Emergency: Chievo – Palermo

Palermo Coach Alberto Malesani

All hands on deck! The string of bad luck continues for Palermo. Whether it’s the result on the pitch or lack of a full squad to choose from, Palermo simply have not had much good fortune this season. Now, in a must-win scenario, the Rosanero will be without Dossena, Ilicic and Miccoli while trying to win for the first time away from home this term.

The Stadio Bentegodi will wlecome (or boo) the return of longtime keeper Stefano Sorrentino. The veteran and his former DS have been in the media the past week exchanging barbs about the former’s tenure in Verona. Sorrentino expects to be jeered (inexplicably) but will certainly give it his all against his ex-team. Malesani has opted for a four-man back line, but neither Nelson nor the injured Dossena will be a part of that defense. In the midfield, the Palermo boss will hope that the trio of Barreto, Rios and Kurtic can boss the center of the pitch and control the play. It’s still unknown who will be the main distributor among those three. Without Ilicic (also dealing with an injury), Malesani will give way to Formica and the impressive Fabbrini behind Boselli. Miccoli will miss his fourth game unless he comes on as a sub. The Rosanero captain came down with a terrible bout of the flu and didn’t make the trip with the rest of the team to Verona. Yet, he took a private flight to meet the team and will at least be on the bench.

The only thing that matters, though, is getting three points. The window is closing quickly and the opportunities are vanishing. Forza Palermo, sempre.

Official Palermo Lineup

Morganella – Munoz – Aronica – Garcia
Barreto – Rios – Kurtic
Formica – Fabbrini

Palermo bench: Benussi; Dossena, Nelson, Von Bergen; Anselmo, Donati, Faurlin, Ilicic, Viola; Dybala, Miccoli, Sperduti


24 thoughts on “Emergency: Chievo – Palermo

  1. Anyone else think that Chievo has really weird lettering on their jerseys? It looks cool, but looks more like I should be seeing it in a medieval book than on a jersey.

    On a match note, are we really dropping this deep already?

    • These might be the games where Palermo step up. We went toe to toe with Inter and Juve and only lost to them due to a little bad luck. Crushed Catania and battered Milan (until we started “defending”) i still have faith in this team, but it will be a difficult battle thats sure to make my blood pressure go through the roof.

      and im a pretty calm person.

  2. Good start … but we are starting to play too deep and not sure if we can sustain that work rate which was impressive. Substitutions will play a big part in the second half. Pellissier always scares me esp with the way we concede goals. If we could get somethng going in a counter attack I’d feel better.

    • whats amazing though is, albeit with a game in hand, we are only 3 points and some goal difference from safety. Yet the manager, whose name I can’t even be bothered with remembering at this point, was basically playing for the draw with 30 minutes to go

  3. Missing our two best players and on the road I thought we showed a lot of heart. Chievo never had a single shot on goal until the penalty. Have we not seen enough of Garcia for one year ? The substitution didn’t bother me at the time because I didn’t think Miccoli was available. The intent of going to a three-man backline was to release Nelson on the flank… which it did and he came into the game nicely. But with Miccoli available I’m surprised he didn’t come on sooner. Anyway, we have two of the next three games at home v. Genoa and Siena and we have Torino away. Given the toughness of our schedule after that I’d say we need all nine points.

    • Totally true – I’m just trying to deal with the hole we’ve managed to dig for ourselves. The result of the Cagliari-Pescara game as well as the Genoa-Udinese match on Sunday will tell us more about how much crap we’re in.

      • A whole lot of it, since Genoa won. 6 points from safety. As long as we don’t win ourselves, there’s no use looking at what other teams are doing.

  4. After 25 rounds we have won 3 games and sit on 19 points.
    Pescara have won 6. Siena have won 6.

    By the round 6 Chievo match in the first half of the season we had achieved 4 points (one win and a draw).
    By the round 6 Chievo match in the ritorno of the season we have achieved 4 points (4 draws).

    We now need to obtain 21 points over the remaining 13 rounds.

  5. Ultimissimo ! I know – let’s change managers !!! Seriously, three years ago when pushing for the Coppa Italia would you believe we’d be in this spot ?

    • Yes some people were well aware of what zamparini was doing to this team even during the coppa italia run, while others defended him over and over.

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