Buon Natale!

UP Buon Natale

After a tumultuous 2013, the year 2014 will go down as one of the greatest ever in Palermo history.

From a record-breaking promotion back to Serie A and a fantastic run in the first half of this current season (also breaking a record for most consecutive matches without a loss), 2014 was very good to the Rosanero. From the Ultra Palermo team to all of you, here’s to a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and fantastic New Year filled with more Palermo pleasantries!

And of course, the official Palermo Calcio site left us with this unforgettable gem of a video featuring the art of seduction starring 11 different Rosanero players. Let’s just say they better stick with their day jobs because acting is definitely not a strong suit.




One thought on “Buon Natale!

  1. Well done to all the writers of Ultra Palermo and to Lorenzo for keeping this gem humming perfectly.
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015 to you all.

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