Sink or Swim: Palermo – Siena

Mauro Formica

With Genoa losing to Milan yesterday, it is absolutely imperative for Palermo to win today. The Rosanero face off against fellow last-place dwellers Siena in a match that all but ends Serie A survival for the side that loses. It comes down to this. Can Palermo close the gap on Genoa to two points? Will the Rosanero sink or swim?

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz -Von Bergen – Garcia
Anselmo – Rios – Kurtic – Dossena
Miccoli – Boselli

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Aronica, Morganella, Nelson; Donati, Fabbrini, Faurlin, Ilicic; Dybala, Malele, Sperduti


15 thoughts on “Sink or Swim: Palermo – Siena

  1. Anselmo must have had a great week or training.. curious why he starts over Nelson or Morganella. Anyway – buckle up because this is it ! Forza Palermo !

  2. At least it wasn’t another draw!
    Fuck it all – this team is not worthy of Serie A. Time to prepare for Serie B. I would say it ‘s time for Zampa to learn from his mistakes but of course there is no chance of that.
    Don’t sell Iličić… I want that cunt to suffer a season in Serie B.

    • Man… I know you are angry, but… Save some dignitiy please. Iličić was best man Palermo had (at the end of the last year- remember Catania, Udinese, Calgari) before injury in january. If there was not him, they would be in seria B even sooner.
      Secondly- he refused to be sold in Dynamo Kyiev (for much better money) since he wanted to help Palermo fight until the end.
      Thirdly- he was given just a part of second half and was forced to play not on the optimal position (don”t know what Gasperini was thinking).
      And this counting could go on, but this is waist of time, since you already decided that Iličić is scapegoat.
      And sorry to let you down- he will no doubt be gone at the end of the seson (no matter if Palermo stays in seria a or not.).

      • If you have any objectivity in you, you will gladly agree that for every good game Ilicic played, he also played an utter crap game. Before playing 5 or 6 good games at the end of last season, he walked around the pitch wondering when Zampa’s next money transfer was coming in for the first 30 games. There’s a big difference between saying you’ll stay with a team going down and actually doing it.

      • Against Siena, Ilicic was given a yellow card for simulation. As far as I’m concerned he’s been simulating his desire to play for Palermo over the past two seasons. After a few years Josip has failed to step up as a leader. I have not seen any anger or drive from him on the pitch – just a player going through the motions.
        He’s does have talent and when he wants to he can be amazing. But I just don’t see his desire for the shirt. I will concede, that amongst all the chaos and uncertainty at Palermo this can be hard. However, if not for the balls of this club to take a chance on this unknown Slovenian, he may well still be playing with Maribor.

        • Wrong expectacions. Josip is not a type of leader. He is simply not made out of that bread. He needs people around who belive in him, a coach (like Rossi) who knows his personality and is able to use him in the best way, and stabile atmosfere in the club.
          But you will not see him with knife beetwen his teeth, since this is not who he is.

          • He disappeared in games when Rossi was in charge, too. Pastore made him look better then he really was and we made a big mistake to rely on him. Shouldve sold him to liverpool when we had the chance and made Vazquez our starting trequartista.

          • Miha, you are right abut Josip. He will never be a player with a knife between his teeth. However, he plays in Sicilia for Palermo. You cannot succeed in the south unless you have that knife between your teeth. Plus another knife in your sock too. Just ask Miccoli or even Hamsik!

  3. I think serie B could go 2 ways. It could be a blessing in disguise, Getting rid of the 8 million players palermo has on its books in co-ownership or out on loan once and for all. Building a new team with a young hungry coach.. and hoping zampa learns his mistake and moves aside for someone else. Or secondly and ultimately the death of this team.. not being able to unload all the overpaid useless players in the team, No fans turning up because of the dissilussion with the psycho that is zamparini.

    Looks like the sicilian derby will be with Trapani next season..

    Personaly the disaster at this club lays with one person, You cant hire and fire and buy/sell a thousand new players/staff every 2 or 3 months and expect anything other then the demise of your club. Genoa deserve to be in the same position because they have done the same thing under a psychotic chairman.. to bad SIENA got their point deduction or they would be deservedly out of this mess.

    Remember the first season under Guidolin in serie A.. ah we were all ready to dream about what could have been, A team with such potential now has zero chance… The final nail.. re-hiring the worst manager we have had in years. Atleast Malesani didnt lose.. Gasperini is a joke.

    There is no point in the “we might be able to do it” speeches.. we have no chance at all now, None of the players are motivated to play for this team. We have had home games against all the worst teams in the league and couldnt win them or even look like winning them. Keep Dybala because of his price & potential.. Play Viola in serie B.. Keep sorrentino because he is a beast along with Von Bergen for his experience and fight. Then sell every single other pile of crap that is there. All of them are an embarassment.

  4. Only the colours matter, boys. Aside from Sorrentino and Fabbrini, none of he january transfers have performed. Why would they, they know hey can retun to their teams next season. We can blame coaches and management for all we want, but dob’t forget the players. The constant failing of guys like Munoz and the disinterest of Ilicic, it hurts me more than everything Gasp has done. Not worthy of the shirt.

    Remember when we were complaining about Guidolin? Or Colantuono? Or Del Neri? I want to apologize to all of them. Same goes for Guana, Capuano, Budan, Succi, Ciaramitaro, Bovo, Cetto and all the players we deemed not worthy of playing in rosanero. Seeing how most of them fared after leaving, I have the feeling that the Zamparini-regime might have gotten a lot to do with their performances. Hindsight is 100%, no?

    I’m not bound to this team by nationality, heritage or by blood. I chose Palermo because of the passion of the fans, the story of the club and the city it stands for. It has been part of me for 13 years, and that won’t change because of what happened this season. I’m pretty sure I’ll see most of you back here when our opponents are called Grosseto, Juve Stabia or Spezia. To those who won’t return: I feel sorry for you.

    Tengo in alto i miei colori. Per sempre.

    • ^ one of the best Palermo fans ive ever seen.

      no. one of the best fans in general.

      ill be here too. Not sure ill be able to watch as many games as id like to (Palermo games are hard enough to find when theyre in Serie A..) but ill be watching them as best i can.

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