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With Italy in the semifinal of Euro 2012, most minds are not geared towards the happenings of Palermo and Serie A. Federico Balzaretti is doing all fans of the Rosanero proud, with several fantastic performances as the Azzurri hope to book a spot in the final. It’s easy to forget that things are still happening domestically with Serie A and the craziness surrounding the transfer market kicking into high gear. And while the window still has not officially opened (July 1st), all the co-ownerships around the league have been settled.

Co-ownership is something that is almost entirely unique to Italy. The idea behind co-ownership allows several clubs (normally just two) to have a hand in sharing a given player, often with two clubs owning 50% of the player’s contract. The clubs then agree on a price to buy out the other half of the contract. At the end of the co-ownership period, the clubs usually haggle over the price and where the player will go. If the two clubs cannot agree, then there’s the risk of going to the envelopes, where each club puts in a blind bid and seals it in an envelope to be revealed the next day. Whichever side has the higher amount wins and must pay the amount they auctioned for to acquire the other 50% of the contract. Such a deal is purely Italian in nature and cannot be found anywhere else.

For Palermo, co-ownerships play a vital role in the dealings of the club. The Sicilian side had a great number of deals to take care of and keeping track of all of them is no easy task. The matters to resolve pertain not only to the first team, but the Primavera as well. So, in order to get a better idea of who is staying, who is going and who you forgot was still even partly owned by Palermo, here’s the breakdown of what occurred when the dust settled on June 22.

Francesco Della Rocca – The midfielder had his co-ownership renewed for another year between Bologna and Palermo. Right now, he remains with the Rosanero, but his future is still not clear. He could still be sent back to Bologna or loaned out elsewhere depending on where he fits in Sannino’s plans.

Kamil Glik – The Polish defender is still partly owned by the Sicilian club. He spent last season with Torino who own the other half of his contract. Both clubs reached an agreement to extend co-ownership for another year and he’ll stay with Torino as they make their return to Serie A next season.

Nicolas Viola – The promising midfielder was quite the purchase last winter, albeit in co-ownership. Reggina and Palermo renewed the deal and the talented regista will join the Rosanero for preseason and looks to be a part of the team for next season. He’s a solid investment and Palermo did an exceptional bit of business to sign him. He had a great year for Reggina and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be able to perform as well at the next stage.

Emiliano Viviano – It was one of the strangest deals last winter that’s only more exacerbated by the fact that it doesn’t look like he’s in the plans for the future at Palermo. Zamparini has already confirmed that Ujkani will be the Rosanero keeper next season, yet Inter and Palermo renewed the co-ownership deal on the Italy international. His future is uncertain with Torino and Fiorentina interested. He’s most likely headed elsewhere on loan with the option to buy Palermo’s 50%.

Samir Ujkani – The goalkeeper had a decent season for Novara before he succumbed to several unfortunate injuries. The deal between Novara and Palermo ended in the Sicilian’s favor and he’ll be in Rosanero next season between the sticks.

Michel Morganella – The Swiss fullback spent the last two seasons with Novara and gained valuable experience and playing time as a starter for that time period. He will return to Palermo alongside Ujkani as the resolution also ended in Palermo’s favor.

Pablo Gonzalez – He’ll go down as one of the worst transfers in Palermo history, as his high price tag (5 million) never paid off, making only one memorable appearance which came in the Europa League where he scored, but the Rosanero failed to advance. His situation wasn’t a co-ownership to resolve, but Palermo used him as a bargaining tool to bring Ujkani and Morganella back in Rosanero while selling the attacker back to Novara. The price hasn’t been revealed but its a virtual guarantee that the Sicilians lost money on him.

Dario Maltese – One of the “baby Rosanero” players, the midfielder had his co-ownership renewed with Esperia Viareggio, currently in Lega Pro (first division). He’s only 19 and spent the majority of last year starting for the Zebre and helped them play out of relegation to the second division in Lega Pro. Whether he’ll ever make it back to Palermo is a question that won’t be answered for another couple of years.

Francesco Ardizzone – Many might not remember, but Ardizzone was another one of the Primavera players who actually received several first team call-ups under the helm of Delio Rossi. He even made his professional debut in the Europa League. Nonetheless, he spent last season with Reggiana and the Lega Pro club had the resolution go in their favor. He’ll be a Reggiana player again next season.

Mattia Migani – The former Primavera goalkeeper passes on to San Marino, with whom he spent last season. San Marino will keep him. With the number of goalkeepers Palermo currently own, this is nothing to worry about.

Marco Giovio – Another ex-Primavera player, the once-budding attacker hasn’t settled in with stints at Foggia and Piacenza. Instead, he’ll go back to Grosseto, where it will be determined whether he stays there or gets loaned out once again. He’s no longer Palermo’s to deal with.

