Palermo Back In Serie A!

Palermo Serie A

It’s official! Palermo is back in Serie A where they belong!

The 1-0 victory over Novara means it’s no longer a hypothetical situation but a firm reality. Palermo is heading back to the Promised Land of Serie A. Besides, Serie B isn’t for us.

Grazie Zamparini and Perinetti!

Grazie Iachini!

Grazie Ragazzi!

Forza Palermo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Palermo Back In Serie A!

  1. Its been a long season of google mapsing and wikipediaing opponents. It’ll be nice to be among the big boys again. One things for sure, I’ll never take Serie A soccer and the coverage it gets for granted ever again.

    Thanks for providing the match updates all season.

  2. Congratiulations!!!!! Very happy for Palermo big come back! (It is also helpful to know, that Catania is heading in opposite direction). 🙂

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