Bortolo Mutti: What To Expect

Bortolo MuttiHere we go again. Third coach of the season. We’re getting used to it by now, I guess. A young, talented, eager coach that had the support of the team and the tifosi and could’ve been the catalyst in this ‘Progetto Palermo’ thing Zamparini has been babbling about for years now. But no, another sacrifice. Another one for the Nut-job’s Axe List. Another step back.

Mangia’s replacement will be Bortolo Mutti. And what a replacement he is! Mutti was the first one in Palermo to find out what Zamparini likes to do to his coaches. After finishing 10th in Serie B during the 01-02 season (still under Franco Sensi’s presidency), Mutti was let go as soon as Zamparini took over in the summer of 2002. Back then, Mutti was a Serie B coach who never stuck around for a long time. His only experiences in Serie A were with Piacenza (salvation) and Napoli (sacked early in the season), and nothing really has changed over the last 10 seasons.

After getting the boot at Palermo, poor Bortolo moved to the other side of the Stretto where he took over relegation strugglers Reggina. Not a succes, and three months into the season it was over and out for the coach and his assistants. The year after, he led Messina to Serie A, only to do even better the next year by leading the Sicilian minnows to a 7th spot. The next season the dream was over, and another sacking occurred. Next, he went back to Serie B to save Modena from relegation, only to be axed again the season after. A stop at Salernitana was no succes, lasting only five games. Two more stops in Serie A at Atalanta and Bari saw him unable to save both teams from relegation.

This, my friends, is the man Zamparini has faith in. This is the man that has to save Palermo from Serie B. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in it. By March, we’ll have our fourth coach of the season. And yes, I’m putting money on that.

3 thoughts on “Bortolo Mutti: What To Expect

  1. I’m starting to wonder if we were better off just sticking with Pioli. Any coach after Rossi was a step back. Changing the coach will not fix anything. I’m just waiting for the day that all coaches simply refuse to work for Zamparini. Good luck Mutti, you’ll need it.

  2. Just one correction Steven, Mutti wasn’t sacked by Zamparini, but he decided to go to Reggina when Sensi was still our president. When Zamparini arrived in Palermo, there were about 10 players (La Grotteria, Di Donato, Sicignano and some Primavera youngster), and the coach was Roberto Pruzzo, so Zamparini decided to rebuild the team with new players and a new coach

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