The Absentee Report: Palermo – Roma

In a clash between two teams who generally provide very entertaining performances, both Palermo and Roma enter into Saturday evening’s match with some heavy absences.

While Palermo will be without key men in Migliaccio and Silvestre, Roma also has a multitude of absences due to suspension and injury: Stekelenburg, Cassetti, Osvaldo, Juan, Burdisso, Pjanic and Taddei. Nonetheless, the arsenal is still well stocked with De Rossi, Totti, Borini and Lamela all getting the start.

After last week’s embarrassing showing, or lack thereof, Palermo will need a better all around performance from the defense and midfield. Seeing this, Mutti has opted for Zahavi from the start while Acquah gets a rare appearance due to Migliaccio’s absence. Munoz will once again be given a shot, this time paired in the middle with Mantovani. Balzaretti’s return to the lineup is a very welcome sight.

Official Lineup

Pisano – Munoz – Mantovani – Pisano
Acquah – Donati – Barreto
Budan – Miccoli

Bench: Tzorvas; Milanovic; Della Rocca, Ilicic, Vazquez, Bertolo; Abel Hernandez

13 thoughts on “The Absentee Report: Palermo – Roma

  1. That was incredibly frustrating. Despite pushing forward for the entire 2nd half, Roma refused to allow us to clearly get through. Ilicic provide the right spark in places but the final touch just not there.
    Munoz …. I have no more words.
    A mediocre effort by all on the pitch though. Some good moves by Pisano and Mantovani but not a winning effort that’s for sure.
    Looks as if we have a battle for these last 6 points!
    Lecce away next week without Miccoli, Pisano and Barreto… oh dear!!

  2. Yeah – frustrating to be sure… Roma let us back in during the second half and we probably should have escaped with a draw. There are about a dozen games left and we could be in a relegation battle yet. If we lose to Lecce they are within striking distance. I don’t think that will happen but I can’t help think of turning points during the season. There are many and probably a few yet to come – for me it could well be Balza’s red card 70 seconds into the match against Siena. We were coming off a big 5-1 win over Lazio. We were on a high but fell 4-1 AND lost Silvestre who I think over-extended himself while defending with 10 men. With both Silvestre and Balza out for Milan we were humiliated. When we took this pitch today v Roma you could see that the squad had Zero confidence. The next two months are going to be battle. Keep the blog going guys – we’re going to have to hang tough.

  3. These last 3 games show just how weak our depth is on the back line. Silvestre is a key there but we really need to address every position back there, at least in terms of more capable backups especially with the possibility (probability?) that Balza leaves during the next transfer window. I’d love to see us go out and spend on another solid player to pair with silvestre back there; not sure how many more years of magic miccoli has in him and i’d love to see us reach a new height for him, he deserves it.

  4. Man, they have been tuff to watch lately… I still love the team tho.. I hope we sell the team to someone that can spend the money on a quality team and not a revolving door to get talent cheap and always sell high,,, can we keep some please?? Hope.

    • The Arabs are in town. They have so far stated what we already know about their intentions for investment in Palermo. However, I was expecting further detail… waiting.

  5. I think a lot of people were surprised to see the ‘small numbers’ of the investment. 200 mil over 5 years is not going to make this team good from one day to the next. Added to that, money + bad guidance = problems.

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