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The Stadio Renzo Barbera, once known as La Favorita, is Palermo’s home stadium, our unassailable fort. For those thinking about a trip to Palermo, here’s a guide to help you get to the stadium and watch a Palermo match live in the stands.


How to arrive

You can arrive to the stadium by bus or by train. On the day of any given match, five buses will be available for public transportation. The following lines are the ones to look for in order to travel to the stadium:

101 Stazione Centrale/Stadio

106 Camporeale/Stadio

107 Stadio/Stazione Centrale

305 Parcheggio Basile/Stadio

628 Isola delle Femmine/Sferracavallo/Stadio

A bus ticket costs €1.30 for 90 minutes. If you want to go by train, it’s a little trickier. You’ll need to arrive at the Stazione Centrale and then catch the 101 bus, since the Station Imperatore Federico, 1 km away from the stadium, is open only from 6:40 to 20:40 on workdays.

The Stadium

The Renzo Barbera stadium has a capacity of 36,349 seats, divided into 12 sections plus a handicapped area. The following list contains each section as well as the number of seats available:

Tribuna Coperta Superiore: 2,911

Tribuna Coperta Inferiore: 2,376

Tribuna Autorità: 191

Tribuna Sostenitori: 184

Tribuna Stampa: 102

Tribuna Palchi Sponsor: 96

Handicap Seating: 74

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Superiore: 4,726

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Inferiore: 3,779

Curva Nord Superiore: 6,345

Curva Nord Inferiore: 4,817

Curva Sud Superiore: 6,205

Curva Sud Inferiore: 4,543


There are three different ranges of prices for tickets. They are all based on the opponent that Palermo is playing against. The highest ticket prices are for matches against teams of “Fascia A” (Milan, Inter and Juventus). The “Fascia B” teams are Catania, Fiorentina, Napoli and Roma. All others are “Fascia C” teams – the cheapest range.

There are a couple trusted ways to buy tickets for matches. Tickets are available for purchase at the stadium. If you are looking to purchase directly from the Barbera, make sure to have proper identification handy. Otherwise, for those who want to secure tickets ahead of time, you can buy tickets on

Here are the prices you can expect to pay for each section of the stadium. The prices listed start with the Fascia C price, followed by Fascia B and finally Fascia A.

Curva Nord Superiore: 9€ – 15€ – 40€

Curva Nord Inferiore: 9€ – 15€ – 40€

Curva Sud Superiore: 9€ – 15€ – 40€

Curva Sud Inferiore: 9€ – 15€ – 40€

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Superiore Laterale: 15€ – 25€ – 50€

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Inferiore Laterale 18€ – 30€ – 60€

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Superiore Centrale: 20€ – 35€ – 65€

Tribuna Monte Pellegrino Inferiore Centrale: 25€ – 40€ – 70€

Tribuna Coperta Laterale: 35€ – 50€ – 100€

Tribuna Coperta Centrale (Second ring): 55€ – 90€ – 140€

Tribuna Coperta Centrale (First ring): 60€ – 100€ – 150€

Tribuna Centralissima B: 110€ – 135€ – 160€

Tribuna Centralissima A: 120€ – 140€ – 170€

Tribuna Poltronissima: 170€ – 200€ – 250€

Where to sit

Choosing the right place to sit doesn’t depend entirely on economic factors. The cheapest sections are the Curva Nord and Curva Sud, but the location does not provide a good view because you sit just behind the net. However, the Curva Nord is the most colorful and noisy, because this is where Palermo ultras sit. If you want to enjoy a better view, the Tribuna Montepellegrino combines the comfort of a central view and affordable prices. If you have some money to spend (possibly for “Fascia C” matches), you can enjoy the match from Tribuna Coperta or in Poltronissima – the closest and best view in the house.

The Renzo Barbera is an unforgettable atmosphere for any Palermo fan to take in. With talks of a new stadium in the works, there might be only a few years left to enjoy a game from the historic stadium while you watch the beautiful Rosanero take the pitch.


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  1. I am planning my first trip to Palermo for the Parma match. I cant figure out where I want to sit!! This will be my first Serie A match. I wan to have the best experience possible. I will be alone so im thinking, Sit with the ultras n see it for real or sit in the nice seats and get a great view. Any suggestions? Also where do I have to eat???

    • Sit with the ultras! Thats what I did! Comfy seats dont make up for the atmosphere Palermo fans make! Forza Palermo!

  2. Hi. Me and my pals are Palermo fans from Poland and we are going to
    Sicily to watch the Derby Match against Catania on april this year.
    Could you help me and give some information about ticket sale or any organized trip from Palermo cause we stay nearby in Balestrate ? I’d be very grateful.

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