Starting Up Again: Palermo – Siena

There isn’t much time to dwell on Saturday’s poor effort against a determined Cesena side as the Rosanero are back in action, this time in the Coppa Italia. Everyone will remember the dream run that ended in heartbreak a season ago for Palermo. A third Coppa Italia final appearance only resulted in a third loss for the Sicilian side. Now, the Rosanero are set to pick up where they left off last season with the first step in the long road ahead coming against Siena.

After a review of the call-ups for both sides, it has become apparent that the Coppa Italia is always a tournament where a team hopes to hoof it into the quarterfinal. Upon reaching that stage, then a team will manage to make the Coppa a determined objective rather than one that was only honored with lip service. Tonight’s match proves to be no different as both squads have a patchwork of bench and youth players. Very few of the first team regulars will feature for Palermo or Siena, so it comes down to the backups who want to make the most of their opportunities.

Regardless, there is a belief that Palermo truly do want to win and somehow make their way back for a chance at silverware, no matter how difficult that may be. Now is the time for those who haven’t had their chance to shine.

Probable Lineup

aguirregaray – cetto – migliaccio – mantovani
alvarez – acquah – della rocca – lores

Bench: brichetto; prestia, balzaretti, barberis; simon, bertolo; bollino

It really is anybody’s guess as to how Mangia lines it up tonight. He has said that he’ll use the best players possible, but with a derby on the weekend looming, several key players were left out. So, space to Tzorvas, Aguirregaray, Cetto and Mantovani in defense with only Migliaccio being a regular. Giulio figures to start considering he was out for the Cesena game, so he’ll be refreshed. In the midfield, a formation of four should be the key with Acquah maintaining a starting spot (he’s suspended for the derby) and Alvarez, Della Rocca and Lores all getting an opportunity to play. Iličić seems likely to start and his creativity will be much needed while supporting an unfamiliar-but-all-too-familiar Igor Budan. The bench has three Primavera players ready and waiting while Balzaretti and Bertolo are the only first team regulars available.

Final Thoughts

While looking at the list of Palermo players available, the situation seems dire. Yet, Siena’s coach Sannino has made it no secret that he does not care for the Coppa and is focusing entirely on avoiding relegation. As such, Siena will be without Franco Brienza, Gaetano D’Agostino, Emanuele Calaiò, Mattia Destro and Daniele Mannini. Even their coach will not be on the bench as he serves a suspension from his expulsion in the last Coppa match Siena played. Palermo can put themselves back on track after their first loss at the Barbera this season while giving them a psychological boost ahead of the weekend derby against Catania. The boys must come to play.


8 thoughts on “Starting Up Again: Palermo – Siena

  1. Well, we certainly looked more attacking in the last 15 minutes or so, but at the cost of completely losing the ability to defend.

    We need a second striker. Give Bollino a shot up top. Take off either acquah or della rocca, and play either a flat four or diamond behind the two for a 4-4-2.

  2. well, its all over.

    Must say, I don’t agree with the PK order at all.

    First up, a 16 year old kid who had two attempts in the game (as best as I remember), neither on target.
    Second, Ilicic, who, despite being a top scorer, had odds against him, already having made two, actually was surprised that he missed, only because I expected it to be saved instead. All in all, the best of the three choices.
    Third, Cetto, who couldn’t even prove he could play defense, and also badly missed a chance during the game.

    Where was Alvarez, Bertolo, Miggliaccio, Lores, these are first team players and regular subs, not people who hadn’t even touched the pitch before today.

    and did anyone notice that Acquah appeared to finish the game playing as a fullback, and doing a pretty decent job. Not always in position, but even during ET, he was able to fly back and recover decently

  3. this new copy and paste password thing does my head in, when i try doing it from my tablet, which is what i always use now i cant actually send my comments for some reason. Can someone please give me the direct link to booking tickets for the game against genoa in Jan please? and where should we sit? Id like to book them asap

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