Monday Mailbag: News & Quotes

Piermario Morosini

As most of you have probably heard by now, there hasn’t been any calcio his weekend because of the tragic death of Piermario Morosini. The talented 25-year old suffered a heart attack during Pescara-Livorno and passed away on the way to the hospital. Only a month after Fabrice Muamba only barely escaped the same fate, the death of Morosini is again showing why players need to be screened often.

So, as there was no Palermo-Parma, let’s try something new on Our Mailbag will present you with short news, rumors and trivia about Palermo and also gives you the chance to suggest some topics for us to give attention to. Because, after all, even we can forget to cover important topics! So, aside from this appeal for even more of your cooperation, these are the things that people talked about this weekend considering Palermo.

Hernandez stays until 2016

It seemed unclear if Abel Hernandez still had a future in Palermo after another season failing to become the player everybody expected him to be 2 years ago, but the Uruguayan extended his contract with the club until 2016. Big vote of confidence from the rosanero directors, making Abel a very happy man: ‘As I’ve said before, I feel great in Palermo and really wanted to stay. I’m very happy to have been given this extension and will do everything to make sure the teams finished before Catania this season.’

It’s always a good thing to see that people think about more than big transfers. Let’s just hope that with that extension finally comes an amazing season with a lot of goals.

Fosschi shines his light

Rino Fosschi, former rosanero DS and the man that brought Edinson Cavani to Palermo, has spoken about Cavani’s transfer to Napoli. Pretty strange, seeing as Cavani was sold to Napoli almost 2 season ago. Fosschi said he ‘finds it strange that Zamparini sold him to Napoli for 18 million, when Man City wanted to spend 22.’ Fosschi also mentions that Palermo initially were in South America for Pato, but the Brazilian was ‘too expensive’. Fosschi might have done wonders for this team, but I don’t see how these comments are relevant today. Maybe his job at Padova isn’t that exciting, after all.

Silvestre wanted

We’ll end this first Mailbag with the biggest transfer rumor so far. Ahum. According to the ever-reliant Corriere dello Sport, both Roma and Milan are after Palermo’s CB Mattias Silvestre. Seems pretty unbelievable to see Silvestre leave after just one season. But hey, we all know how well Zampa negotiates with Milan during the last minutes of the summer mercato…

Gossip Steve out!


Rosanero Records

Fabrizio Miccoli

It was a glorious day when Fabrizio Miccoli became the best striker US Città di Palermo ever had, having now scored 65 goals for our beloved team in all competitions. For all of you that are keeping score, there’s another record waiting to be broken as Giulio Migliaccio is nearing Mattia Cassani’s record of games played for Palermo. Time to take a look at some other records!

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Lockdown at the Barbera: Palermo – Atalanta

Coming off a great run of performances against Genoa, Novara & Inter, the Rosanero welcome Atalanta to the Barbera. An interesting game, and not just to see if the Sicilians can add to that good string of results.

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Halfway: Palermo’s Player Ratings

Palermo Failure

With the season halfway through, we found the time right for a little assessment of Palermo’s players so far. A lot has changed since last season, Continue reading