The Boogeymen: Udinese – Palermo

Palermo continue their horror stretch of the season by travelling to Udine to take on Guidolin and the Zebrette. Over the past few years, the Di Natale-led side has been a team that Palermo just can’t seem to beat. Today will be no different as the Rosanero have lost their last two Serie A matches and have been bounced from the Coppa Italia. Meanwhile, after floundering around, Udinese come into this tie on the back of two wins and will be excited about their chances versus Palermo at the Stadio Friuli. Gasperini has fielded a strong side but is left without some key reserves and in their place are several Primavera players (Goldaniga, Sanseverino and Malele). If Palermo can manage a point, it will give them some much needed momentum towards the end of the midway point.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Donati – Von Bergen
Pisano – Barreto – Kurtic – Garcia
Dybala – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Goldaniga, Labrin; Giorgi, Rios, Brienza, Sanseverino, Viola; Malele


6 thoughts on “The Boogeymen: Udinese – Palermo

  1. Whoops – what luck ? How did we not find a second goal ? Ujkani made a couple of nice stops but in the end his hands failed him again… you hate to drop two points but it’s just the kind of season it is.

  2. I don”t belive it!!! That should be three points! We have seen good Palermo but fortune is yet absent for pink side. Happy for Iličić of course. I also liked Gasperini taking Dybala out and Rios in- middfield was stronger since and everything looked welll until….. Ohhhhhh….

  3. Agree – can’t fault any of the substitutions – we had the midfield and the game under control. It’s such a shame because Ujkani came up big and made two crucial saves earlier. Maybe we can get a win next week and go to the break on a positive note.

    • Did very well today though, the whole team did, though i really need to ask…Did Ujkani call off Munoz when he made that save?

      Also, Brienza, i love the guy, but he needs to shoot a little quicker then he has been. half a second sooner and the result couldve been 3-1 for us. (at least i think it was Brienza on both those occasions)

  4. I don’t accept we played very well today. If we played well we ought to have won. Despite the fact that a clear penalty for us was denied, the fact remains that we failed to shut down a game whilst being a goal up and against a team with one less man on the pitch than us.
    I’m sick to death of conceding such dumb goals.

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