Antonio Mazzotta – The umpteenth Palermo Primavera ex, the talented fullback was a key member of the side that won the Primavera title several years ago. Unfortunately, the Palermo born defender had no offer presented between Lecce and Palermo, and so he goes back to Lecce. Hopefully, he can find a place that will let him flourish.

Gianvito Misuraca – A similar story to Mazzotta, Vicenza and Palermo had nothing to offer and so, Misuraca goes back to Vicenza.

Davide Lanzafame – Part of the deal that sent Amauri to Juventus, Lanzafame was once on par with Antonio Nocerino in terms of promise. Whereas Nocerino thrived, Lanzafame never made an impact and eventually found his way with Catania last season, where he didn’t make an impact there either. He’s had a decent season when he was with Bari and then somewhat so with Siena, but he just has never lived up to the hype. Whether he’s ever able to shake the “YouTube Talent” label, Palermo didn’t seem to think he’s worth anything. When a resolution was never reached, there was a chance that Palermo and Catania would go to the envelopes for him. Palermo said, “Don’t bother”, not even caring to put an offer in and the player got his wish, heading back to Catania.

Giuseppe Prestia – The crown jewel of the Palermo Primavera, the stalwart defender was not a co-ownership to resolve. Rather, he’s been officially loaned out to Ascoli, where he’ll gain playing time. There is no option to buy any part of his contract, so rest assured, he’s still a part of Palermo’s future.

29 thoughts on “Palermo News & Co-ownerships Resolved

  1. I was just wondering…the last, let’s say 6-7 years, how many Palermo youngsters have made it to the first team?

    I was going with just Sirigu, but then again, wasn’t he loaned out a lot in stead of playing with the primavera? Acquah for one season, does that count?

    And where’s Luca Di Matteo these days?

  2. It’s a lot to get a handle on – thanks Lorenzo. I know it’s crazy to try and folo every rumour but news about the deal for Egidio Rios (Uruguay midfielder) seems to have dried up. It appeared the Mexican team he was playing for was willing to part with him but only in January. This guy is a horse and was key to Uruguay’s success in their 2010 World Cup run. Can you keep an eye out for an update ?

  3. Steven – the answer to that question is “not many”. Acquah, Jara Martinez, Prestia, Ardizzone and Bollino have all made appearances for the first team, but none of those have truly “made it” beyond Acquah…and even he’ll be loaned out somewhere almost assuredly. Luca Di Matteo was loaned out to Lecce in the winter mercato after spending the first half of the season in the stands for Palermo. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much playing time at Lecce either, only 7 appearances. I’m sure another loan is in his future as well unless Sannino sees something in him.

    Jeff – Egidio Arevalo Rios is a soap opera that has been going on longer than the current Michael Bradley-Chievo-Palermo stuff. Rios is still a fringe target for Palermo, but unless Migliaccio leaves, it looks like neither of those two will join. Should Migliaccio be sent elsewhere (and Zamparini has contradicting statements regarding Giulio’s future), it looks like Palermo will focus on Bradley first. Don’t count out a possible run at Rios again, I’m sure his name will be a recurring one when the transfer window officially opens.

  4. Great update. been keeping my eye on a few of these players myself. i get some stick for it, but i still think Lanzafame could do a job for Palermo. tbh, i think he would be an excellent wingback. His defensive play has been really good for a winger, from what ive seen anyway.

    Prestia is the major name for me. ive heard alot of praise for him, so id like to see what he can do. Same with Giovio but, i guess that door has closed.

    What ever happened to Davi? was he sold?

    • Giudo Davi was sold last season to Juve Stabia. He had a mixed year there in Serie B, but mixed because he didn’t have a lot of playing time. Avellino are said to be very interested in him but he wants to stay with Juve Stabia (who are still in Serie B).

  5. Do you expect Michel Morganella to replace Pisano at right-back? If so what happens to Pisano, stay or go?

    And Acquah goes on loan? Say it ain’t so. One of my favorite young players. Reminds me a bit of Sandro for Spurs.

    • No, I expect Morganella to provide competition and cover for Pisano at the position. Pisano has the talent, let’s not forget it was his first year in Serie A last season and he grew over the course of the season.

      Acquah needs to go on loan if only to gain much needed playing time. He’s a very good and talented prospect but at Palermo he’s been stunted with a lack of PT over the last season and a half.

  6. Jeff – looks like you just got your wish. A lot of media outlets reporting Arevalo Rios will be a Palermo player and that Palermo and Tijuana finally came to an agreement. Rumor is a three year contract.

    However, Palermo need to sell Edgar Alvarez first as he’s occupying the last non-EU roster spot. Alvarez rejected a move to Dinamo Bucarest in Romania. We’ll see what happens.

    If Rios eventually does come, it creates a logjam of midfielders with Rios, Donati, Migliaccio, Barreto, Kurtic, Acquah, Bacinovic and Della Rocca basically fighting over two spots. Bacinovic and Acquah are pretty much confirmed as being loaned out. The key surrounds Donati, Migliaccio and Della Rocca…

    • Who all is non-EU?

