Greeting the Grifone: Genoa – Palermo

Much like the mythical Grifone, Palermo are trying to prove that points on the road really do exist. The Rosanero have lost all three matches away from home this term and they haven’t earned a point away since last April. Road woes are something that is becoming as entrenched in the club as sacking managers. Perhaps, though, with Gasperini at the helm and returning to his old stomping grounds, he can convince the Rosanero that they’re really playing a home game? The Sicilians are keen to continue the momentum from last week’s fantastic win and start the climb back up the table.

Across the board, there are a lot of ex personnel on both sides. Jankovic (captaining Genoa vs. Palermo), Bovo and Tzorvas all played for Palermo while Von Bergen is also considered somewhat of an ex Genoa player (he passed through Genoa on his way to Palermo from Cesena). Joining Gasperini is Ivan Juric, the right hand man of Gasp and former Genoa player. Juric was also a contender for ugliest player in Serie A once upon a time. To make things even more interesting, new Palermo administrator Pietro Lo Monaco was supposed to do the same job he’s currently doing at Genoa, but he resigned this summer after only a few days on the job.

To gain points, Palermo are going to need the same sort of spirit that they exhibited against Chievo. It won’t be easy as Genoa have registered three good results in a row against good opposition. Let’s see what Gasp has in store against his former side.

Official Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Donati – Von Bergen
Morganella – Rios – Barreto – Garcia
Ilicic – Giorgi

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Cetto, Labrin, Pisano; Bertolo, Kurtic, Viola; Abel Hernandez, Budan, Dybala


11 thoughts on “Greeting the Grifone: Genoa – Palermo

  1. Any point on the road is good… in fact it’s nice to actually get a goal on the road. Nice first half – so so in the second. Thought for a minute we were going to see Dybala – maybe in two weeks.

  2. Was a good game. Gasperini has made a big improvement with the squad, but somethings still missing. I think were missing some passing in midfield. Id like to see Donati make a move back there, or give Viola a run there. As for tonight, i thought Gasperini made all 3 changes a bit too soon. Couldve left Miccoli on a bit longer and brought in Hernandez for Ilicic. Didnt see much from Kurtic and Bertolo didnt impress me. Wouldve liked to see Dybala go on instead of him. I think we need a front 3 of Miccoli, Ilicic and Dybala/Hernandez who rotate throughout the match. That said, Giorgi is impressing me, so perhaps he has a shout for one of those front 3 spots.

    • Dybala apparently had the wrong shirt on, prompting Gasp to put on Bertolo instead..

      Team still lacks a potent attack, but their organization looks very solid, and I got the feeling like Gasp’s subs were a bit of laboratory work to see what different players could provide.

      Hopefully they come out of international break very strong

  3. Sal
    Can”t belive you would change Hernandez for Iličić! Hernandez who is constantly marked as flop of the match, you would change as for someone who was constantly marked as a top of the match for last four games?
    Iličić and Miccoli were changed since Gasperini wanted to “close the game” and take at least a point home (and this point is important in this moment). But it has to be said, that if someone was to be changed, that was Miccoli. If he impresed us all last week, he is disappointment of this week. Visible when passing bad and missing the after briliant pas from Iličić. Oh, and selfish from time to time (but that is his way of playing anyway). Sory, folks, but I am not a Miccoli fan as most of you.

    • Miccoli and Giorgi supporting Hernandez would have been a good decision. Hernandez is all about finishing in the box and needs that support upfront. Ilicic did well, but Miccoli is crucial to the attack as he so obviously proved against Chievo. Hernandez is having a dip in form, so having him take those chances wouldve been good for his confidence. on his day, he is a great goal scorer.

      You dont need to be a Miccoli fan, but you write off all players that arent from Slovenia.

      • sal
        Have I said anything about Kurtić? (Well I can say he did not play well, just as he is not relaiabile player in Slovenian team).
        Hmmm, let me see… When Iličić was having “a dip in the form” lot of “Palermo fans” would like to see him on the bench. Now, when he is rising in the form, you would bench him, since Hernandez needs to rise to?
        I admit, there is some logic in this, but it”s twistted.
        Now about Miccoli, he can have a very good day, but also a very bad one. Now, when Iličić have a bad day, critics would bench him, when Miccoli have a bad day, critics (or some fans) say, oh, he can”t be that good every day. Feel the diference?
        To me Miccoli is to often very selfish kind of player, whereas Iličić is all about good pass to his teammates. The goals will come to.
        And by the way, we can always disscuse Iličić”s minuses, since I now he has them. But to give senseless glory to Miccoli, like some fans give….No way.

        • Last season, we wanted Ilicic benched because he couldnt pass the ball to players who were less then 2 yards away. He would come into the game in the 70th minute and walk around while players a lot older then him were running the entire match.

          I said he played well against Genoa, but he wasnt having much of an impact during the game. Neither did Miccoli, but Miccoli is much more reliable then Ilicic has been when it comes to scoring and assisting goals.

          Hernandez has not been having good games, so yes, i want him to play to rediscover his form. Apart from Miccoli, there is no clear goal scorer at Palermo. When Hernandez was playing well, it was Miccoli who was along side him, helping him score those goals. I want them to play at the same time and get that connection that can provide Palermo with goals.

          Also, Miccoli is selfish? he had 12 assists last year and he didnt even play much.

          • Like I said above, the subs had a experimental feeling to them, I thought.

            Gasp knows what he will get from Miccoli, not so much from the others, so there was no need to keep him on longer. He needed to see if other players could provide what the team needed. Because I get the sense that the starting front three is still very undecided. I’m really not sure why Budan hasn’t got a run out yet. He’d be perfect leading the line. Miccoli-Budan-Illicic could work fantastically.

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