Into the Gauntlet: Inter – Palermo

After a huge victory against rivals Catania, Palermo head into the most difficult portion of their schedule as they face Inter, Juventus, Udinese and Fiorentina over the next four fixtures. Continue reading

Halfway: Palermo’s Player Ratings

Palermo Failure

With the season halfway through, we found the time right for a little assessment of Palermo’s players so far. A lot has changed since last season, Continue reading

Back In Business: Palermo – Napoli

Is there a better way to restart Serie A than a prime time slot that features a derby between the South’s two premier teams? Continue reading

Starting All Over Again: Novara – Palermo

The absolute ridiculousness that is the current state of Palermo Calcio takes flight once again as the Rosanero face Novara, a team in second to last place on 11 points. Continue reading

Making History: Palermo – Cesena

Nobody could have imagined this Palermo team going into matchday 15 level on points with Napoli while sitting in fifth place. No, not after this past summer. Continue reading

Fall of the Greek

After being a starter since the beginning of the season, Alexander Tzorvas has suddenly fallen down the ranks at Palermo. It was a strange sight to see the Greek international being benched in favor of Francesco Benussi for the match against Fiorentina, and it was even stranger to see him benched again for the misty disgrace in Parma. So, what has happened and what’s next for the Greek?
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