Closing Out 2012: Palermo – Fiorentina

Just one more game left on the calendar for 2012, a year that should quickly be forgotten for the Rosanero. Unfortunately, the match comes against the Viola, one of the surprises of the season. Under Montella and a whole host of new talent, Fiorentina have high aspirations for the year, aiming at a spot in Europe after a couple years adrift. If anything, this sort of turnaround can give Palermo some hope for the coming years; however, Palermo must focus on the present, and that means trying to get the full three points no matter how challenging that may be.

It’s hard to watch a team play so well and have so little to show for it. Many would say Palermo deserved more after the positive matches against Inter, Juventus and Udinese; yet, all they have is one point from those three games. Fiorentina seems to be the last of this brutal stretch of games but it is hardly easy against such a talented opponent. In addition, Gasperini will have to do without the resurgent Ilicic and the steady Von Bergen, so others will be required to step up and fill the gaps left by those two. The game is at the Renzo Barbera and Palermo will have the support of the home crowd. Let’s see what they can do with that.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Donati – Garcia
Giorgi – Morganella – Barreto – Arevalo Rios – Pisano
Brienza – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Goldaniga, Cetto; Zahavi, Kurtic, Sanseverino, Viola; Dybala, Malele


7 thoughts on “Closing Out 2012: Palermo – Fiorentina

  1. In the relegation zone at the break 🙁

    Only started following Palermo at the start of the 09-10 season, when they ended up finishing 5th. Reading their history and looking at recent seasons, I knew that success couldn’t last, but I never would have expected it to end quite this drastically.

    Hopefully Zampa makes the right move in January, and we can guarantee safety. these last few games were a very tough stretch, and I said before it started that I’d be happy with 3 points. As it is, I’m bummed its all we got because we really deserved at least one win, but all in all, I’m satisfied with those results. Now its on to easier games, and, hopefully, 40 points.

  2. I don’t really know what to say about the current predicament we find the club.

    First of all I still and will continue to support the team regardless of their position or league but I really am finding it hard with Zamparini the owner,

    I am grateful for what he has done but this mess is all entirely his fault. Gasperini acquired a team unable to properly play in his 3-4-2-1 system he likes to play, so why try and make a round peg fit a square hole? He hasn’t had the players for it, and now we will sign 2/3 wing backs and a striker and possibly another CB in January yet by the end of the season he will be sacked and someone else will then take his place who will once again want a different formation therefore different players.

    There is no “building” at Palermo, there is nearly no identity within the playing squad (and if Miccoli leaves there will be none at all) and what hurts the most is when you see Fiorentina and Napoli doing so well that is where we could be if we had simply held onto 2/3 players of real quality that we’ve had and not sold them for shocking prices.

    I hope gasperini can keep us up but I really fear for the worse, we aren’t able to win. We cannot close games off, we cannot defend.

    • The instability has been bad, but it hasnt been because we lost players, its because we lost Sabatini. he held the club together under Zampa’s heavy trigger finger. When we sold players, he brought in more talent. We havent had that. Now we have Lo Monaco who seems to be intent on keeping this team going.

      What is bothering me about Gasperini is he keeps saying we dont have the players needed for his tactics. F*** your tactics and work with what you have for the time being!

  3. Look at the players who have left in recent years; Cavani, Pastore, Nocerino, Balzaretti, Kjaer, Bovo Hernandez. This “team” is no team. And to agree with another commenter, we cannot defend! Munoz is somewhat improved this year but is still an average backliner at best. The only bright spot I’ve seen is the goalie. I was concerned losing Sirigu, but Ujkani is very good. I think we will survive relegation, but GOOD players MUST be added in the new year!

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