Returning to Action: Parma – Palermo

Parma Palermo

After a lengthy break for the holidays, Palermo are back in action on Sunday against Parma at the Ennio Tardini. The Rosanero are still looking for their first win away from home but they go to a place where they haven’t won in 48 years. Is it a tall task? Well, at this point, everything has been difficult for the Sicilians. Nevertheless, it will be good to see Palermo back in action.

Gasperini has the unfortunate responsibility to come up with solutions to the significant absences against Parma. Munoz is out because of yellow card accumulation and Donati didn’t make the trip after failing to recover from his injury. Arevalo Rios is practically banned from the club and Giorgi is about to sign for Atalanta – neither of them have been called up. And then, there’s Miccoli. The Rosanero captain picked up an injury earlier in the week and is highly doubtful to partake in Sunday’s match. He was able to make the call-up list, but Gasperini confirmed in his press conference that unless something miraculous happens, Miccoli will be watching this one from the stands.

What does this mean? For starters, Aronica will almost certainly make his Palermo debut, thrust into the action straightaway. There had been some practices in which Gasperini played with the four man back line, but whether he opts for that or not remainst to be seen. Another player who may make his Palermo debut, almost out of necessity, happens to also be Palermo-born – Giulio Sanseverino. Gasperini has called him up in several matches, but he has been unused. On Sunday, he might be thrown under the limelight as Pisano is gone and Garcia and Morganella will already be deployed. Sanseverino has been successful with the Primavera, the hope is that he can play well for the first team.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Ujkani’s future, but Gasperini spent a couple minutes defending the Palermo keeper from his critics. The Palermo boss didn’t understand why there’s been all this negativity surrounding the Albanian and stated that several of his terrific performances haven’t been highlighted. For whatever it’s worth, Ujkani should take his place in between the sticks, perhaps fighting for his job.

Up top, Palermo will most likely roll with Brienza, Ilicic and Dybala. In addition to Miccoli and Budan, Gasperini chose two more youngsters from the Primavera – Cephas Malele and Mauro Bollino. To further underline how dire the striking options are, Gasperini called up five strikers for the first time this year.

Parma are a decent side. They have had some good performances and some poor ones, but there’s a feeling that they’ve been playing slightly better than where they should be. Palermo trounced them in a summer friendly, but there’s a reason why friendlies are experimental and not always a good testament to a team’s strengths or weaknesses. It will be tough to come away with three points, especially given all the injuries, but everyone knows this already.

Probable Palermo Lineup

Von Bergen – Aronica – Garcia
Morganella – Barreto – Kurtic – Sanseverino
Brienza – Ilicic

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Goldaniga, Cetto, Milanovic; Anselmo, Viola; Bollino, Budan, Malele, Miccoli


10 thoughts on “Returning to Action: Parma – Palermo

  1. Yes yes yes yes yes. Bollino and Sanseverino. This is Promising stuff. I hope we do well enough tomorrow to try Bollino and Malele out. Its about time we look to OUR youth squad rather then everyone elses.

    Speaking of which, what did we do with Zerbo? He still around?

  2. ugh. another loss. How are we totally unable to hold onto a draw for just 5 minutes. I’ve yet to really see Palermo play as a team this season (not helped by the constant personnel changes). Whenever they are out there it looks like 10 guys who have vaguely been told where to stand, and then just to go for it. There is very little coordination in their movements, and when they are off the ball, there’s a lot of standing around. And yes, Benussi cost us a point here, but he looks so much more confident and comfortable in goal than Ujkani. I think Ujkani is still just to young and nervous, and the way the team is playing isn’t helping that.

    Worst is that Siena, Pescara and Sampdoria all won. we slide down to 19th, with a lot of teams ahead of us picking up points

    On the less negative side, 4 players debuted in this game, including Malele, who as far as I can tell is 18 and a primavera player. There were bound to be shaky moments. Hopefully with returns from injury and practice we can at least still get out of the relegation.

  3. All this use of fresh talent looks as if we are preparing for a season in Serie B. Getting these players primed to ensure our forthcoming relegation is brief… but that is just pessimistic me thinking.
    On the optimistic side – we still have an entire 2nd half of the season to write our many wrongs. I think a good tactic to work on is when we find ourselves level or in the lead, we fill the 6 yard box with all eleven players from the 85th minute until the final whistle.

  4. One more thing – if Budan is happy to stay at Palermo he ought to remain with us. Disregarding THAT heartbreaking miss a few years ago, he has saved our bacon many times. He is too rarely used.

  5. Very sour grapes. Two more goals conceded because of amateur defending/keeper error/not staying focused long enough.

    Aside from Fontana & Sirigu, the GK-position has always been a weak spot. The amount of gaffes Agliardi, Ujkani, Amelia & Rubinho collected over the years has been enormous. Even Viviano had his black-out moments.

    I refuse to get scared of relegation, seeing as we’re not adrift of the pack yet and the (announced) new boys weren’t in the team, aside from Aronica. But another weekend like this, with us losing and all direct competitors winning, might see us in an whole different situation. Also: without Siena’s point deduction, we’d be dead last.

  6. Just saw highlights of the game! This must be 5-6 game Palermo lost in similar way!!! Misfortune nightmare goes on in 2013!

      • I’ve been around my friend. Got married, new job, moved out to Phoenix, yadi yada. Not to mention, WordPress pretty much snags everything I post as spam. (most likely cause of my relentless assaults on those douchebag romanistas)

        Anyway, its been rough go for our boys. But honestly, who couldn’t see it coming with disfunction of the way the club is operated? On the same token, relegation fights do happen time to time for a club on our level. Hell, they can be as exciting as a run at the top of the table. (or not) But either way, dig in, ALL IN!

  7. I think the word we’re looking for is deflated. We need a turn of fortunes. Our squad is pitiful. Cassani, migliaccio, bovo, warming benches. Heck I’d take Amelia for gk right now! And caraciollo for a striker (OK maybe a bit far)

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