Looking for Light: Lazio – Palermo

The transfer window has closed and there’s no turning back. Palermo takes on Lazio at the Olimpico – a place that hasn’t been kind to the Rosanero. Enthusiasm amongst Palermo fans is at one of its lowest levels ever in the Zamparini era. After an opening 3-0 defeat to Napoli and a disappointing close to the transfer window, a positive result against Lazio would do a lot of good to bring back some of that good feeling back to the faithful.

Palermo Lineup

Pisano – Cetto – Von Bergen – Garcia
Giorgi – Barreto – Kurtic – Bertolo
Ilicic – Miccoli

Palermo bench: Benussi; Milanovic, Morganella, Munoz, Labrin; Arevalo Rios, Donati, Viola, Sanseverino; Dybala, Abel Hernandez, Budan

The tale of the transfer window will be reserved for later, but the point is Palermo need to have more hunger, grit and desire than their opponents each time they step onto the pitch. This is a team that can no longer rest on the backs of several stars. Rather, they need to play and move as a team. Lazio has had a positive start to their year under their new coach, winning their opener and advancing in the Europa League. Palermo will hope to erase the memory of last game against a very good Napoli side. The Olimpico hasn’t brought much success (22 games, 3 wins, 5 draws, 14 losses), but then again, this is a brand new Rosanero side ready to move forward.


7 thoughts on “Looking for Light: Lazio – Palermo

  1. Defensive mistake leading to the goal. Garcia actually not even the problem as he’s played well. Something missing in the midfield. Probably would be better if Viola were alongside of him.

  2. I saw the scoreline.
    I have read Lorenzo’s tweets.
    I am not going to watch the replay of this fucking game.

    It just seems the more things change the more things stay the same… or get worse!

    • Every year it’s the same. Last year he said he would sell to the Arabs as if it would be a wonderful thing for Palermo. This time he threatens to sell as if it’s a bad thing.
      I just think he should not respond to the critics out there. For goodness sake it has only been two lousy games.

  3. The team needs time to gel, but this is a weak time compared to our teams of previous years, lets hope sannino is given the time to be able to work his magic as I really think we are going to need it. We are almost without an identity.

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