Devil’s Delight: Palermo – Milan

Palermo face a very difficult test at home against Serie A powerhouse Milan. The Rosanero are fresh off a horrific display against Siena, thanks to one of the worst refereeing performances put on since Moreno circa World Cup 2002. Palermo have the comfort of playing at the Renzo Barbera, but have to do so without defensive stalwarts in Silvestre and Balzaretti.

Mutti had plenty of decisions to make but what seemed like a more serious injury crisis earlier in the week has turned out to be just above “critical”. Migliaccio and Pisano were doubts due to knocks but both have managed to recover enough to be thrust into the fray against the likes of Ibrahimovic and Robinho. Pisano will be taking up Balzaretti’s normal position at left back while Munoz will slot in the vacancy left behind by Eros. The absolute key to this match will be whether the Rosanero can minimize mistakes in the back. Munoz has seen very little time on the pitch and when he has been on, he’s often been a complete disaster.

Milan also come in with several injuries to deal with. However, the strength of their bench minimizes any talk of a “crisis” in terms of players. The most important pieces will all be there: Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Abate, etc. The ex, Antonio Nocerino, will be one to watch as he’s easily been the steal of the season in terms of transfers. The rest of Italy is finally aware of how good the midfielder truly is.

Official Lineup

Munoz – Migliaccio – Mantovani – Pisano
Barreto – Donati – Bertolo
Budan – Miccoli

Bench: Tzorvas; Milanovic, Aguirregaray; Della Rocca, Zahavi, Vazquez; Mehmeti

If Palermo want anything out of this match, they need a cohesive and coherent unit in the back. Mutti desperately needs Ilicic to pick up his game and snap out of his funk. If the Slovenian can capture a bit of good play, it’ll take a lot of pressure off of Miccoli and Budan to create. Milan is never easy and the task is even more difficult considering the key pieces missing for the club. Nonetheless, the Barbera is a magical place for the Rosanero, and let’s hope it proves to be once more.


5 thoughts on “Devil’s Delight: Palermo – Milan

  1. This is what happens when a squad with no quality depth (Palermo) goes against a team with exstenisive depth (MIlan)….. Including international games, CL, coppa italia, and serieA Milan has played twice as many matches as Palermo and still they are destroying us in pace and fitness. It is not good that when two of our defenders can’t play that we have no real good options to replace them.If Zamp realy is getting this $$$ investment he better create quality squad depth especialy in the back and defensive mids, and send most of these players back to serie B. If he is realy going to build a squad to challenge for Scudetto and CHampions League…well he better build two squads with quality and consistenty players. These last two weeks have been an embaressment compared to the month leading up to them.
    One positive from this….I would much rather see AC remain league leaders over Juventus, hope to see Silvestre and Balzeretti back next week….not to mention what ever happened to Acquah and Vasquez? I think it is time to give them more of a chance after these last two rounds. FORZA PALERMO!

  2. We need defenders. Not players who think theyre defenders. ACTUAL defenders.

    Also Zahavi needs to go. Vazquez needed to play today. Mehmeti too.

  3. The game had all the ingredients to be a beating and we got one. Its almost like the lads came onto the pitch thinking they were going to lose from the off but as we all know, our squad isnt milans and we shouldnt let it down heart us. Silvestre and balzaretti are 2 of our biggest players, and any team would miss their first choice CB and LB let alone us. We have no backups for them but we cant afford them, Id rather have silvestre and balzac and no backup than 4 average players. I will say Id rather see prestia play instead of Munoz but we know that wont happen. Onwards and upwards, we’ll just hope for something better on weekend. Ibra probably earns more than our squad so he should be scoring hat tricks every week as far as Im concerned.

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