Pioli’s Revenge? Bologna – Palermo

There are only two things worth noting about Sunday’s game against Bologna. First, the Rosanero will be without Miccoli, Balzaretti and Silvestre. The captain missing today’s game to be with his wife whose father is gravely ill, while the other two are injured and therefore unavailable. Secondly, Palermo have not beaten Bologna in Serie A at the Stadio Dall’Ara since May of 1954. The prospects are not good for today’s match.

Official Lineup

Munoz – Mantovani – Labrin
Pisano – Migliaccio – Donati – Barreto – Aguirregaray
Ilicic – Abel

Bench: Tzorvas; Milanovic; Acquah, Della Rocca, Vazquez, Zahavi; Budan

Munoz returns to the starting lineup with Milanovic heading back to the bench. Aguirregaray takes the place of Balzaretti. Mutti has opted for an attack of Ilicic and Abel. Hopefully, the Slovenian can make up for last week’s pathetic display.


21 thoughts on “Pioli’s Revenge? Bologna – Palermo

  1. i was hoping Vazquez would play after the display Ilicic put in last week. its upsetting to see him on the bench while Ilicic just walks around the pitch.

    that said, Ilicic has been doing well so far in this first half. its promising…but who knows how long that passion will stay for…

  2. That was a thrilling half – ha. I was thinking the same thing about Vasquez – this is just the sort of game he would thrive on. This Milanovic looks amazingly cool and under control at centre back, hope he keeps it up.

  3. WTF? First away win for Palermo? It can’t be, not today.:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))I saw this match and I still don’t believe.:)

  4. What a rollercoaster ride. Great tweets lorenzo. So happy we got our first away win and without a lot of big players, we had ALOT of youngsters on the pitch. Superb stuff

  5. Re: Juve match. We have five regulars suspended – Mantovani, Abel, Donati, Barreto and Bertolo and quite possibly four others still unavailable due to injury Silvestre, Pisano, Aguirragaray and Balza … Gear up guys – whoever gets to the Barbera first gets to play ! In all seriousness .. we have no backline and no midfield – thank God we’re only playing Juve. Forza Palermo !

  6. Maybe Lorenzo can update this as the week goes on and the situation might improve but as of now the attack is Ok – Miccoli should be back and we have Budan and Illicic with Vasquez as back-up. In the midfield we have a banged up Migs with Acquah, Della Rocca and maybe Zahavi. Our backline is the worst – Munoz, Labrin and Milanovic and that’s it ! As I said it’s early in the week and let’s see how the medical staff earns its pay.

  7. I thought that Barreto is available for our next match. Migs, Baretto , Della Rocca (Acquah). Not so bad. I hope Balzaretti and Pisano will recover.

  8. back four is decimated then. MF isnt too bad i guess. Just want silvestre back even with the young lads doing well, Juve will not be easy at all.

  9. It’s probably a bit early to panic as much can change, and let’s hope it does, before Saturday. Barreto picked up an early yellow card in the match on Sunday and Tutto Palermo is reporting he has maxed out and is suspended. On the other hand there is also a report that Silvestre could return on Saturday – that would really help as long as the they have not rushed his recovery. I think he and Milanovic could make a nice pairing for the future.

  10. Surely a packed Barbera will also spur the boys on. Our home crowd can unsettle visitors quite nicely… JUVE JUVE VA FANCULO!!!!

  11. Hi All –

    Sorry for the lack of a post. I was about to sit down and have one ready to go, but after getting home from work yesterday, I found my place burglarized. I’ve been busy dealing with authorities and such trying to get everything on track.

  12. Maybe I’ve interpreted this incorrectly but here’s what they are reporting this morning:

    02.04 17:40 – Il tecnico del Palermo Bortolo Mutti, per la delicata sfida contro la Juventus, in programma sabato (ore 18:30), allo stadio “Renzo Barbera”, dovrà fare a meno di ben quattro giocatori per squalifica, come già anticipato da TuttoPalermo.net. Si tratta di: Andrea Mantovani, Abel Hernandez, Massimo Donati ed Edgar Barreto. Da valutare, invece ben tre giocatori: Matias Silvestre, Eros Pisano e Federico Balzaretti…

  13. I don’t want to argue but other football sites report that Barreto isn’t suspended. We won’t argue because of Barreto, my dear Palermo fan. 🙂 With or without him. Let’s win against Juve.

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