Back In Business: Palermo – Napoli

Is there a better way to restart Serie A than a prime time slot that features a derby between the South’s two premier teams? The Derby Delle Due Sicilie will take on a different feel than in years’ past as the two teams have gone in opposite directions – especially after last season’s end. Napoli is flying high with a passionate president, a good coach and a solid squad that has built upon its core group of stars year after year. In many ways, Napoli is the team that Palermo should be had Zamparini been a competent owner who is willing to stay the course and stick with a coach despite of the first few obstacles.

Now, Palermo will take on a Napoli team that is fighting for supremacy in Serie A while advancing to the knockout rounds of the Champions League. Meanwhile, the Rosanero are reeling a bit. Under the direction of a new coach and with many faces that have only played with the team since the start of the “revolution” that took place this summer. In any case, the derby is a friendly one in the sense that both sides respect each other and have, in general, played entertaining matches. With the break giving each sides ample time to rest and recover, Sunday night’s affair should prove no different in terms of entertainment. It’ll take a herculean and concentrated effort to defeat this impressive Napoli side, but Palermo always play with confidence in front of their home fans.

Probable Official Lineup (Updated)

munoz – silvestre – cetto – balzaretti
migliaccio – della rocca – barreto
miccoli – budan

Bench: tzorvas; mantovani; acquah, alvarez, bacinovic; mehmeti, pinilla

With only one game to his name, Mutti comes in after the break with a lot of question marks, from the formation down to the players. The Palermo coach will have to do without the likes of Abel Hernandez, Zahavi, Pisano and most likely Pinilla due to injury, while Ilicic is out due to the red card he picked up against Novara.

The early signs are that Mutti will opt for a 4-3-1-2 given that he has at least three strikers at his disposal (Miccoli, Budan and Mehmeti). With Pisano still out, Aguirregaray seems like the one best fit to take his place. Munoz wasn’t fantastic in that role and when Matias came on, he was impressive. Silvestre and Balzaretti are the only safe bets, whereas Cetto may get the nod in favor of Migliaccio who would move to the midfield.

Speaking of the midfield, there was a lot of talk about Della Rocca practicing in the central midfield role. While it wasn’t confirmed, it shouldn’t be surprising (other than the fact that there are better options on the team for that position) if Della Rocca gets the start. He’ll most likely be flanked by Migliaccio and Barreto. Should Migliaccio take up the role of center back next to Silvestre, expect Acquah to take Giulio’s place in the midfield. Despite being new to the team and only having a short amount of practices, Franco Vazquez could very well start against Napoli because of the lack of options for the trequartista role. Up top, Budan and Miccoli should get the start with Mehmeti on the bench.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing Palermo has going for them at the moment is that the “Derby Delle Due Sicilie” will take place at the Renzo Barbera. That, and the absence of Pocho Lavezzi. Otherwise, it will be a very difficult match for a team that threw away a 2-0 lead in the last 10 minutes against Novara (while down a man). The additions of Vazquez and Mehmeti are a boost…if only psychologically. Not much can be expected from the two new Palermo signings given that this is an entirely new environment for each of them. If anything, the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of those in Rosanero who have been here all season long. The team must regain the fighting spirit that may have gone and left them over the past few games. No matter the coach, no matter the players, forza Palermo!


28 thoughts on “Back In Business: Palermo – Napoli

  1. Munoz starting??!! Did nobody see the game he put in last time?

    And have we not decided who the starting CB with Silvestre? I feel like every game Cetto and Mantovani are alternating.

    Glad to see four strikers in the squad at the same time though. Its a welcome sight

    • usually has any soccer game you want to watch on it. is showing the palermo game today, if you want a higher quality video feed, and have access to it.

  2. Good first half for Palermo. Unfortunate they don’t have a goal to show for it. They need to step up the tempo even more in the second half without getting caught out on the break.

    Vazquez looks really good…and confident.

  3. what a sack of shit. What formation are we playing now and what players are playing where?! Yes, Mutti is better than Mangia. Fucking idiot zampa.

  4. Brutal. Sure glad I wasn’t at this game. Don’t understand the double substitution. Our team is in big trouble – that’s two home losses in row. In recent times I can’t recall fans at the Barbera jeering our own team to this extent. Happy New Year Zamp !

  5. Dark days for Palermo. The sooner Zamparini steps down the better. He is responsible for the team and coach out on the pitch today.

  6. Vazquez playing good? TAKE HIM OFF! >:O

    With Vazquez playing, you saw our strikers get into the play more. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED, WHY WOULD YOU SUB HIM OFF MUTTI?! Della Rocca was the only player that shouldve come off at halftime.

    the only good taken from this match is that Vazquez is exactly what we needed.

