Pointing To Pescara

Another game, another defeat for the Rosanero. The saying is, “when it rains, it pours” and right now in Sicily, there’s a typhoon brewing. Palermo played much better than the final scoreline would dictate, but they were ultimately undone by a last minute goal from a little known Rosanero ex, Cristian Raimondi (14 appearances with the club in 2004-05). How badly did that goal sting? Well, Raimondi referred to it as the greatest day in his footballing career. Ouch. Nonetheless, the team cannot dwell on the loss as they will face fellow relegation battlers Pescara on Wednesday.

Gasperini did some unexpected things in his Palermo debut. For starters, he placed Massimo Donati in the middle of his three man defense (and made him captain) while keeping Miccoli on the bench in favor of an attacking trio consisting of Giorgi, Ilicic and Abel Hernandez. The 3-4-3 had its benefits and Palermo dictated most of the play even if the chances on goal were hard to come by. All that matters, though, is the final result and Palermo were penalized late once again for inattentiveness. It’s the worst start in Serie A since 1972 (the year when the Rosanero were relegated) compounded by the fact that the Rosanero have the worst attack in the league (one goal scored) and joint third worst defense (eight goals allowed). But, while these numbers are horrid and the tension is extremely high, Palermo should feel a bit easier knowing that the season is still very young and the table is very short.

Pescara presents an excellent opportunity for Palermo to get on track. Not only are the newly promoted side struggling to adapt to life in Serie A, they come into Wednesday’s match without a high number of key players due to suspension and injury. Starting goalkeeper Perin along with Terlizzi, Crescenzi and Modesto are just a few of those who will miss the Palermo match. Nevertheless, Palermo is in no position to treat any opponent lightly given its current state of affairs.

Probable Palermo Lineup

Munoz – Donati – Von Bergen
Morganella – Barreto – Rios – Mantovani
Ilicic – Brienza

Palermo bench: Benussi, Brichetto; Garcia, Labrin, Pisano; Bertolo, Kurtic, Viola, Giorgi; Abel Hernandez, Budan, Dybala


22 thoughts on “Pointing To Pescara

  1. I’m pretty sure Miggs cloned himself, and then had his olderself transferred to avoid a paradox, because Donati has played that role perfectly, even by being a great stand-in CB.

    I think the attack showed plenty evidence of being made up of 2/3 midfielders. I think it needs Miccoli to be that focal point and bring in the other two forwards.

  2. Btw, everyone, I apologize for the lack of activity on the site. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the current state of the team. I’m currently in the middle of purchasing a home so a lot of my free time has been taken away with that (and planning a wedding to boot). Then again, no excuses! I’ll try to get more stuff out regularly. As always, though, follow the Twitter account @UltraPalermo for daily updates.

    Forza Palermo!

  3. I really think we will get three points this week. A an away win would be a huge boost for us. I still don’t know what our best line up will be so my faith in Gasp is all I have to go on. I do hope to see Bertolo, Dybala and Budan get some meaningful game time. And no more Abel Hernandez – I’m done with him. He should be studying Cavani like an A-grade student. Watching how Cavani not only scored and created space, but also how El Matador would also help out the defence too.

  4. CLAMOROSO: Looks like Giorgio Perinetti is on his way out as Zamparini is bringing in ex-Catania & Genoa DS Pietro Lo Monaco. The official word could come as early as tomorrow or Thursday.

    Drama in Sicily? This is becoming daily news.

  5. Congrats Lorenzo – glad your back – for a while I thought Zamp had turned his sights on you. As shocking as the Perinetti sacking seems I suppose it was inevitable given that he could not buffer more time for Sannino. Great to have Brienza back too. Should be a good game tonight.

  6. I’m getting used to all this shit.

    BTW, I need to apologize as well. To all of you and to Lorenzo, for not contributing anything since the Roma-gang went nuts. I’ll try to up my game, but I’ve just been through the same process Zo is now going through 🙂

  7. Von Bergen made a stupid move with his hand and he touched the ball. 10 minutes for Miccoli is a joke. Hernandez is too weak for the first team. He can only score from offside positions. I think that with Miccoli from the first minute we would have score at least a goal.

