Presenting: Li’l Zampa

New on Ultra Palermo is a series that will hopefully be a recurring one. Thanks to fantastic talents of Penina, Ultra Palermo is proud to present a comic strip devoted to the crazy antics of none other than the man, the myth, the mental case, Maurizio Zamparini. The strip is entitled Li’l Zampa and we hope that you enjoy it. All the credit goes to Penina who can be found on Twitter by her professional account (@peninacomix) where her works are on full display and at her website Please, give her a shout in the comments or on Twitter and let us know what you think!

Presenting: Li’l Zampa in “A Partial List of Relationships”

And for those inquiring minds, I’ve presented the full list of coaches under Zamparini during his time with Palermo (enough to make a whole comic book, much less a strip):

2002-03: Roberto Pruzzo, Ezio Glerean, Daniele Arrigoni, Nedo Sonetti

2003-04: Silvio Baldini, Francesco Guidolin

2004-05: Francesco Guidolin

2005-06: Luigi Delneri, Giuseppe Papadopulo

2006-07: Francesco Guidolin, Renzo Gobbo e Rosario Pergolizzi, Francesco Guidolin

2007-08: Stefano Colantuono, Francesco Guidolin, Stefano Colantuono

2008-09: Stefano Colantuono, Davide Ballardini

2009-10: Walter Zenga, Delio Rossi

2010-11: Delio Rossi, Serse Cosmi, Delio Rossi

2011-12: Stefano Pioli, Devis Mangia

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