Victory Needed: Palermo – Atalanta

Palermo Atalanta

The window is shut, the team is set. All that’s left is winning on the pitch. Palermo need to start getting points. Atalanta represents the first challenge with this brand new team.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Donati – Garcia
Nelson – Barreto – Faurlin – Dossena
Fabbrini – Ilicic

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Goldaniga, Morganella, Sanseverino; Anselmo, Arevalo Rios, Formica, Kurtic; Dybala, Malele


25 thoughts on “Victory Needed: Palermo – Atalanta

  1. You know how we keep saying that ‘there are still enough games left’? Well, not winning v Cagliari or v Atalanta while other teams around do exactly what they’re supposed to leaves us dead last. Can’t expect a team to gel in a week, but every week we fail to perform is a week closer to Serie B. As soon as Denis came on, it was clear we’d go down like a midwestern slut on open bar night.

    Wake up and smell the coffee boys, because Modena, Crotone and Terni aren’t exactly San Siro or San Paolo.

  2. What was the point in strengthening the attack yet leaving the defence in awful serie b quality. The only good defender at Palermo is Von Bergen. The rest are embarassing. Poor Sorrentino stuck behind that garbage. Fair play to the new signings, Fabbrini.. Boselli, Faurlein all put in good effort. To bad the players that have been failing all season didnt take note and copy them.

    Palermo is in serie b end of story, Aronica will be back next game to get sent off. Zamparini will hire fire and sell a million people before next season and palermo will probably drop another division.

  3. without sienas 6 point financial deduction palermo would be rock bottom, It is nobodies fault but zamparini.. Years of ego. Sacking and hiring new managers 4 or 5 times a season replacing entire teams each time. People like to say without him palermo wouldnt be in serie a but he is about to take the team all the way to the bottom again.

  4. Imagine ! We didn’t concede after the 80th minute – in fact we scored one. I think Gasperini ‘might’ have one game left to right the ship.

  5. I’d like to see it happen, but who’s going to score any goals for us? Hernandez? Fat chance. Miccoli? Doubt it. Dybala? Can’t put all that pressure on an inexperienced kid.

    I liked Faurlin & Fabbrini, guys with grinta. And I don’t know if I’ve missed something, but I don’t understand why Gasp pulled Dossena and Ilicic. Only guys who provided any danger.

    I know I’m being pessimistic and we had a lot of new faces these days, but why would something that hasn’t worked out for months suddenly start to work out? Let’s hope next week brings a change, but so far we gained 1 point from 2 games that should’ve at least brought 4 and preferably 6. Nothing against Gasp, but he’s not the one steering this ship into safe harbours.

    • Fabbrini…hes the key here. He was great today. we need Miccoli and we need Boselli. These 2 with Fabbrini behind them, thats what will save us. The defense though…just..end this 3 man back line.

  6. They should really look into changing this 3 back formation. It doesn’t make sense having 3 defenders back when all 3 of them are shaking.

  7. Palermo still has hope because their next few games are against Pescara at home, at Chievo, home to Genoa, at Torino and at home against Siena. All 5 of those games are winnable and we get a few of our defenders back from suspension with Von Bergen thankfully returning. Palermo should have at least tied this game with the header at the end by Boselli being saved by a great Consigli. Fabbrini looked great, Nelson and Faurlin looked good and hopefully they can gel together after a week under their belt playing together. Palermo is 4 points away from safety and Gasperini should be given another game before getting fired. This has been a frustrating, unlucky season but, we must believe and support Palermo!

  8. I’ve had enough of Gasp. He’s too stubborn with his strategies.

    For once, Zamparini should be firing a coach – however, I suspect there is simply nobody left to replace him.

    Siena, Cagliari and Genoa wins make this loss at home all the more painful.

    • I agree but, Palermo has had no luck either and need a center back so I do not fully blame Gasperini. Also Edy Reja and Pasquale Marino are the two names that are mentioned to replace him.

  9. You know what would be a financial disaster? Not getting Serie A TV-rights. Zampa has to choose between the lesser of two evils.

