Last Chance, Cazzo! Palermo – Pescara

Malesani Palermo

What a tumultuous, ridiculous, typical week for Palermo. Sunday’s pathetic loss to Atalanta was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Zamparini finally snapped, Gasperini axed, Lo Monaco left, Malesani appointed and Perinetti returned. And if you thought that was it, you’d be wrong. Budan and Brienza had plenty to say about their departures, with Ciccio especially outspoken regarding his exit. But, there are more important matters at hand, like a must-win match with a brand new coach.

Pescara come to the Barbera, only three points ahead of Palermo, occupying 18th place. The club will be without many of their viable options as Weiss, Sforzini, Togni, Capuano, Modesto, Quintero and Sculli all didn’t make the trip to Sicily. Perin, their budding superstar goalkeeper, will be counted on to keep the Palermo attack at bay – something that really hasn’t been a problem lately. Nevertheless, the Rosanero do not strike fear in anyone at the moment, with further evidence of that fact coming from Pescara’s president who said he’d not “settle for a draw” even with all the absences his side has to deal with.

Malesani comes in to Palermo with one goal: save the club from relegation. According to Zamparini, however, he shouldn’t be seen as a “savior”. The ex-Bologna boss was specifically brought in by Zamparini, who caused Lo Monaco’s resignation by not even consulting his ex-AD about his decision to bring in Malesani. From a tactical standpoint, Malesani will most likely continue to employ the same three-man back line that Gasperini used. He hinted at bringing Donati back to the midfield and stated his desire to make the veterans of Sorrentino, Donati and Miccoli the pillars of Palermo and their push to safety. The difference between Malesani and Gasperini will most notably be seen in terms of character and personality. Malesani prescribes to the Cosmi philosophy of being a firebrand and firecracker. He’s most famous for his rant while at Panathinaikos. Perhaps, it’s what Palermo needs at the moment, but more than anything they need to win at all costs.

Probable Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Von Bergen – Aronica
Nelson – Barreto – Donati – Rios – Dossena
Fabbrini – Dybala

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Garcia, Morganella, Sanseverino; Anselmo, Faurlin, Formica, Kurtic, Viola; Boselli, Sperduti


19 thoughts on “Last Chance, Cazzo! Palermo – Pescara

  1. What has happened to Palermo. I don’t even recognize the line ups anymore. Munoz is that starting lineup’s senior player. and he’s only been at Palermo 3 years…

  2. Good to see Viola back on the bench. Not as good as seeing him in the starting XI, but its a step up from being frozen out. hopefully we see him today.

    Fabbrini and Dybala sounds like it could do some damage. both are tricky players. Perin will be our biggest worry. Hes a very good keeper.

    • I prefer to think of it as nap time. It’s bad enough that Palermo aren’t winning, but they are just so incredibly boring to watch lately. Nothing happens in the final third. Passing today from several midfielders was downright dreadful. The only thing that saved us was that Pescara was just as bad. Sadly, they have already gotten a few more points than us, so the result served them more than us

  3. Subs came too late. Donati shouldve been subbed off about 10 minutes earlier. It was a decent performance though, but Pescara flooded the box whenever we had the ball. We wasted a few chances though.

    how many shots did Pescara have? im thinking it was just that one that ended up in goal.

    • ESPN is crediting them with 4 on target, and us with 3.

      On a side note, Sampdoria beat Roma today, but every other game ended in a draw. Not exactly a thrilling matchday

  4. Sorrentino had that one monster save prior to the goal. We needed Dybala to put that chance away – it would have opened them up. Fabbrini was bright and will bled well with either Miccoli or Illicic – we might have something there… if we can stop him from flopping. By game’s end he had more mud on his uniform that was left on the pitch.

      • Just getting back – true he was fouled several times but I counted at least five silly flops. The problem with a repeat flopper is that when it really count he won’t get the foul called and/or he’ll pick-up yellow cards. It’s only been two games but he’s been the better January addition, at least in attack. He’s a krafty dribbler in traffic semi-reminiscent of Pastore. As yet I have not seen a similar football IQ but IF that could be devloped – look out.

        • He actually reminds me a lot of Pastore. When Pastore left, i was telling a friend of mine “Zamparini needs to make my summer and get Fabbrini.” a little late, but i think he can be what weve been missing in attack. As for the football IQ, think he just needs to get on the same wave length as the team and you might see him making some better decisions.

          • I hope you are right… but it’s unlikely we’ll see it today. This game has disaster written all over it. Miccoli has the flu and won’t play… as well Dossena is out and maybe Illicic too. I didn’t think it could get much worse.

  5. Why are we talking about bringing back Delio Rossi (who is coaching Sampdoria) or Devis Mangia (who is coaching the Azzurrini)? They weren’t options when Gasp was sacked.

    The window of opportunity is quickly shutting. The stretch of games where points were needed will come back and haunt Palermo at season’s end. They need a string of wins against tough opponents to have any hope at safety…

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