An Easter Miracle: Palermo – Roma


Palermo need a miracle.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz -Von Bergen – Aronica
Morganella – Barreto – Donati – Kurtic – Dossena
Ilicic – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Garcia, Nelson, Sanseverino; Fabbrini, Faurlin, Formica, Viola; Boselli, Dybala, Malele


11 thoughts on “An Easter Miracle: Palermo – Roma

  1. Full Time

    Palermo – 2
    Roma – 0

    If we can show the same kind of heart and attack like we did in the first half the rest of the season, we may have some hope yet!


  2. What a miracle indeed. And on top of it, Genoa and Siena drew, meaning we gained 2 points on both of them. Only 3 pts and a +2 swing in GD away from safety

  3. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Forza Palermo! Win deserved! Hope lives on! Any (ungreatfull) comments on Iličić? Dear Palermitani, he is leaving at the end of seson, but he will leave his heart on field for Palermo before that. Remenber this!

  4. Remarkable performance and brilliant to see the Palermo we used to know come back for a visit. Sorrentino was amazing and Baretto gave a wonderful Miggy like performance. Miccoli was alive and Iličić decided to put in the extra effort he’s been lacking for so long. Kurtic played better than he has for a while. And Aronica wasn’t too much of a moronica. Everybody lifted and we got a result.
    Sannino got this one right… and I won’t state the obvious.

    • He tried to punch Marquinho in the head right after we scored the second. we couldve been down to 10 men. He had a decent game but hes ALWAYS a threat for Palermo.

  5. I thought Aronica was still petulant. For someone of his age he should have more control, I am happy about the win and Ilicic’s game. However lets not get to carried away. His main problem tends to be the 2 or 3 games following his good game.

    Does anyone else wish Kurtic would just pass the ball when he is in good positions rather then take flimsy shots that go nowhere, He is frustrating because he has good skills and vision but cant shoot for shit.

    I still think with the remaining games survival is impossible but lets hope we manage to pull of some crazy miracle. Serie B has the lowest attendances I have ever seen and the new salary cap. God we need to stay up so bad..

    Atleast we finaly have a win to smile about after so long! Forza Palermo.

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