Is This Goodbye? Palermo – Udinese


How ironic is it that the man who brought Palermo to Serie A after 32 years of purgatory could very well be the one who sends them back down to Serie B?

There isn’t much to say. Palermo needs to WIN to survive. There are three games left and the first step is to beat Udinese at the Renzo Barbera in front of the home fans. The “Zebrette” are trying to qualify for the Europa League; Palermo is trying to survive the drop. It’s now or never.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Von Bergen – Aronica
Morganella – Barreto – Faurlin – Kurtic – Dossena
Ilicic – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Garcia, Nelson; Anselmo, Arevalo Rios, Fabbrini, Formica, Viola; Boselli, Dybala, Hernandez


24 thoughts on “Is This Goodbye? Palermo – Udinese

  1. I feel so sorry for Von Bergen, Everyone he gets alongside him in defence is total shit.

    Aronica, Donati, Munoz.. lol ah well..

  2. I have no idea what language I have on the feed I’m watching – can someone explain why our second goal was called back ? It was clearly onside …was Miccoli called for a foul in the box ? At any rate, batton down the hatches we’re in for a hell of a second half !

    • He is bizarre, Could have cost Palermo everything for no reason. Poor excuse for a defender and a soccer player.

  3. My dear friends…..This is probably it… Udinese was better…Season lost long time ago….Iličić lit a candle for a little while at the end of the season…And now….

  4. There is only maybe 3 players in this entire squad that is Serie A Quality, Maybe being able to start fresh with a new roster in the second tier will be a good thing.

  5. Unfortunately, this side was not good enough. While the city and the fans deserve better it’s our performance that got us relegated. Fingers can be pointed in many directions and there’s time or that later – there is much to chew on and I hope the deserter Balzaretti chokes on his contract.

  6. It’s a sad day. From day 1 we have been up against it. I cannot blame the players – many of whom arrived in January and many who had moved on to other teams. Gasperini was a beacon of misfortune and we have paid for those games lost and drawn in the final minutes.
    But the responsibility of relegation rests almost entirely with Zamparini. And with Lo Monaco too.
    Serie A 2014-15. We will be back.

  7. This summer will be extremely busy, Palermo has a huge amount of players on its roster it must shed for serie b. Maybe there will finally be a use for the 30-40 players out on loan or in co-ownership. I think Milanovic, Mehmeti, Vazquez, Bacinovic could be useful in serie b. For the love of God when Migliaccio returns put him in place of rios.

    Zamparini will be happy, serie b has the wage cap now so he wont have to spend any big money on new wages.

  8. Now the mathematics is settled. Serie B. The tragedy of this season is well known and we already have had plenty of time to reflect on where it all went wrong. From this moment we are to focus solely on WINNING the Serie B title in 2013-14.

  9. Viola looked great… how has he not gotten more playing time? spread the passes well, in that horrible weather and soaked pitch. A true regista right there thats been rotting on our bench all season. Sanseverino making an appearence was nice.

    Oh well, maybe we will have a trophy next season. hopefully.

    • Sure, the same way he built us a new stadium and got new investors lol.

      The amount of wages we will have to pay out when 70 men return from loan and co ownership is enough to bankrupt us.. Luckily selling Ilicic & Viviano should get us around 15-18 million.

      • Zampa always has the books managed. Thats something we cant take away from him. Im sure the financial situation is fine. The only thing damaged here is our pride.

        • Possibly, but the attendances are dropping massively and we will be in serie B this time. He cant waste money on tonnes of players that we are never even going to play anymore.

          I wonder who will waste their money on Silvestre after his awful season.. Maybe Genoa, they like to buy our shit.

          The plus side is We have a solid goalkeeper for next year and a promising young striker that is definite.

  10. I feel sorry for guys like Barreto, Sorrentino, Micco…guys that gave all they had. The death of us has been letting guys like Cassani, Miggs and Silvestre go out on loan. I hope the core stays to get us back up instantly, like Parma and Chievo did, but there’s always the fear of becoming the new Bari, Reggina or Empoli…

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