History Awaits

Palermo History

One last match in the purgatory of Serie B is all that remains for Palermo.

After an abomination of a season that led Palermo into a shock relegation to Serie B, the Rosanero rebounded with a championship that will never be forgotten. The Sicilians knew the challenge of returning back to the top flight and all the heavy consequences of not making back in their first try. What Palermo accomplished in the 2013-14 season was something that went beyond even the most optimistic supporter’s wildest expectations. It’s a fabulous story for a club that is rich in fans but scant in silverware.

Even starting the season off poorly – a handicap under the well-intentioned but overwhelmed Gennaro Gattuso – Palermo utterly dominated the league. With the masterful Beppe Iachini leading the way, the Rosanero righted the ship and conquered the opposition like Julius Caesar in the Gallic Wars.

Record after record was toppled and re-established under the guise of “Palermo Calcio”. It simply appeared as though the Sicilians were playing in their own league while the rest of the teams settled for the scraps that remained. Of the most convincing records, Palermo’s 13 away wins will surely stand for a long time to come and serves as a chief testament to just how good this squad was overall.

Now, one record is left. Palermo has already tied the all-time Serie B points record at 85 but has a chance to take that title too. One point at home against Crotone is all that is needed. One point to further redefine history. One point to mark Palermo as one of the strongest teams to ever play in the history of Serie B.

One point. That’s it. Yet, knowing this squad and its leader Beppe Iachini, one point is not worth settling for. Palermo, let’s make it three.


3 thoughts on “History Awaits

  1. Bravo Palermo! Can”t wait to see them on their first match in seria A! And opponents like Milan, Napoli, Juve, Inter, Fiorentina (with Iličić faceing Palermo!)…
    That is going to be great!

    Meanwhile- forza Italy in Brasil!

  2. My three predictions for next year, in order of increasing unliklihood

    1) Andrea Belotti will be seen (even more so) as the next big thing for the Azzurri
    2) Paulo Dybala will be widely heralded as the next Pastore
    3) Iachini will manage Palermo for the whole season, the first person to accomplish that feat since (as far as I can tell) Guidolin in 2004-05, which was coincidentally Palermo’s last return to Serie A.

  3. I’ve been pretty quiet this season, but that has only strengthened my love for this team and the city. It’s been a year of some downs (the first month) and a lot of ups (everything after that), but the most important thing is that the entire team managed a quick return to Serie A. Our situation was better than that of Reggina, Novara or Pescara when they went down, both financially and player/supportwise, but if you take a look at the last 10 years of relegation in Serie A, a lot of teams that failed to bounce right back have gone down more than one categoria. Pescara was nothing this season, Siena missed out on PO’s (also thanks to the -8), Novara is on the brink of another relegation and Reggina goes down to Serie C for the first time in 23 seasons (and will probably end up bankrupt while doing so). Added to that, salary caps and teams like Bologna, Catania, Perugia and possibly Lecce returing to B will make for a hell of a though Serie B next season.

    As a fan, I’m sad that the amount of supporters in the stadium was limited, but I’m also happy that the ones who were there gave everything they had for the team. The rise of some young players and the true face of Vazquez showing was also one of the highlights, together with the fact that Zampa shut up for most of the season and that Iachini proved to be the best possible choice for this season.

    On a personal level, this was one of the best seasons as a fan since I became one in the first years of this millennium. After about 10 away trips, I finally managed to go to a homegame. The rained out 2-0 v Avellino was not the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen, but drinking beers and singing along while getting soaking wet among the Curva Nord is one of the best moments I’ve ever had in a football stadium, and I think I must’ve seen about 150 games since 1995. Added to that, I got to spend a memorable evening with passionate Palermitano, source of incredibly funny Palermo Calcio anecdotes and allround nice guy Benny. I think that calls for the start of a fine tradition.

    What I wanted to say: Forza Palermo, sempre e ovunque!

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