Trying To Win Away: Siena – Palermo

No preview but an appeal for that elusive first win away from home… Just win, baby.

Official Lineup

Pisano – Silvestre – Mantovani – Balzaretti
Barreto – Donati – Bertolo
Budan – Miccoli

Bench: Tzorvas; Munoz, Aguirregaray; Della Rocca, Zahavi, Vazquez; Mehmeti

Giulio Migliaccio is a late scratch due to the flu and a high fever.


9 thoughts on “Trying To Win Away: Siena – Palermo

  1. What horrid start… no Migs / no Balza / down to 10 men / now Silestre is injured and a penalty that wasn’t ! All in the first 12 minutes. Don’t know if I can watch this.

  2. Glad that’s over. Hate waiting a whole week for a game like that. Hope Silvestre isn’t too badly injured with Milan coming up next.

  3. All my life and all the sports I watch there is nothing more amazing than how Palermo falls apart the way they do when they are away. Its just amazing!

  4. there is so much tragic officiating ruining our game (Muntari’s goal v Juve being the latest) I’m reluctant to weigh in on Balza’s red card. However having had a day to calm down and review it again I think Frederico made a bad challenge. I know it’s a judgement call as to whether he was last man – and I know Miccoli was closing fast – but Balza made a clumsy move. He should not have given the referee the option of making the call… not 70 seconds into the game. Upon reflection it would have been much better to have given up a scoring chance and kept 11 men. Siena is not a good side – we could have come back in this game. Now we’re down Balza and probably Silvestre v. Milan.

  5. Balzac getting the red hurt us but we still could have made a game of it. But, the introduction of Munoz to take the injured Silvestre’s place spelt disaster.
    When Silvestre came off, ordinarily I would hope Mutti would have directed Miggy to the backline and put on a new midfielder… but ye gods Miggy was not available! Aguirregaray had already taken Balzac’s spot and so no more defenders left but Munoz. Do we not have a quality primavera defender somewhere who is better than bumbling not-fit-for-Serie-B defender?

  6. Good points Rob – but now what do we do v. Milan. Perhaps someone from the Ultras blog can help us here. I’m reading that Silvestre has a right knee or leg problem and will NOT play this weekend. Balza is out on the red card. What’s the condition of Migs ? If he’s out then ‘Holy Cetto’ we’ll need a shuttle to the primavera camp. I know I was pushing to get Aguirregaray some playing time but against AC Milan and out of his natural right back position AND in a somewhat fragile state of mind after last week’s penalty (that wasn’t) mama mia !

  7. Just got back from amsterdam, saw the highlights on tv in a coffee shop, as much as it may aggreive me, balzac should of been sent off, it was a stupid challenge to make and he does and should of known better. Another away day blues.

    On another note….Why is nobody talking about Miccoli for the azzuri?! Does anyone who doesnt support palermo just not see him play?! Im genuinely confused by not only prandelli snubbing him but all media and writers only talking about balotelli, cassano, di natali, PAZZINI and BORRIELO?! What the hell is going on?! Im actually angry, prandelli should be on the phone trying to get Miccoli over to genoa everyday for this friendly and then to eastern europe for the championships. Its crazy. And as for LB, its simple Balzaretti > Criscito. Nothing else to be said regarding that.

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