This Is It: Palermo – Genoa


This is it. It’s a must-win game for Palermo if they want to keep their ever-fading hopes of staying in Serie A alive. Genoa represents the team that Palermo must overcome to achieve safety and currently sit six points ahead of the Rosanero. The team must give it their all in order to come away with the three points.

The good news is that Miccoli and Ilicic are back playing together, after what seems like an eternity. The bad news is that Nelson and Dossena will both begin the game on the bench, as the duo are suffering from lingering injuries. The key to the game is eliminating the calamitous error that this team gives away every game. They simply cannot continue to function by bleeding away points late in games.

Palermo, you belong in Serie A. CrediAmoci!

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz -Von Bergen – Aronica – Garcia
Barreto – Rios – Kurtic
Ilicic – Fabbrini

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Dossena, Nelson; Anselmo, Donati, Faurlin, Formica, Viola; Boselli, Dybala, Sperduti


36 thoughts on “This Is It: Palermo – Genoa

    • We are quite lucky at this stage. If not for Sorrentino we would be a lost cause already. Genoa tight at the back and hard to crack. We’re winning the midfield battle but cannot build from there enough to be dangerous. This game has ‘draw’ written all over it.

      • I dont even think will scrape a draw, dont even remotely look like scoring while our defence is still looking bad as ever.

        We have nearly wasted 2 million on loaning Faurlin, Formica and Boselli in until the end of season. May as well use them.. I dont get it.

  1. Same old problems. Garcia and Munoz are awfyl, Ilicic refuses to pass a ball and continues to shoot at every quarter of an opportunity and Miccoli is not even half the man he used to be. We are unable to make combinations. It’s always someone going down the flank and then crossing towards 5 Genoa players.

    We are evn lucky that Genoa didn’t get the penalty. Not looking good. And where’s Dossena?

    • Utter despair. Such an uninspired team. It’s been like this all season. Zamparini for all his good intentions has worn us all down – the players, coaches, and the tifosi.
      Non possiamo continuate così.
      2014-15 seems a long long wait and no certainty there either.

  2. I think Munoz had a good first half. Garcia is the one I”m afraid of. But the problem is the same- rare chanses and no men to score.

  3. I would keep Dybala because he is young, Try and sign Fabbrini permanently .. Keep Sorrentino forever and also keep Nelson at RB. I would then sell every single other player in this teams including Miccoli.. not give him a 2 year extension for being poor.

  4. I dont think ive been this pissed about a game before. Even the 7-0 thrashing from Udinese was better then this. id rant about Ilicic again, but i dont want to think about it right now.

  5. now the dust has settled on my evening I suppose it is time to reflect on tonights game. absolutely awful. Why was malesani talking about his past with genoa? Who gives a shit. and where the fuck was nelson and dossena? Who is this incompetent idiot. Serie B is now a complete reality, we need to think about our plan to get back up and what kind of squad we will have. We are the worst team in serie a, absolutely no doubt about it.

    • I found it baffling no Nelson, Considering he has been the major bright spark out of the January signings along with Fabbrini. I think Dossena is poor but 100x superior to Garcia.

      Like I said above there is about 4 players I would keep and the rest should go away. Miccoli is past it now. Aronica is the worst defender I have ever seen. No discipline. He is not going to be TEDESCO THAT TRYS HARD AND RALLIES.. HE IS GOING TO BE A BOVO that fucks everything up for no reason.

      Dybala, Nelson, Sorrentino and try and sign Fabbrini permanently. Maybe formica also because he battles and makes more impact then ilicic has. Then just sell the other 80 players we have.. including the 50 or so co-ownership/loans that are just losing money at other teams.

  6. Can”t belive some of you like Fabbrini! He is way to selfish, he dribbles whenever he can, and in 50% procents he losess a ball in 25% he falls down without freekick and rest 25% he passes.
    I admit- he is somehow nice to watch, but he realy losses a lot of possesion of the ball.
    And realy dont understand some of yours anger about Iličić- he was the ONLY man who created some real chanses for goal! Like wonderfull pass to Bosseli and some other chanses.
    Well, if you realy want to get rid of him, your wish will come true at the end of the seson.

