The Haunting: Udinese – Palermo

Fitting that on the eve of Halloween, Palermo will play the opponent that haunted them last season.

Nobody can forget the horror show that took place at the Renzo Barbera when Guidolin’s men dismantled and destroyed Rossi’s boys to the tune of a 7-0 thrashing. This season, the side led by Guidolin is still soaring high – last week’s defeat aside. While this match doesn’t take place in Palermo, it does take place at the Stadio Friuli, where Palermo has not won since the 2006/07 season when Guidolin was guiding the Rosanero!

It will be an entirely different scenario at the Friuli this time around. Even if Zamparini’s honorary (or dishonorable) handkerchiefs are still in players’ pockets, only 5 of the 11 starters that day are still with the team. Nevertheless, Udinese is a team to be concerned about as their lightning-quick style of attack is one of the prettier things to witness.

Palermo’s road woes have already been documented and Mangia’s men are still looking for their first away goal, much less than an actual win outside the Barbera. Still, if Serie A has taught us anything, it’s that calcio is a strange game and on any day, upsets can occur. If Palermo can find a way to exploit the Zebrette on the counterattack, who knows what could happen. Besides, the defense that will be fielded tomorrow will in no way possible be worse than the one that was on the pitch for last season’s drubbing.

Probable Lineup

pisano – silvestre – cetto – balzaretti
migliaccio – bačinovič – barreto
abel – miccoli

Bench: benussi; aguirregaray, mantovani; acquah, alvarez, della rocca, zahavi

The back four seems to be decided and the midfield should consist of the Slovenian armed on either side by Migliaccio and Barreto. It’ll be interesting to see whether this partnership can stick and become known as the “Bash Brothers”. The 4-3-1-2 has worked well in the past two games and the rejuvenated look of Iličić provides a sense of relief to the one that has showed up previously. Up top, unless Mangia opts for Zahavi last minute, it should be an Abel-Miccoli tandem as Pinilla did not make the trip due to lower back pain.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine the Rosanero coming away with a win in a place where they haven’t found one in nearly 4 years. Yet, anything is possible. The key to Sunday’s match will be who dictates the tempo of the game. If Palermo can manage to play compactly while relying on swift counters, success is obtainable. Regardless, being able to watch the Rosanero three times in just 7 days is fantastic. Forza Palermo!


14 thoughts on “The Haunting: Udinese – Palermo

  1. This is the first game where I think Bacinovic will have the right to gripe if he doesn’t start (or at least get serious playing time). He looked in good form and composed during his 30 minutes midweek, della rocca has not impressed me at all this season, and certainly not his last time out (he was deservedly benched last outing). And as much as I love Acquah, I fear the red card every time he is on the pitch. Until his tackles get a little less reckless, he is a second half sub to shore up the defense for me…

  2. Morning all, great new site you got going on here, absolutely fanastic in fact. Are you going to add more players to the club icons part as you progress? if anyone has a stream for this afternoons match id appreciate it, the lecce game was on ESPN HD on thurs night which was a treat but i know todays wont be.

  3. Crazy changes to the lineup (due to necessity). A 4-3-2-1 with Aguirregaray and Zahavi as the 2 trequartiste and Miccoli the only striker available. Abel Hernandez got injured during warm ups…

  4. Pisano keeps Di Natale onside for the first goal, lets him by far to easily and nearly giving up goal number two. Awful couple of minutes for him, not to mention he’s on a yellow already

  5. Poor marking on Di Natale. Can’t leave a guy that dangerous that open. Does our side know there’s two side to the pitch ? Everything we do moves to the left – very predictable and easier to defend.

    • For the number of good chances he has had this game, I can’t remember one that ended in a shot that actually challenged the keeper. They have all been slow and right at him.

  6. Not sure we deserved anything from the game but they played hard in the second half. Thought Mangia did what he could and they finally started to use the whole field… Ilicic was a nice part of that. Saw some promising things from Aguirregaray but his passing was poor – he needs more games to get the pace of Serie A. Still, if Udinese had their shooting boots on it could have been 4-nil.

  7. I finally got around to watching the match.
    It was a very stale and uninspiring performance by the rosanero. Our attack was toothless. The Balzac crosses that did make it through had nobody to finish. The link between midfield and attack was a mess. Zahavi provided a mild chili hit now and then. We were fortunate not to get thumped by 4 goals.
    I see potential in Aguirregaray, but he has a long way to go. How did he get a start over Iličić? Curious decision by Mangia.
    We really look like a mid-table side. Let’s just get our 40 points as soon as possible. This is a year of transition. I’m gonna have to remain patient.

  8. yeah its a transition year, remember thats what miccoli and zamparini said at the start of the year, maybe we all got carried away after our impressive performance against inter at the start of the year. If we finish 10th Ill be happy, the hardest thing will be keeping hold of young good players if we dont progress as is always the way but lets not get downhearted, it wasnt 7 goals and we were lacking up front, and will be against bologna. Maybe we need to call Godeas again…

  9. News just in.
    Sean Sogliano has just quit his post as Palermo DS due to problems with Zamparini.
    This is a bullshit way to run a club.

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