Dancing With The Devil: Milan – Palermo

After a lengthy international break, Serie A is finally ready to resume. Palermo restarts with a very difficult affair right off the bat against last year’s scudetto winners Milan.

Last season, Palermo only lost once to the Rossoneri in a match that was littered with refereeing errors. Fortunately, the Sicilians got their revenge in the following three matches, beating Milan at the Barbera twice while drawing once at the San Siro (Coppa Italia Semifinal). However, the differences between this year and last year are pretty vast for both clubs. Milan is in a media-created “crisis” while Palermo is a brand new squad with a very emphatic head coach that has overachieved so far.

A trip to the San Siro is never easy, no matter the opponent, but Palermo can take comfort in the fact that the pressure is on Milan to get a win to kickstart an albeit short climb up the Serie A table. Mangia has been masterful so far, but it will take even more brilliance on his part to get a result up north.

Probable Lineup

pisano – silvestre – migliaccio – mantovani
bertolo – barreto – della rocca – iličič
hernandez – miccoli

Bench: benussi; aguirregaray, cetto; acquah, zahavi, alvarez; pinilla

Balzaretti is absent due to the red card he received against Siena, therefore Mantovani gets a shot at left back. The idea is to use the 4-4-2 if Miccoli is healthy. The Palermo captain is a game time decision but if he cannot go, Mangia will opt for a 4-4-1-1 with Iličič playing behind Hernandez and most likely Alvarez taking up a spot in the midfield. Should that happen, Bertolo could head to the bench in favor of Zahavi.

Final Thoughts

Earning points on the road would send Palermo’s confidence skyrocketing. Historically, the club has always lived up to the challenge that the biggest teams in Serie A represent. With new faces, it’s time for new players to step up and address that challenge. The Rosanero have already claimed the scalp of one big team in Inter, even if it was at home against a team that proved to be in disarray. Yet, it could be said that Palermo were the team that started the domino effect of terrible results for Inter and now they have an opportunity to send their cousins Milan into a horrible spiral downwards. If Palermo shows the same kind of compactness and cohesion that they did against Siena, then points are a probable result.





13 thoughts on “Dancing With The Devil: Milan – Palermo

  1. According to palermocalcionews, Miccoli will play from the first minute. So we should expect 4-4-2 with Hernandez. :):) One more time I count on Miccoli’s magic:) FORZA MICCOLI; FORZA PALERMO!!:)

  2. With some luck, Palermo could go to the top of the standings after this game. Even at this early stage, that would be awesome.

  3. midfield looks terrible in this first half. Just no connection, no moving forward. Passes are going horribly astray.

    I’d be fine if they could just boot it up field, but they can’t even get that done so far.

  4. Terrible half – we could lose by 5 if we play the next 45 like that ! I know Balza is out but it’s like we have no clue how to advance the ball – esp along the left flank. Mangia is going to have to make a personel change. Nocerino must be loving this.

  5. Still laughing at the \androberto picture – guess we all need something to smile about after yesterday’s debacle. I think almost every player would be worthy of the award this week that’s why I nominate Mangia himself for the first award. This team was not prepared to play that game and Mangia got it wrong. We need a lot of work on our ground game esp. moving the ball from our third of the pitch into the opponants end.

  6. Hey guys been following u for a while love Serie A have always been looking for a team to support and between Zamoaribi being insane and the love that some players have for the shirt I had decided on Palermo… Goo luck with the site…

    On to the game… Zappa is right playing a team as skilled as Milan with only 2 in the center is suicidal… There were no passing lanes afforded to anyone and any that we’re there were closed down by their central midfielders. I don’t agree about the man marking 3 offensive players as they have the skill to draw people out and make space for the others… A compact defense with an extra CM might have done the trick… Anyway onwards and upwards need a win to keep the good feeling the bright start to the season brought on or Mangia will have to get his coaching cress somewhere else when Zampa goes running after Rossi… Again

  7. Wow just reread what I wrote… Sorry for the typos… Anyway looking forward to the review of the game… Btw replay on Goltv on Tuesday 5PM eastern

  8. Just thinking… after the Milan debacle, perhaps it’s time Mangia considered bringing Miggy back into midfield and work on getting a true defender up to scratch for the role in central defence.

  9. Terrible Palermo. Did you realize that they never even tried to shot on the goal? And this is not the result of good Milan! I think this is a result of defensive strategy by Mangia. To me, and I am a fan of Palermo, this years Palermo is boring and hard to watch (even when they are wining!). And one more thing- every player yesterday, was playing bad (not just Ilicic as unfortunaly I read ussualy), but coach is the first to answer hard questions.

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