Explaining The Madness

US Citta di Palermo Unveils New Manager Giuseppe Sannino

It doesn’t matter what is happening in Palermo right now. The Lo Monaco era is over, Perinetti is back. Zamparini’s madness? Maybe. The only thing needing clarification is how this happened.

September 2012: Zamparini wants to place another figure next to Perinetti (next to, not in place of). His choice is Pietro Lo Monaco. Perinetti doesn’t agree and decides to resign. It’s Perinetti’s choice.

January 2013: Lo Monaco creates his own team, sending away almost all the players chosen by Perinetti. Those who remain have only Zamparini to thank (like Arevalo Rios), or makes this choice at his own risk. This is Nicolas Viola’s case, who didn’t accept a loan to Ascoli and has been excluded from senior team. Franco Brienza, knowing that this would’ve happened to him too, is forced to leave.

February 2013: Zamparini sacks Gasperini. Lo Monaco (who has had free reign in these four months and has not been hampered by Zamparini) wants to hire Pasquale Marino. Zamparini decides to make his own choices instead. He hires Alberto Malesani and he doesn’t notify Lo Monaco, who decides to resign at this point. It’s Lo Monaco’s choice. So now Zamparini recalls Perinetti.

Moral of the story: Perinetti wanted to resign. Lo Monaco wanted to resign. Palermo is probably the most unstable team in the world, but both of them went away voluntarily. They haven’t been sacked, they have just been overwhelmed by a president who tried to reduce the power of two bigwigs of Italian football.

13 thoughts on “Explaining The Madness

  1. When I saw the title of this entry I thought “how on earth can you explain this!”… but you nailed it Benny. Really the explanation is simple… Maurizio Zamparini. A narcissist of the highest order.
    There is no point in us dissecting and discussing and getting upset. We are on the Costa Concordia and Schettino is our captain. It’s not going to end well.

  2. I wrote in November that this team is going to end up in the middle of the table. I was wrong. This is a sure road to seria B. I know Iličičć will not stay at Palermo next year, but I was stil planing to follow Palermo, since this team captured my heart for 3 years now. But seria B?
    This is the end my friends….

      • I call bullshit! Once you take on Palermo, it gets under your skin, into your bones and runs through your veins. It’s just not possible to abandon Palermo.
        Who else are you going to go for? There is no team like Palermo!

        • You who know me, know I am following Palermo cause of Iličić. I am expecting, he will leave this summer. Neverethelees, I would follow Palermo, if they would play in seria a. But how do you expect me to follow them in seria b? By non stop looking for working streams on internet? Even now is sometimes hard to catch a game of them. But then?
          And lets be open about something boys- not all of us have Italian roots!

  3. Lo Monaco’s biggest claim to fame with Catania was they didn’t get relegated. When he was their DS they were always down the table with the fear of Serie B. At that time, Palermo was inches away from a CL qualification spot and playing a Coppa final with a team full of quality and potential.
    Since he came to Palermo the catanese sit nicely in 7th spot and the rosanero dead last.
    Sure, there is more to this story but there is food for thought there.

  4. Never trusted Lo Monaco. With all the transfers last month, i was starting to…then Brienza left.

    Cant believe the Viola thing though. Promising young player and thats what we do to him? Palermo fans should be chanting his name for the loyalty hes shown for a team hes been playing for less then a year.

  5. I feel sick regarding brienza. I still love this club and won’t be going anywhere except to the barbera next month to show my support even in these times. But zamparini has just got to go

  6. I just finished watching Palermo v Milan in the 2011 Coppa semi-final. What an amazing time for us. What an incredible fucking team we had. Too see Palermo utterly outplay Milan in that game makes it all the more confounding to see where we are today. We don’t deserve Serie B.

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