Devis Mangia: Pre-Roma Presser

Ahead of Sunday’s important match against an angry Roma side, Devis Mangia sat down for his customary pre-match press conference. With lots of discussion revolving around the squad after last week’s loss, Ultra Palermo has the full transcript in English for the fans.

On the Milan match

“Each match is etched out first in the head and then the legs. I have respect for the work of my staff, therefore you all don’t hear me lament for the physical condition of the team. I don’t like to talk about the past. We must think to the future, which is called Roma, reasoning on the things in which we need to get better. The squad has a maturity level that allows them to know when they’re working well and when they’re working poorly. We don’t need to hem in everything from the match in Milan, otherwise we won’t respect the work we’ve performed till now. We have done well up until now. The match against Milan isn’t the the summary of our work up to today.”

On the formation

“The only thing that I’ll say is that I always think for the good of the squad. I have very clear ideas on what I will do tomorrow and this will be addressed only for the good of the team. We are convinced of whatever we will do tomorrow against Roma.”

On Zamparini

“Does Zamparini influence my decisions? No, because I have too much respect for the president and for my work. The coach must perform his role in the best manner possible, listening to suggestions and always making their own decisions. This doesn’t mean being presumptuous. A coach analyzes and evaluates what he sees on the pitch. It’s right that the president expresses his opinions. I only look to do well for for Palermo because this isn’t the ‘Devis Mangia Football Club’. All of the technical and tactical choices are functioning for the rosanero colors. It’s true that I talk with Sogliano and with the team, but at the end of the day it’s me who decides what I feel is right. Let me repeat: for me, only the team counts and I don’t think in terms of individuals.”

On the psychological effects of away matches

“At the San Siro we surely weren’t on vacation. For 40 minutes, the team had kept a defensive attachment that was practically perfect, without, however, being able to dictate the counterattack. We know we did poorly in respect to previous matches, but I have the general situation of the squad very clearly in my head. We’re thinking with the objective of getting better day after day.”

On tactics after the discussion with Zamparini

“Let me repeat again, I work for the team. I speak with the lads and they know well what I ask of them up until my last day at Palermo. If I should change something, it wouldn’t be because of outside pressures. I will change only considering the team’s characteristics. I’ve always said that I’ll play with 4 defenders and 2 attackers. The 4 midfielders will be set up based on the individual matches we affront, and I’ve always said this to the lads. I’ve tried out a few modifications, but only because it’d be difficult to switch it up during the course of a match if there has been no experimentation during the course of training. All assessments are in play for the match against Roma, which is our objective.”

On Roma and Totti

“Roma is a team that has a project and for my idea of calcio I appreciate them for this. The fact that Totti is a player that is integral is surely the turth, but the Giallorossi have an important lineup that allows them to obtain results even without their captain.”

On the lack of away goals

“Some data demonstrates that we’re doing some things better at home than away. To find a solution is complicated. It’s a combination of factors that the team knows and must get better on. The only way to do it is to work on the pitch. We must grow under a lot of viewpoints. Each event is a stage.”

On Iličič & Zahavi

“They are two players in a position to reclaim the trequartista role or as a second striker, it all depends on the type of match that will be affronted. They’re certainly offensive players, even if they have different characteristics. Can they play together behind a target man? Yes, they could do it.”

On Bačinovič

“He’s called up. The choices I make aren’t based on the last name of the players. Armin is a player with enormous potential, but he must demonstrate it on the field. I even told him that this morning because I don’t hide anything from the lads.”

On Migliaccio

“He is a great player able to give a tremendous contribution to the squad whether it’s in the back or in the middle of the pitch. We will see where he will play tomorrow.”

On the call-ups

“The list is varied. Based on the system, a few players could more or less be closed out. Someone could be more adaptable than another according to the formation.”

On Miccoli

“He’s also called up. It’s right to keep in mind that we have 3 matches in a week. Fabrizio is extremely available. Is he doing better than Saturday? Against Milan, I made the choice that I maintained as the most correct. Fabrizio has a different ‘sounding board’ in respect to the other players and he knows it. To tie a result to a player, though, isn’t a part of my belief system.”

On the match against Roma

“How the players are positioned isn’t important, because the ball…moves. The important thing is the mental aspect which must come before any formation. Last week I wasn’t able to put the team on the right path. At the beginning of the week, I found a team that certainly was a bit shaken after the loss against Milan. During the rest of the week, though, the team was calm. At the end of training there surely hasn’t been a link to the defeat against the Rossoneri.”

On Roma’s mentality

“Do I expect them to be angry after the derby? Of course. But we also will have the desire for revenge. The Giallorossi are a great team, but it’s right to go to the Olimpico to play our match.”

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  1. Mangia has got a good head on his shoulders. He appears very sure of what he wants. Sometimes it may not work but at least he has direction. So long as he has Sogliano backing him up he’ll be able to survive Zamparini.
    Thanks for the transcript Lorenzo!

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