    Mangia in by tomorrow?

  7. Mamma mia! Catastrofy! Palermo in ruins! This must stop or this is the way to seria b!
    But Vazquez realy looks good. What do you say, Vazquez and Iličić as half strickers and Hernandez as stricker?

    • nonono. As has seen a million times, you play to your strength, Miccoli is our best player so whatever formation we play we include and build around him. But what formation we were playing in the second half today I dont know, shocking performance, absolutely shocking. Budan, Cetto, Munoz, Della Rocca….poor players who have replaced quality internationals like cavani, cassani, nocerino. Our squad is worse, the most annoying part is seeing Napoli take the step up and we took 2 back.

  8. Fozz, good to see you on UltraPalermo!

    I taped the game to check it out later last night, but my DVR fucked up. I’m glad it did, because having to watch this shit would’ve killed my sleeping pattern.

    Mutti goes 1/6. Nobody can say it was unexpected. Next week Chievo. Loss = drama.

  9. Here’s whats wrong IMO: Cetto, Cetto got to go by the end of the season, he is absolute terrible and we need Either Bovo or Cassani back from the loan. Bovo could become the centreback with Silvestre, ( 2 easy choices) and Munoz a right back, I think Munoz deserve more playtime, and if Bovo dont come back, we should use him in the centreback role with Silvestre and NOT Cetto. 2nd of, Budan out- Mehmeti in. I get sad everytime I see him play, he is a poor player, he has no balance, trips over too much, bad ballcontroll and never runs after the ball. Mehmeti should start, he said he like to run, and I believe him, and when I think of him I think of Erik Huseklepp that came to Bari last season. Not a top striker, but a striker with a decent pace, and an high workrate.
    3rd. Mutti, GTFO, I want Mangia back, give the man a try Zamparini! He did great!

  10. NOooooo Dont bring back Bovo the clown, have you forgot how bad he was? I defended him personally time after time last year but he is not the way forward he is another step back. Play miggs there or even try Mantovani, Cetto isnt good enough granted. And as for Munoz at RB, are you blind?! He has nothing a good full back should have, hes awful. Silvestre is class, Id rather see Prestia given a chance next to him to be honest. We need to use Bertolo more, hes got skills

    • Fozz

      So, what do you recomend? Who should be in the first team (including those who are injured at the momemnt and newcomers)?
      And what sytem Paleremo shoud go after?

    • id rather see Bovo back instead of Cetto or Munoz. Bovo is at least half decent. who i really want to see back is that lovable coke head of ours. he looked good against Inter in the final.

      i love the thought of using younger players, but unless their from Argentina, that apparently wont happen. honestly, if we keep Migliaccio in defense then i think we should try to get Donadel.

  11. Tzorvas
    Pisano, Silvestre, Miggs, Balzac
    Ilicic, Baretto, Acquha, Bertolo

    It may be a bit risky and forward, but I think the best we can do is just “out score” our opponents whilst hoping Miggs and Silvestre can hold off what they can. Acqua can run forever, barreto is alright at passing and then hope the forwards and wingers grab a few. At least the players are in their positions here! Ilicic said himself if hes not behind the striker he likes it on the right.

  12. If I recall correctly, both Cassani and Bovo are on loan with a forced buy-option. So none of them will return at the end of the season. If I recall correctly.

    • yes they are, cassani 6million euros and bovo 4million if im correct, thats zamparinis magical “10million loss a year” covered for next year

  13. What is going on right now? Has Zamp lost his mind in the tranfer window? Bringing in Viviano for a pointless loan? Selling Bacinovic? These are both terrible moves. Viviano might give us a little that Tzorvas or Benussi doesn’t, but he also gives the team no stability.

  14. We looked so much better in the 1st then the 2nd……Mutti you ruined this one quick with your subs…..i wouldn’t get to settled there in the Renzo, thank god its not likely you will be stayin. Zamps please buy another QUALITY center back, otherwise all the $$ spent on attack will be wasted. Boy PSG sure is playing well these days………

  15. I’m gonna try a glass half full view now.
    We did well in the first half against Napoli. Plus, we had some key absentees. If we had Ilicic and Hernandez in there we would like have actually been in front by half time. Add Bertolo and Aguirregaray to the mix and we would have been home. Things look bad at the moment but this can be fixed. We can get some respectability back with the players we have.
    The only sour note is the coach. Mutti is not the right man for this team. Bring back Mangia subito.

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