A Final Farewell: Palermo – Chievo

When the Rosanero take the field on Sunday afternoon, it will be the last home game for this disappointing 2011-12 season. As with any “final” game, it will be the last chance for the Renzo Barbera faithful to salute those who may not be in the pink and black next season. While the silly season has not officially started yet, the rumor mill is already in fine form, with speculation as to which members will move elsewhere over the summer.

The list of usual suspects surrounds the likes of Viviano, Silvestre and Balzaretti; yet, the two names most recently linked with possible departures away are the most surprising. For a week or two, Migliaccio and Miccoli – two of the clubs chief flag-bearers – have been constantly questioned about where they will play next season. Both have contracts thru 2013 but the journals are all swirling with talks of a departure. Zamparini commented on each situation, effectively saying that their destinies are in their own hands, although he’d prefer it if they stay at Palermo. As far as the players are concerned, both have made statements about their commitment and love for the pink and black. Of course, all this speculation could be just that: poppycock. Should one or both leave, their contributions for this club and city will not be forgotten. They’ve etched their names in Palermo lore.

The game in itself will be an opportunity to build for next season. Which players are worthy of remaining in Rosanero? Which ones should be given a year to play elsewhere? Which should be offloaded? All these questions will not be answered in the 90 minutes that transpire on Sunday afternoon, but promising signs can often be read even clearer when nothing is on the line.

Probable Lineup

Pisano – Milanovic – Silvestre – Mantovani
Migliaccio – Donati – Barreto
Abel – Miccoli

Bench: Tzorvas; Balzaretti, Labrin; Bertolo, Vazquez; Budan, Mehmeti

In a game like this, it’d be great to give those who haven’t had much playing time a shot – especially in front of the home fans. The likes of Mehmeti, Vazquez and most importantly Brichetto deserve this opportunity. For Palermo’s third goalkeeper, he has worked hard every day for the past several years. He’s a locker room favorite amongst his peers and colleagues. The man they call “Jack” is more than worthy of this honor. It doesn’t seem like that will be the case though, but hopefully a chance arrives either Sunday or the following week.


One thought on “A Final Farewell: Palermo – Chievo

  1. 4-4.
    Miccoli’s greatness countered equally by the shitness of our defence.
    Throw in some terrible referee decisions and we have a typical Palermo match.
    Vazquez looked really good too.

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