      I say keep Rios, Donati, and Miggs.
      Sell Kurtic, Della Rocca and Barretto.

      Worst case scenario, Migliaccio can be our big-name centerback signing… (only half joking)

      Also, do we know what kind of formation will be utilized? Does Sannino have a favorite?

    • Well, let’s hope they can move Alvarez. Rios would bring a dimension that we have not had for some time. Bacinovic should be tied down and forced to watch Rios play the holding/organizing position in Sannino’s 4-4-2 which the new manager is known to favor. One of our weaknesses last year was the failure to secure and advance the ball from our own end once we had won it. Rios can be sublime at this. However, the formation does require a rapid advance esp. by strikers and wing players to create midfield space. Unfortunately, we don’t have the trio of Forlan-Cavani-Suarez that his national team does… this scare me a bit since I don’t have a clue who we’ll have up front ? Whatever happens Forza Palermo !

  7. I know that I read at my own peril, but is there any truth to this? I saw the tweets yesterday form Miccoli’s agent

    “‘The situation is in progress because it is very important for my client to continue his career in Dubai over the next two years. This transfer is now in this moment firmly in the mind of my player and all looks good,’ [Miccoli’s agent Francesco] Caliandro said”

    Hoping its regular goal tabloid stuff

  8. Salvatore we need to keep hold of barreto, hes very good at what he does and he seems to really want to play for the club. IF balzaretti stays and miggs and miccoli leave I guess he will become our captain which is maybe why zampa is so keen to keep hold of him.

  9. agreed. was one of the most passionate players last season, and i thought he was doing very well when linking up with Balzaretti. plays for the shirt which is always good to see. hope we hold onto him.

    And sorry to the other Salvatore for making him change his name. ill go back to Sal, haha.

  10. The news is fine and all, but I’ve become sick of the same project player mentality and selling top guys like Pastore a year ago just to get more money. I do like our young guys and think we’ll be alright but I’m ready for Palermo to make the next step. I want to see us in the top 5-6 teams in Serie A. We have the market and also the marketability. We need a major change in the way Palermo views itself.

  11. I think Milanovic will take over Silvestres spot. And i hope for a new attacker, Miccoli and Budan dont work well together…

  12. But we are that team Antonio, we are the selling club, we do have to sell Silvestre and replace him with Milanovic or Labrin. But doesnt it make it all the more rewarding when we do beat the big boys?

  13. Did anyone else notice that Balzaretti seemed to be the only defender alive in the game yesterday? The other 4 (counting Chiellini, who went off injured), never looked comfortable. Meanwhile Balza looked good at both ends.

  14. Interesting about Balza – there’s a heavy attack on Prandelli by writer Benvenuto Caminiti for the manager’s decision to start Chiellini over Balza… you can find it at mediaGol. He says it cost us the first goal and one of our substitutions (Chiellini asks to come out of the game after Spain’s first goal) He makes some good points but I’m not sure this team was ready to take on Spain after two days rest.

  15. The biggest issue at the Euro cup was the schedule. The NT was run ragged and had no time to recover. Everyone saw how many injuries we had to deal with and the reason was obvious. Im not sure if we couldve beat Spain, but we couldve brought more of a fight to them.

    My only Problem with Prandelli has been his call ups. Giaccherini and Borini had no right being there. Shouldve been Miccoli and Criscito/Santon in that squad. Maybe a different RB for Maggio.

  16. The deal for Silvestre is poor. loan for a season then 8million over 4 years. So 2million a year after nothing for 12 months? What are we doing allowing this to happen. He and his agent has pushed so hard and Inter are obviously the only club to come forward with an offer. We’ve lost our best central defender and have no money to buy a placement. Im not happy with this deal. We should of asked for the money up front.

  17. It appears our logjam in the midfield has been broken… looks like Bacinovic to Hellas Verona… Della Rocca to Fiorentina and Sampdoria has made a bid for Migs – too bad about the last one, if it goes through.

  18. Inter are in too much debt. Ive heard from an Inter supporter that if they sell/release all the players they want, and buy the players they want, they will be paying half of what they did last season in wages.

  19. better this deal then having him putting in horrible displays like he did in his last game. Milanovic and Labrin will hopefully cement that defense down.

  20. Both Carlos Labrin and Milan Milanovich are just 21. I like them both – we have something to build on there. I was hoping we could keep Migs who, to a lesser extent with Mantovani, would give us experience and some nice depth at centre back. I find it curious nothing is being mentioned about moving Munoz ? Then again I can’t imagine there are many teams interested in him.

    • Its incredible that anybody still wants Munoz around.

      Even more incredible is that after proving to be too slow as a CB, Mutti and Zamp thought he would work as a RB

      • Only Zampa. no one wanted Munoz playing but the orders came from the head. Didnt Zampa say Munoz was the best defender we had and he also hand picked him to come to Palermo?

        a couple of years ago, not recently.

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