Androberto Guaracciolo Visits An Unusual Suspect

The difficulty of an “award” like the Androberto Guaracciolo lies in the fact that when the entire team puts in a non-performance, it’s very difficult to pick one winner.

Sure, we could give it to the entire team, but Alexandros Tzorvas wouldn’t deserve that, seeing as he was the only one who put in something that came close to “heart” and “spirit”. We could give it to the defense, for giving the Milan strikers an opportunity to do whatever they wanted for 90 minutes, but they definitely weren’t the only ones to blame.

What about the attack? Almost not getting any shots in at all? Hmm, no. I can’t even give it to Zampa for his post-match comments (“This game reminded me of the Udinese thrashing”) because He Who Would Better Shut The Fuck Up was actually right…this time.

You can see this was a difficult decision. In the end, it was pretty much a tie between Josip Iličič and Devis Mangia. Iličič was practically invisible for 90 minutes, not contributing anything to the team. Combined with his attitude problems, there’s no reason to start him in the next game. We need Zahavi back. But the first Ultra Palermo Androberto Guaracciolo Award goes to Devis Mangia. Some might find it harsh, but while Iličič is only to blame for his own terrible performance, Mangia takes responsibility for bad calls that damaged the entire team. Starting a slightly injured Miccoli and replacing him by Alvarez (really, an attacking midfielder), not subbing Iličič, still hanging on to Della Rocca instead of giving Bačinovič a chance and playing for a dull draw for the entire match.

Mangia has already done great things for the team, but the Milan game showed his inexperience. Therefore, he gets the award. Luckily, nothing went too bad, seeing as Inter and Roma lost and most other teams only got a draw.


14 thoughts on “Androberto Guaracciolo Visits An Unusual Suspect

  1. I agree that the worst man was not on the field but on the bench. Mangia ofcourse. I also agree that Iličić was invisibale more or less all the match. But were not others invisible also? O I”m sorry some of them were very visable- when they were doing terrible mistakes! So the one who was invisible desreves worst mark than those who were visable, but only acorrding to their mistakes?
    I think that Iličić should play much better, but the worst mark you gave him, is beacuse you expect more from him than from others. The fact is, that this Palermo team, has no creator of the game, no extra player. Last year with Pastore Iličić could give his best, since Pastore could follow his ideas and simply they played well together. This year Iličić is alone. And the preassure they put on him was to heavy. I was so angry when I so that he took number 27, that just put him under extra pressure (someone shoud tell him not to take that number).
    The attitude problems you are talking about… can you tell me more? Iličić is not troublesome kind of man, when he plays for Slovenia. (You see, I follow him since I”m Slovene myself).
    For me it is hard to pick the worst player, since the whole team was bad. But when I remember Silvestre pasing a ball to attackers like a gift…
    And yes, it is time for Bačinović to enter. Not just becuse i “fanncy” Slovenes.

  2. Agree that Mangia deserved the AG award this week. His inexperience stood out like dog balls! Where was Sogliano in all this? He usually is the propping Mangia up to avoid such poor choices.

  3. Rob
    That must be a huge set of balls because his mistakes were unbelievably obvious… Substitutions weren’t good either which is strange as he’s been spot on with those from the beginning of the season.

    Illicic gets the worst grade as a player not because he makes mistakes, we understand he’s not with another player that has “fantasy” and all players make mistakes, but even when a player has an off game he must give effort at least defensively. It seems that when he is not having a good game offensively he seems to forget that he has defensive responsibilities. He left both flanks open for the kill when he played them (which was made worse by Balzaretti’s absence). This is also the reason the CM experiment did not work with him last season.

    • Couchstos
      I agree that Iličić should do better in deffensive actions and if this is your reason to give him worst mark I understand. But in description above you said that he earned worst mark beacuse of his absense, his invisability in the game. This is different than to say- he did not help in deffensive actions.
      It could be that he should get more useful balls from team mates to be more visible? I don”t know, I think that Mangia deffensive strategy is not meant for “fantasyst” like him and that he should play behind the strickers and not in 4-4-2 system.
      I also hear rumors about him chancing the team- and that would be the best for him I think, given that Mangia will not change a system.

