Seeing Off The Season: Genoa – Palermo

Only one game remains before the terrible 2011/12 season officially comes to a close. This game means nothing to Palermo, however Genoa are fighting for Serie A survival. The match will be played behind closed doors after the fiasco that occurred several weeks ago when Genoa ultras caused the match with Siena to be stopped.

The Rosanero will be missing a lot of players. Miccoli, who could very well have played his last game with Palermo last week, picked up an injury during training on Friday and will miss the game. Joining him are a whole host of other key players: Donati (flu), Balzaretti (injury), Ilicic (injury), Silvestre (suspension), Acquah (injury) and Della Rocca (injury).

Probable Lineup

Labrin – Milanovic – Mantovani
Pisano – Migliaccio – Barreto – Bertolo – Aguirregaray
Vazquez – Budan

Bench: Brichetto; Munoz; Bacinovic, Lores Varela, Zahavi; Abel Hernandez, Mehmeti

For a team fighting for their existence in the top flight, this lineup seems pretty favorable for their odds. Add to the mix that Palermo have only won once away from the Barbera all year long, and it looks like Genoa can count themselves among the teams who will play in Serie A next year. Nevertheless, the game will be played out and hopefully those who are “trying out” for next season put on a good show.


9 thoughts on “Seeing Off The Season: Genoa – Palermo

  1. Well what a similar story the last game of the season was. At least Gilardino was booked for diving. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be more transitional than the last if all the players are leaving whom names have cropped up, who will we have next season?
    Viviano – agent seems to be pushing him anywhere out of sicily
    Cassani – complete his Florence deal Bovo already did as part of genoa viviano deal
    Pisano – Stay hopefully
    Silvestre – 7.3million and wants to leave after 1 year?! pfft
    Mantovani – Staying? great
    Balzaretti – PSG no longer an option so staying?
    Miggliacio – Surprised to hear this name linked with moves, that’ll be a massive blow
    Baretto/Della Rocca – both stay i guess
    Ilicic – Please someone buy him, (but in all seriousness I dont know who would)
    Vazquez/Zahavi – should stay and get more opportunities if Ilicic leaves
    Abel/Budan – Can see both staying
    Miccoli – heard far too many rumours about him leaving
    Bertolo – No idea

    so all in all, about half of our senior team are being linked with moves? Obviously we have youngsters in Labrin, Lores, Milanovic, Ujkani who see more football but It will all result in another “transitional year” Lets hope Miggs and Miccoli stay. I hope silvestre goes to Milan and sits on the bench for 3 years

  2. If some significant player investments are not made this summer then we’re in Serie B in 2013-14. Apart from Arab investors (if they’re still interested), I don’t know where else we’ll get the funds to make such acquisitions. The players we have for sale are not going to set the market on fire.
    On a positive note, I’m really looking forward to see Vazquez and Bertolo make thier mark in Serie A next season.

  3. My review of the season 😀

    Viviano 6.5: Great goalie but in Palermo for a maximum of 2 years.
    Tzorvas 5.5: Finished as the defense did not manage to arrive while he said that language is no problem.
    Benussi 6: Tzorvas replaced well. When it comes to Palermo Ujkani probably leave.
    Brichetto *: Just Jack: D

    Pisano 6: Certainly not fail. To meet what I expected of him but if he wants to play Palermo in European Cup is still low. But it is certainly too young to improve.
    Muñoz 5.5: In particular, the season could well be a good substitute for RB (although the attack did not invent anything) but still made some stupid mistakes (funny red card against Cesena, penalty against Inter ande Lecce and error meaning goal against Napoli and AS, , …)
    Silvestre 7: MATIAS GRANDE. Pitch is how it ended … The first part of the season our best player overall in the second Miccoli. 5 great goals and if surgery would be great Ravaglia and bad line judge them could be more.
    Cetto 4.5: A big disappointment. Already in the preparatory matches I do not like. Matches against Juventus, Napoli and CI against Siena was very bad.
    Mantovani 6: As LB is certainly not as CB definitely yes. But it needs to top himself as a defender Silvestre.
    Labrín *: He played a few but it showed that it could be expected in the future. One of the two-Labrín Milanovic should go get one chance to host the A-team Palermo.
    Milanovic *: Same as in Labrín.
    Balzaretti 6.25: D: Compared to last years, certainly a little disappointing but still belonged to the supporters. Hopefully it will stay and not go to PSG, AC, …

    Barreto 6.5: Gladiatore, added to a couple of assists. All season to keep good performance. Even at his coming, I said it was a great purchase.
    Della Rocca 5: I do not know him before his arrival and I do not know it even now. Did not show anything.
    Acquah 5: After last season I thought that it could gradually get into to the base XI but I am very disappointed.
    Donati 6.5: Good transfer. The first matches was fantastic, then it was a little weaker but still good.
    Migliaccio 6: Same as in Balzaretti. Compared to last year disappointment. Especially at the beginning of the season could well start at CB.
    Bacinovič 5: He had some good moments but that’s all. A year and a half playing badly. Shame, in the first half of Palermo was fantastic and I’m liking it.
    Bertolo 6: For me a big surprise. He had some bad games (especially against Juventus was really awful), but proved to be a good footballer. The ideal substitute.
    Álvarez *: Unnecessary transfer.
    Varela *: He played very little but did not convince me.
    Aguirregaray 5.5: How definitely not a defender (!), The midfielder can be. I decided to price according to what wants Penarol.