    • straight red for a handball? Unless it was in the box (I assume not, as there was no penalty shot) or stopped a clear goal scoring chance, that seems incredibly harsh…

  8. One thing to say is in january we need three things…… new left back is #1) Garcia i can see is trying but can not pass the ball. he seems to give the ball away every time he goes to pass it. Ive read stories of Deprela of brescia but he will give us the same shit for at least a year. we need someone whos been around the block a few times.

    #2) We need a reliable center back. if we are to splash money on any position it should be that. id even start looking in england or germany for one. no south american unproven talent can fill that role. I like munoz but he got schooled way too many times this game and lets not forget that it was against Pescara. thank god donati was there to clean up. von bergen looks good but at times hes at the other teams box. thats too dangerous for us right now.

    #3 we need a mature Serie A striker. Im sick of these fucking south american kids. we need someone that knows how to break down an italian defense. its stupid that we keep relying on these kids that cant get around a gritty defender. and instead of illicic we should give either zahavi or kurtic a shot. they have shown just as much as illicic just by sitting on the bench.

    sorry about the rant.

    Goodluck with the wedding and the house Lorenzo.

  9. I”m so sory for Palermo! If only I remember golden days! Final of coppa Italy against Inter. From time to time (when things are as bad as now) I watch it again. Palermo really played football back than. Pastore, Iličić were fantastic. And the tears of Delio Rossi at the end…
    I really recomend you all watching it again, since what are we going through now….

  10. ‘What we need in January…’? Not to be a downer, but our season might as well be over by january. We can’t score, the only striker capable of actually directing a ball towards the goal is being benched. Three man defense, I don’t like it, especially with Munoz there.

    Ujkani, not impressed so far. If we don’t take any point next match, Gasp will have fared worse than Sannino, which would prove Zamp wrong again. If it weren’t for Siena’s point deduction, we’d be dead last. Something that can still happen after tonight…

  11. Zamparini:

    “After a ten-year presidency in Palermo I was worn out”

    “I will step into the background. Lo Monaco will be CEO with full powers”

    “Zamparini now for at least 6 months will speak no more, do not call me.”

    “”My image is bad for Palermo.”

    Lo Monaco takes 10% of the shares.

  12. There’s no way he’ll take a back seat ! Even if he does shut up – he still holds the purse strings. By the way Giovanni, I thought that was a great rant – sumed up a lot of what true rosanero fans are thinking. Munoz gets schooled everytime I watch him play. He along with Hernandez and to a lesser extent Bertolo have had ample time to develop… they’ve had many starts unlike so many other players we bring in. I might differ a bit on the ‘south american kids’. Don’t forget what Pastore and Cavani were like when they were brought in. In addition, I think Dybala could be a special player if he’s given a chnace and developed properly. Loved the rant though !

  13. Wow, did Zampa just fire himself? I suppose it was only a matter of time before he realized he could do that.

    I appear to be more optimistic about the 3 man defense than most here. we have good CBs, and I’m not sure our defense can be faulted for either loss under Gasp. Late goals are more about mental lapse than lack of ability, and that can be fixed.

    I think the bigger problem is we don’t have the personnel for the 3 man attack. We are simply playing midfielders higher up the pitch. Though I am willing to attribute some of that to not knowing Gasp’s tactical desires yet

    • Fair shout. I was trying to think of who could lead the line for us. Miccoli does it well in many respects, being able to hold the ball up well, but when it comes down to it (if you pardon the unintentional pun) he is too short to really succeed as a target. Long balls can’t find him, crosses can’t find him. If it isn’t on the ground its a turnover 9/10 times.

      I had completely forgotten we had Budan on the team. That partnership worked so well last year. Bring it back.

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