      • Just read on about meetinf bettwen Mangia and president of Palermo:

        Meeting in Palermo in view between the technician and the Devis Eat president Maurizio Zamparini. The object of the issue will be the bad beat came Saturday night against Milan, after which it is already unbalanced Zamparini on some tactical measures to be recommended to eat. Already today it is possible the meeting between the two, with the president who intends to return to the 4-3-1-2 Ilicic to revisit the role of playmaker.

        This is what I am talking about. Zamparini is a bit “moody” character, but this is the way to go, or Iličić is unused.

  4. Miha
    I completely agree with you. But t I think Benny meant that by his absence/invisible it was both offensively and defensively. I agree that he is best behind the strikers and maybe it is best if he changes teams as Mangia likes to play with width and a 4-3-1-2 doesn’t afford the opportunity with Pisano as a RB. Balzaretti’s clearly gives them width but they would then become a one sided team. I like the 4-4-2 and if Zamparini makes Mangia change the system I fear he will be uncomfortable training the team in that formation and the season might get away from him. I never like when a President mandates a formation… Look at Inter this year, they are no better off now than when Gasperini was in charge…. The win they had under Ranieri was the “new coach high” type of win.

  5. Interesting discussion on Ilicic but we now have a bigger problem with Zampo sticking his nose in after one poor showing. In an interview this week the Chair of the Board at Shakhtar Donetsk was asked what’s the most important thing he does to get his team into champions league ? He said he tries to give his manager the freedom to get the best results. I don’t think the Ukrainian side will go very far this year but at least they are in champions league ! We can only dream. I too am reading reports that we may switch back to a 4-3-1-2. I don’t think at this momment we have the right players for this esp. since it means moving Migs back to midfield. Maybe I’m wrong but this smacks of panic and is especially dangerous since we’re still on the road v. Roma. Surely Mangia should have been allowed to learn from his Milan errors – make a couple personel changes Bacinovic for Della Rocca would give us better ball handling in midfield .. or perhaps start Zahavi or Pinilla or whatever. I’m not opposed to trying new things I just dread to think of where this leaves Mangia and our team if we try this and it fails. (Of course if it suceeds I was all for it)

    • 4-3-1-2 is not so differerent from Mangia’s 4-4-2. In a classical 4-4-2, our wingers (Bertòlo and Iličič) should go to the bottom of the line, and cross the ball. In our 4-4-2 our real wingers are Balzaretti on the left, and Pisano sometimes switches with Bertòlo or Alvarez on the right, so Bertòlo plays as an inside right (like Nocerino last year, with different duties) and Iličič plays as a “trequartista” in most of the occasions. We could use the same players also playing with 4-3-1-2, maybe only moving Migliaccio as a midfielder instead of Della Rocca or Bertòlo, and using a real CB like Cetto or Munoz.

  6. I don’t think we should believe Palermo24 too much…team’s still in fifth, which is a whole fuckin’ lot better than 99% of us expected during the summer.

  7. Benny I agree in theory. But a 4-3-1-2 in my experience requires an OUTSTANDING playmaker.. and not just in the opponants third of the pitch. Ilicic, while very skilled, is not Pastore despite wearing his number 27. Against Milan we could hardly get the ball out of our own half without giving up possession. Roma will have watched this and will probaby push up even more. Having Balzaretti back will help but we’ll face quite a challenge here. I hope we’re up for it. Forza Palermo !

  8. Anyone read this:

    He makes a good point that the team was built for 4-3-2-1 but he’s wrong about the personnel now…Mangia does have the personnel for 4-4-2… The only chink in the armor is Ilicic… I can’t stand hearing him getting involved in the coaches tactics although he has a long history of doing the same.

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