    Firing Gasp would mean yet another coach, but what’s the difference? There’s no structure now, the 3-man defense doesn’t work and we now have the worst attack, 3rd worst defense and worst win-record in Serie A. Next 5 games are no longer crucial, they are probably five of the most important games in the history of this team.

    By the way, it could’ve been a whole lot worse yesterday. If Parra was a better striker, it’d have been 0-2 after 35 minutes.

  10. Im with Steven and Rob. This is the one time Zampa should be swinging the axe around and its frustrating that hes not. Gasperini is a great coach, but we just dont have the defenders for a 3 man defense and we dont have the support for a lone man up front. we play best with 4 at the back and a trequartista supporting MICCOLI and someone else.

  11. Gasp out. Probably either Malesani or Marino coming in for Operation Avoid The Drop. Hopefully someone who understands a 3-man defense and a lone striker without a touch for goals won’t work out.

    Coach 4, by the way. Sad record. Should’ve stuck with Sannino.

  12. Who is around that would a) want the job, and b) be able to do it?

    Someone from Palermo’s string of managers (this’ll be our 8th in three years) or someone new?

  13. Panic in Palermo. Not surprised – as yesterday’s pitifull second half performance was literally the last Gasp. Now, I see Lo Monaco may be gone as well. Must be horrible on the players. Must return to a 4-4-2 with Nelson and Dossena as the wingbacks, use two holding midfielders to protect the backline and hope someone can find some magic to score a goal now and then. Clean sheets are our only hope of survival as we just not capable of outscoring anyone.

    • 4-3-1-2. Thats the Palermo formation.

      Nelson —– Von Bergon—-Munoz(ugh)—-Dossena
      ————–Miccoli—————–Insert any striker here

  14. Gasperini had to go. His stubborn persistence with 3-4-3 was a clear failure. We are bottom of the table and cowering.
    Whether the change in coach will save us is of course unknown. But if we are to go down, for goodness sake let’s go down fighting! Now more than ever… FORZA PALERMO!!!

  15. Gasps persistence with a formation that he hasn’t got the players to suit has now not just cost him 1 job but 2. I hate him, I didn’t want him in charge in the first place and I never have, he is a MASSIVELY overrated coach, I don’t care what he achieved at Genoa, he had the players there to do it, he doesn’t have them now and nor did he at inter. Hes a joke, he requires fully fit wingbacks, a deadly striker (he had milito at genoa then boriello) and hard working players over the pitch. Firstly lets look at our “Back 3” he insisted on playing, Munoz…..Donati….GARCIA?!?! WHAT KIND OF SERIE A DEFENCE IS THAT?! He didn’t need sacking, he should never of been employed, now we have a squad to suit HIS formation and we are about to have another new coach?! How long before the players get used to Malensi’s formations and styles? We have no chance of staying up. The lack of consistency throughout the whole club, from players, staff and else has ruined us. Zamparini is a joke, he should of stuck with Sannino from the start of the season, let him get a squad together he wanted (the team at the start of the season with Sannino in charge would still be fighting relegation as it was depleted and absolutely awful) Id rather be back in Serie B with no Zamp than season after season of this shit. Lo Monaco “bought” into the club, yet he left after 1 game after all them signings?! How much did he invest?! Zamp promised media silence? Like he promised to sell the team. The guy should go choke in his sleep.

  16. A fitting rant – I cannot disagree with anything. Zamp placed too much trust in a manager like Gasp… he should have pulled the trigger sooner. Whatever happened to rewarding a good performance by letting the player start the next game ? Rios, while not the long term answer in midfield, had a great game v. Cagliari – scored a nice goal too. Next game – he’s on the bench. Same for Morganella who layed a perfect cross onto Budan’s head for a goal two weeks ago. Budan gets dealt away and Garcia, who screws up all time in his defending, gets a fairly regular start. Now Lo Monaco who worked tirelessly in the mercato is gone and guess who’s back ? Perinetti ! Sacred Heart of Mary…

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