Devil’s Advocate: Milan – Palermo


A Palermo team with only three wins on the season, and none on the road, must somehow find a way to earn something against a Milan side who are fighting to keep their Champions League spot. Sannino returns to the bench and must achieve the impossible without Miccoli, Dossena and Barreto available. It’s a very tall order and everyone is writing this match off as a loss. Time to play devil’s advocate…

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz -Von Bergen – Aronica
Morganella – Rios – Donati – Kurtic – Garcia
Ilicic – Dybala

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Nelson, Sanseverino; Anselmo, Fabbrini, Faurlin, Formica, Viola; Boselli, Malele, Sperduti


8 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate: Milan – Palermo

  1. When he signed I knew Aronica was going to be the worst player ever and he confirms it every game. Petulanty fouling and giving away free kicks.. penalties.. getting red cards.. its not even battling with heart its just cynical lazy defending. He is an embarassment.. how could someone so old and proven to be crap be given a 2 year deal.

    The Most impressive january signing besides Fabbrini was Nelson yet he never ever gets a game.. yet you have that swiss moron giving away the ball with every pass.

    Everything about this team is baffling.. from the owner, to the bad managers.. and the uninterested squad.

    What are the positives.. I have no idea.. Zampa will probably send Dybala out on a season long loan to someone in serie a.. sell half of sorrentinos contract.. and give aronica a new 6 year deal. It looks so bleek .. I wish he would just sell, even if we went down we would be stable.. The fans would return, We have so many players on our books we could use to fund getting back into serie a. We just need to lose zamparini and his fake stadium pledge.

    • Bye the way why spend 900k on Faurlins loan and never play him? Rios is a joke and Kurtic just wastes every ball forward with a poor shot. Also sperduti and Malele.. Our attack has been appaling, Give them a chance to show some fight.

    • Somebody on a previous post pointed out that getting relegated would force Palermo to clear the wage bill. Not the best way of streamlining a team, but it’ll be an effective one. The Palermo that would return to Serie A (hopefully) would be a much more manageable wage bill and list of players. It wouldn’t take 4 months every summer to try and find clubs to loan all of the fringe players and never-going-to-cut-its out every year.

      • We dont even know if those players are going to cut it or not. Darmian was sent to Torino and hes been starting ever since. a very solid, young right back and we tossed him away.

        Im hoping Viola gets more play time, though we really need to adapt back to a 4-3-1-2.

  2. Kasami, Darmian, Goian, Bricchetto, Faurlin…the list of guys we signed and never played is endless. Yesterday was the first time in years I couldn’t be bothered to watch.

  3. the milan game was the first time I havent watched us since I started followinf palermo. normally ill at least find extended highlights at a minimum but I cannot be arsed. we are going to go down as the worst serie a club ever. the whole policy of the club is just confusing. Zampa probably still believes the people love him. its time for a big change.

    • I already did some research on this, we are at least safe from that tag. There are teams that were way worse, in terms of points, wins, goals, just about every meaningful way of ordering “worst teams ever”

      Which doesn’t say much about Palermo, but at least they can’t get that tag stuck on them

  4. So, if Sannino had not been fired 3 games into the season and none of the other insane changes had been made and then made again in the following months–that is, if Zamp had done as he said he was going to do & let the people he hired try to do their jobs–does anyone believe the team would be WORSE off than they are now? Would we have only 1 win at this time instead of 3? Only 12 points? Certainly the team’s reputation would be in a lot better shape, as it’s one thing to be facing relegation, but it’s far worse to be facing relegation after a full season of clown-car-caliber bat-shit lunacy. The threat of relegation is not what’s made this club a laughingstock that no one in their right mind would want to be employed by…

    BTW I suspect that Palermo fans are as fond as Zamparini now as Venezia fans are. In Venezia he’s still known as “il goldone”, after the name of the condom American soliders brought w/ them in WW II (Gold One): that is, basically “dickhead.”

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