Mangiato: Zamparini Sacks Mangia

On September 12, Palermo patron Maurizio Zamparini declared Devis Mangia to be “like Wenger” and emphasized that the young coach would be like the legendary Arsenal manager, staying with the Rosanero for the long haul. Even four days ago, as back to back losses had seen the club lose at home for the first time all season, followed by an unexpected exit from the Coppa Italia, Zamparini assured those questioning him that Mangia’s position was stable. A day after Palermo’s lackluster and spineless 2-0 loss to Catania at the Massimino and Zamparini has had a change of heart. Devis Mangia becomes the latest to fall on the sword for the team’s woes.

Zamparini has not yet spoken about his decision to remove Mangia from the mix but it’s clear that he’ll place the blame on everyone’s shoulders but his own. Palermo will now have its fifth coach in the last five months (Delio Rossi, Cosmi, Pioli, Mangia) and all signs are pointing to an old, ex-coach with no positive qualities of which to boast in Bortolo Mutti. The Rosanero say goodbye to a young coach bursting with potential who had to make due with the cards he had been dealt. Mangia had everything that Zamparini claimed he wanted from a coach. He was open with the president, talked with him frequently and informed him of decisions he was going to make. Furthermore, Mangia was respected amongst the squad. He brought an enthusiasm that was void during the Pioli experiment and ultimately it was the grinta of Devis that slowly brought Palermo supporters back to the Barbera.

Did Mangia have faults? Yes, he certainly did. But what 37 year old coach taking over his first major club wouldn’t? He compiled an impressive six wins out of seven at the Renzo Barbera. On the road, his team suffered greatly, managing only two draws and six defeats from eight games. Yet, of those defeats five came against the likes of Milan, Juventus, Roma, Udinese and a Catania side that has been dominant at home against the Rosanero in recent history. Furthermore, many times Mangia was forced to use a makeshift attacking force due to injuries up top.

Zamparini did his best to dismantle a great team over the summer. The club lost the most talented player they have ever had in Javier Pastore – but that could be expected. What wasn’t expected and shouldn’t have happened were the losses of Salvatore Sirigu and Antonio Nocerino for prices so low even Lumezzane could have made a bid. The breaking point arrived before those sales obviously, as the falling out with Delio Rossi made no sense whatsoever unless it’s taken into account that Zamparini could have been jealous of the affection the beloved Delio was receiving. And so, Maurizio pressed forward, assembling a new team and a new project with a new coach and a new sporting director. In came Pioli and the new Sabatini in Sean Sogliano. Yet, Pioli didn’t even make it to the start of the season before he received the axe and Sogliano managed to hold on just long enough to see Mangia instated as the Palermo boss before he shortly thereafter resigned due to the difficulty of working with a man like Zamparini.

Now, the Rosanero will have to move forward again. Any talk of a project is utter nonsense as it has been apparent for some time that the only project Zamparini believes in is the one that constantly changes courses in his head. The club had a chance to taste real success. The story of Napoli is the one that Palermo should have been had it had a rational man at the top who had enough reason and will-power to stay the course in spite of a defeat or two. Yet, Palermo is Palermo and this is just the umpteenth reason why the colors of pink and black mirror the happenings of this club. It is truly the sweet and the bitter.

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  2. Zampa had an elite squad last season. all we needed was a new defender. Cassani, Silvestre, Bovo, Balzaretti with Migliaccio in front of those 4? the defense wouldve been a brick wall this season and our attack would be enhanced. hell, even Carrozzieri looked good in the 1 game he was back for. We couldve kept him too. Dont even get me started about Sirigu. it was a carbon copy of the Amelia situation.

    Zamparini has done great things for this team, but hes hindered the performance many times and his uncalled for sackings only make the team feel unsettled and uncertain.

  3. So, is Mangia going back to the youth team or is he being sacked completely? And what effect will this have on the talks of Sogliano returning as DS?

    • Mangia is sacked completely. And Sogliano smartly declined coming back.

      Mutti cannot possibly last that long. Perhaps he’ll beat Cosmi out for four games, but certainly not much more than that.

  4. The team peaked under Zamparini’s tenure in 2009-10. Zampa has dug his hole too deep this time and it appears it will be almost impossible to get Palermo out of it. I can only hope a new owner steps in before we fall back into Serie B. The fight for survival begins! FORZA PALERMO!!

  5. F— YOU ZAMPS! Stop ruining every bit of inspiration left in this squad, whats left of it. Luckly the passion for the Pink and Black will live on much longer than you!
    FORZA PALERMO! Thank You Mangia go make a great career at another club.

  6. It will be interesting to see if any team acts quickly to get Mangia, or if he will be in limbo for a while. Don’t know anything about Mutti, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Zamp isn’t talking about wanting Mangia back the way he talked about Rossi.

    As I said in another post, I don’t think Mangia deserved to be fired, but at the same time, his crash out of the Coppa was embarrassing (I think he should have had more starters on the bench to put on in case we were down late), and it seemed like his away tactics were way to cautious/defensive. They looked so different against, say, Catania away, then in the high pressure games they were playing at home.

  7. Saw this comment by a Palermo fan (Javier G. M) on mediagol… agree with it entirely (I’ve translated it as best I can):
    “We want clarity and don’t want lies. We don’t want to hear “in three years time we will contend for the scudetto” and then not even challenge for Europa. We don’t want to hear “we won’t sell Pastore not even for 60m”, or hear “Cavani won’t move for less than 35m” and then see him sold for 16m over four instalments. We don’t want to hear “we have got the new Kakà” and then see them sadly return to South America after three months. we don’t want to hear that “we have made a big scoop, we have bought a major player” and then find that the president was talking about a 16 year old for the Primavera who will never see a minute of the first team.
    The fans do not want to hear that the current crisis “is the fault of the fans who are not close to the team” or that investments are not worthwhile “because the stadium is not filled like at Napoli”, or those fans that criticise are labelled as “not true fans of Palermo or are a minority”. We don’t want to hear every two weeks that it is the fault of the players, and then of the coach, and then the referees, or the journalists who “remain against” Palermo. We no longer want to hear that “we have started a new cycle” and then intervene an change five coaches in ten months. We don’t want to hear “we will challenge to win Europa” only to be eliminated in the preliminary games. We don’t want to hear that “all is well and there are no problems” when all is actually very unwell.”


  8. Watching Palermo from far away (Slovenia) gives me a feeling, that this man (Zamparini) is a one of a crazyes Cezares ever. He is on a good way to burn Palermo down to the ground. Hail maddnes!

  9. Bleugh, I have expected after the cesena loss for mangia to go, and after the coppa we all knew the derby held his fate. We have probably reached our lowest low now though. The team has lacked a real desire recently though, when was the last time pinilla actually looked like he may do some damage? The midfield is soso, bacinovic seems completely uninterested, alvarez is all pace no technique and only managed a couple of apps, zahavi keeps being injured, acquha cant pass/shoot/cross/dribble, della rocca is pretty bad, I have been impressed with Bertolo and obviously Miggs but we have really really missed Nocerino, and obviously Pastores creativity. Ilicic at least has given us a few smiles.

    Lets hope we can at least have a solid second half of the season and Vazquez injects a new breath into the team. I think a top half finish would be the best we could hope for. We NEED to get the best out of Miccoli, Mutti needs to make him the focal point of the team, I know his recent form hasnt been the best but he is our best player and we need to play to our strengths.

    Can someone please give me a direct link to where i can get tickets from for the genoa game? and where should I sit? I want to book them like today!!

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