To Be Or Not To Be: Sampdoria – Palermo


The Rosanero restored some hope back into their campaign for Serie A survival when they defeated Roma 2-0 on Easter weekend. Sitting on 24 points, Palermo is still three points away from Genoa who they need to overtake (not to forget about Siena who are on 26 points) and hardly ready to proclaim salvation. Yet, Sannino’s return has seemingly made an impact on the squad, visible in their performance last Saturday. Is it enough to pull off a miracle or was it just a fluke victory after going winless since November?

To start, a chilling stat: Palermo have not won back-to-back games since January 22nd & 29th of 2012 when they defeated Genoa and Novara respectively. That’s a long, long time. Palermo have still to win on the road. Sunday’s match gives the Rosanero an opportunity to end both of those droughts, but it will be very tough.

The Sicilians will be facing a familiar face in Delio Rossi. The man who arguably coached Palermo to its greatest achievements may now be the one who relegates them to Serie B. The ex commented fondly on his time in Sicily and said he’d never be an enemy, only an adversary.

Meanwhile, the Rosanero will be without Sorrentino, who picked up an old injury in the match against Roma and was not able to recover in time. His loss is understandably significant and it will take a brilliant Benussi to fill in his place. Miccoli and Ilicic will need another fantastic showing in order to come away with precious points on the road while the midfield will need to exhibit the same tenacity they showed against Roma.

It’s a tall order but at this point in the season, it’s to be or not to be.

Official Palermo Lineup

Von Bergen – Donati – Aronica
Morganella – Barreto – Rios – Kurtic – Garcia
Ilicic – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Brichetto; Nelson, Kosnic; Anselmo, Fabbrini, Faurlin, Formica, Viola; Boselli, Dybala, Sperduti


16 thoughts on “To Be Or Not To Be: Sampdoria – Palermo

  1. Ole, ole, ole, ole Jojo dribbles, Jojo dribles,
    ole, ole ole…..
    How many Sampdoria players were there? 5? and a Goal keeper? And he almost repeted this master slalom again! Plus all the passings….
    Ole, ole, ole, ole Jojo dribbles, Jojo dribles,
    ole, ole ole…..

  2. oh man, oh man, oh man. This is…wow. Ilicic, Garcia…wow. im hoping ilicic keeps playing like this till the end of the season. if he does, ill take back some of the things i said about him. What a performance.

  3. I don’t believe in salvation nor do I believe in relegation. One week at a time…
    Bravo Palermo!! We are really doing it the hard way this season.

  4. Who is that player with the number 27 on his back? What has Sannino said to Ilicic to fire him up (or possibly what has his agent told to do to get a big money move) but either way I dont care if he keeps us up Ill love him regardless. And what a difference Barreto makes in MF!

    • according to Lorenzo, Sannino’s last words to Dybala before he cam on were “remember that I love you”…Maybe they all just needed an ego boost, and Sannino has given it to them

  5. WOW – what happened ! I went away for two weeks and we get two wins… should I have stayed away ? Forza Palermo !!!

    • Seems to me it would have to be in summer and New York City would be one logical place for the side to play. That would be great for me since I can get a direct flight to Newark. IF it were to happen it would be great to get together with some of you who participate on this priceless blog.

  6. Palermo 1 – Bologna 1
    Damn! We should have won this. Marvelous goal by Josip, but all undone by a Sorrentino mistake. That should not have been it, however, our players dropped the intensity and the fear started to show. Add a couple of clear penalties denied. And here we are again – bound for Serie B.
    Our midfield really does leave a lot to be desired. And enough with the stupid hair cuts!!!!

  7. Shocking how one mistake – albeit a howler – changes a game. They wouldn’t come out after they equalized – pity. A point doesn’t help much, but at least Gilardino didn’t beat us.

  8. With such a mistake (this was not autogoal, but worse- it was ha, ha goal) I knew they will not come back. And after Iličić left the field that was it. Should have finsih the job in the first half- they had a lot of chanses. Palermo now need a come back against Catania- the game will made us, or break us!

  9. This was our chance. Genoa dropping points, Chievo dropping points…could’ve put Genoa at 2 and close the gap with Chievo to 6 with 6 games left. Shame Siena won too, thanks to offside goals.

    Our target doesn’t change: win as much games as possible, accumulating more points than Siena and Genoa in the process. I still believe that we’re better than those two teams, but as we saw yesterday, luck is needed as well. Let’s hope we can beat Catania next week, because we still got some difficult games left.

    BTW, anyone seen Aronica’s almost-penalty-tackle? With less luck, we’d lost again yesterday.

  10. Whatever happens does anyone agree we need to go back to filling our team with more Italians.
    I remember when we were promoted it was based on nearly having a full squad of italians.. the same time we got 4 into the national team. These last few years all we have done is waste Millions on very average south americans with large price tags and random nobodies from Eastern Europe that dont even get games.

    Dybala is young and has some talent but I cant help but think we have been ripped off with that fee majorly.

    Ironicly most of the Itaians we currently have I would sell in a heartbeat as they are all crap. Aronica, Mantovani, Donati, Dossena. Miccoli is losing it.. Only Sorrentino and Viola (If the kid could get a game) would be worthy next season.

    I dont think Aronica was the worst player for once, That was Rios.. just passed it anywhere without looking.. total failure.

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