    • Easy.. Fabbrini has been the only attacking threat since he signed up. Everyone else either hasnt tried or has just been poor. He does go down easy but he also dribbles past 3 or 4 players at a time and gets us into good positions with his passes. Ilicic does the same and his final passes are always poor, The majority of the time he doesnt look up and wastes the attack with poor quality shots. We should cash in on him before he becomes another Bacinovic rotting away on a serie B bench.

      He wont want to play in serie b anyways.. To bad we didnt get nearer 20 million for him when we could. Now we will probably pick up 6/7 million at best.. more then likely he will go out on loan or 50% ownership to Fiorentina. You can see it all..

  7. Miha, real chances? We created none. Zero. Ilicic is a 50% man. Either shows up to the game, or just walks around the pitch thinking about when Zampa’s cheques will arrive in the bank.

  8. Guys we have sacked Malesani and replaced him with guess… Gasperini… I absolutely give up on zamparini he is a complete and utter dipshit.

    • Expected it. Hopefully Gasperini will do something right this time. we need points, we need performances, and we need players to show up.

      is this so much to ask for? Miccoli plays well in this formation, Dybala is a talented young player, Fabbrini is an excellent dribbler and passer.

  9. With Genoa still only 6 away and Bologna possibly at the same distance, I haven’t given up on this team completely just yet. We might not be able to beat either of them, but Inter, Juve and Milan are going down!

    Forza Palermo!

  10. Indeed survival is not impossible. Check this out:
    – In Season 2006-07, after Week 26, Parma sat in 18th spot on 20 points and ready for relegation.
    Parma finished the season in 13th place on 42 points.
    – In Season 2007-08, after Week 26, Cagliari was bottom of the table on 20 points and ready for relegation.
    Cagliari finished the season in 14th place on 42 points.

    It’s a very hard road ahead but if the team can get it together and fight like crazy every week….


  11. So Gasperini takes over again ! Apparently at his first practice today he placed 11 dustpans on the pitch and asked the team to try and find their way around them to the goal. After 5 minutes he stopped the session because the dustpans were winning 2-nil. Amici ! As a very public supporter of the rosanero in my community this is the kind of SHIT I put up with these days… you may suffer in silence, but we are ALL suffering. Like some of you I’m tempted to spread blame in many places – but in truth we are just living with Zamparini’s chickens coming home to roost. By the way – does anybody know if it’s possible to watch our primavera ? They seem to have homegrown players who can find the goal and may be worth developing.

  12. After the Lazio game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.
    After the Cagliari game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.
    After the Atalanta game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.
    After the Pescara game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.
    After the Chievo game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.
    After the Genoa game, I said it would be the last time this season I wasted my time on this shit that kills my weekend mood every weekend.

    It’s an addiction. This is more than just a football team and I have no fucking idea what to do without my weekly rosanero fix…it’s stronger that the love for my hometown team, even though I’m miles away from Sicily, have no Italian heritage and only manage to get to Palermo twice a year.

    • Just saw that this weekends game is at 6:30 AM. I haven’t given up on the team, but there’s no way I’m waking up that early just to watch them lose.

      I do still think safety is possible, but it’s not likely. I’m mostly hoping a betting scandal or match fixing scandal or multiple bankruptcies will relegate other higher teams and leave us in Serie A

      • Soft!! 😆 The majority of games I watch start at either 1am or 4am!
        Nothing like going to bed at 3am after a 0-0 draw or even better after we give up a lead in the last ten minutes of the match. So many many times I ask myself why do I put myself through this.
        I would love it if they played at 6.30am.

  13. God I was just checking the attendances in serie b.. the Max is 7 thousand .. most games averaging around 2 thousand people.. serie b would kill us off. Sassuolo who are coming up this season average attendance is 2500… We cant drop into that abyss we just cant allow it!!

  14. BBC just held a segment on sport today about Palermo. It was about how crazy Zampa is and the current situation of the club and the fans. Even though the segment was held in a grim manner, I was just happy to hear about Palermo in English on my way to Class.\

    If anybody is interested in hearing it im sure you could pull it off the BBC world service website in Sport Today 27/2/13

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