    Iličič 5: The biggest disappointment of the season …
    Zahavi 5: Also, as Iličič big disappointment. In goal against Cagliari nothing showed up.
    Vázquez *: He played the few but performed better than Iličič and Zahavi.

    Miccoli 8: Pitch weak start (mainly because of injuries) would otherwise be the crown of shooters Serie A. He saved us from the descent. Best player of the season…throughout the Serie A: D
    Budan 6.5: Mutti revive him. Well to understand this with Miccoli and want to attack next season.
    Hernandez 5.5: More disappointment again because of injuries. But even when he was healthy so it was good.
    Pinilla 5: Another striker is still injured. In Cagliari is a great
    Mehmeti *: …

    …by googletranslator 😀 😀 😀


    • Not a bad overview.
      Disagree with you on Silvestre though. For me, he did not do the job he was brought in to do. We leaked goals just as badly as when he was not with us. We certainly did not get our money’s worth for his efforts.

  4. We need Cassani back. He is just…exactly what we need. He allows us to attack down the right hand side and we need that option. Balzaretti didnt shine this season because everyone knew we were gonna attack down that left side. Bertolo needs more of a shot. hes got the passion, always getting stuck in on tackles and ,along with Miccoli, looks the most motivated. Very dangerous from an attacking standpoint as well.

    Im waiting to see what this Insigne business is. i keep hearing him being linked with us, since Napoli love the bit of business we did with them for Cavani. He might be just the attacking option we need.

    Vazquez needs more time. He ALWAYS looks good when he plays. outshined Ilicic in 15 minutes…

    Something that pisses me off is our defense. Not the players, more like the strategy. We had a good defender in Bovo, but no other CB was on par with him. so what do we do? we buy Silvestre. Exactly what we need…but then we sell Bovo…and were back to 1 good CB and… Munoz. <— Never have i uttered a name with so much venom in my voice.

  5. One of the reasons Balza had a poor year (for him) was the sale of Nocerino. It’s true we had little right flank attack and were predictable but Nocerino and Balza were experienced and had a special relationship that provided a no-panic transition from defence to offence. This speaks to the overall point that Palermo did not need such a massive player turnover last Summer ! We didn’t need to be “re-built’.. We didn’t make it to the Coppa Italia final by accident. True, we were going to lose Pastore – but Bovo with Silverstre, Cassani and Balza on the backline would have been just fine. So much for split milk. Labrin, Milanovic, Pisano and Vasquez show promise and give us depth but I agree with Rob we need at least TWO premier signings and one has to be a striker – regardless of whether Miccoli stays or not. These players won’t come cheap.

    • Agreed and yes, losing Nocerino was big, but i thought Barreto did well on the left. once he started to really gel with the team, you saw what he could bring to Palermo. As an attacker, who could possibly want to come to Palermo? who do we need?

      Pazzini might take the offer if hes feeling up to it. He does work well in mid table teams with the right support (Miccoli, Vazquez)

      Giovinco would be an EXCELLENT buy, but he would be taking a step down at this point and wouldnt come cheap.

      Rossi would probably be really cheap now that hes injured and Villareal were relegated, but hes going to be injured for 9 months. thats a BIG gamble….it could be a huge payoff though..

  6. Sal – I like Barreto. Very versitile he can play both holding midfield and also good in attack. He’s a keeper esp if Migs is sold. Who to go after this Summer ? There are many with far more knowledge than me I’m just starting to look at the transfer market pages. Seems to me though you are always torn between youth and experience. It looks like we’ve spent some on young South Americans whereas I would like us to look at some young Italians .. esp those playing on reserve teams for BIG clubs. A couple of possibilities exist on the Manchester United reserve squad. Striker Frederico Macheda is 21 and attacking midfielder Davide Petrucci is 20. Both joined United when they were 18 and too young to sign pro contracts in Italy. I don’t see either making it to the big team anytime soon. Their current market value is about 3mil euro each. Just a thought and I’m sure there will be lots more when the crazy season get into full swing.

  7. If i had to go for a young italian player, id go for Paloschi, hands down. Macheda is…eh. not sure what to think about him really. he hasnt impressed me much. never seen Petrucci play.

    Id like to see Darmian return to Palermo. it would be good to have some back up for the right full back spot (and competition for Pisano)

    Bolzoni was one hell of a player for Siena before he got injured. (plus that name is awesome.) Nicola Rigoni also showed some potential last season before we loaned him/sold him.

    id like to see more of our youngsters playing. what ever happened to Giovio and Davi?

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