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  1. Hello,
    I hope you understand this English.
    I hope you can help me.
    I am a part-time journalist working for the Newcastle United football
    supporters magazine ‘The Mag’.

    I am writing a series about teams we have previously played in European

    We played Palermo in 2006.
    If it is possible, could you provide me any details of the activities of the Palermo supporters.

    I see that you are a photographer, but could you tell me the following or give me contact details of supporters.

    This would involve, how many groups of supporters, match day activities,
    favourite places for pre match drinks, relationship with club, club prospects.

    Any photos would be great.
    Newcastle played a very good Palermo team in the European League in 2006.

    I hope your team is playing well this season.
    How are the team doing this season.
    Are the owners and directors doing a good job.
    How much do you pay for season tickets.

    Newcastle are ok, but will not be playing better this season. The
    owner Mike Ashley will not pay much money for players.

    Please pass this onto any other supporters if they can also help.
    If you can reply in English, it would be better.

    John Welsh

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