermo 2003

Looking back, the year 2003 was memorable for a multitude of reasons. Continue reading

Gaetano Vasari: ‘U Picciotto

The summer of 1995 was really hot, and not just because of the weather. That summer, eight years after the failure of 1987, Palermo saw the ghosts of bankruptcy once again. The president, Liborio Polizzi, couldn’t afford to keep US Palermo alive anymore, and his request for help fell through the air. It seemed there was no chance for the team, until Giovanni Ferrara, the former Palermo president, decided to come back and save the Rosanero. Palermo’s supporters sighed with relief, but they knew that it was going to be a hard season because a lot of young players, most of them coming from the Primavera team, would be the spine of the team.

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